Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure

Acquire, provision, and manage Windows and SQL Server subscriptions

Compelling Azure offer for CSP partners

Key features of Windows Server and SQL Server

Acquire, provision and manage Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions on behalf of commercial customers through Resello. Run your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads on Azure and extend your existing Windows and SQL Server datacenter infrastructure. Windows Server enables you to extend on-prem Windows Server by adding hybrid capabilities with Windows Server on Azure. Azure offers extra flexibility by letting you quickly build and deploy new Windows virtual machines and saves you time on running your infrastructure. Both Windows Server and SQL Server on Azure help reduce your capital investments and optimize operational expenses, without requiring expensive license contracts, by migrating on-premises to the cloud.

Cost effective
Increased flexibility
Install on own hardware

Opportunities for your business.

Address fast-growing customer demand for more cost-effective solutions to support highly predictable, persistent cloud workloads with Windows Server and SQL Server throught the CSP program. Microsoft allows the server software to be run on partners or customers own hardware as well, up to a period of 90 days. This helps partners in moving VMs of managed customers from on-prem datacenters to Azure and enables partners to switch from SPLA-licenses to CSP with minimal effort.

Windows Server and SQL Server can also be combined with Azure Reserved Instances for additional cost savings of up to 72%. This means Windows Server and SQL Server running on Azure offers both unmatched deployment flexibility and highly compelling pricing.

Finally, the Window Server or SQL Server license keys, which are normally only shown in the Microsoft Partner Admin Center, are also available through our Reseller Area and Customer Area. That means partners have access to the license keys and they can also choose to give their customers access to their license keys as well.

Azure Reserved Instances

Azure Reservations saves cost by buying a reservation on virtual machines, Azure Cosmos DB, or SQL databases and other Azure resources. Pre-paying for one-year or three-years gets you a discount of up to 72% on pay-as-you go prices for the resources you use. Ideal for Azure resources you plan to use anyway continuously for a year or more.

Azure reserved instances saves up to 72% in costs

Free eBook: The Future of Azure

Learn how digital transformation at Microsoft and by Microsoft is changing Azure, and how that could impact your business.

This eBook will give a brief explanation of why and how Microsoft tries to increase Azure usage in the near future:

  • When everything moves (back) to the cloud
  • Digital transformation at Microsoft, by Microsoft (and you!)
  • Smart everything, everywhere
  • The intelligent cloud
The future of Azure

Ways to integrate

Resello offers a complete range of ways to manage and sell Cloud Marketplace products. Check the overview below to see which API, platform, and module options are available for Microsoft Azure Stack.

Not sure which option fits your needs best? Or curious what the status is of an option that isn’t available yet? Feel free to contact us — we’re happy to help!


Product management only (RP API)

Product & customer management (BO API)


Manual provisioning (Reseller area)

Fully brandable online shop (Storefront)


WHMCS module (Compatible with version 7.X)

How to get started

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