Help your customers build eye-catching websites

The easy full-featured site builder

Drag, drop and… done! Building a professional-looking website is that easy, even for people with no coding experience whatsoever. Whether your customers want to start a personal blog, show off their best work in an online portfolio or create a stunning business website – Slimsite is designed to fit any purpose. And with the new Ecwid integration, adding an online store to Slimsite is easy. Since you know your customers best, we’ll leave it up to you to decide how to sell Slimsite: as a do-it-yourself solution, a web design service or as a freemium.

Hosted & on-premises edition
Fully automated SSL
Plug & play e-commerce
Drag & drop editor
Ready-to-go templates
Numerous content options


Ready-to-go SaaS solution

The Slimsite editor and published websites are hosted in our world-class data center in Amsterdam. Instead of having to set up all kinds of complex integrations and server installations and meet other technical requirements, you can start selling Slimsite on the spot!

Numerous content options

Blogs, newsfeeds, galleries, videos, forms, social buttons, and more: Slimsite supports all the content types your customers need to bring their website to life and make an unforgettable online impression.

Drag & drop

Designing a beautiful website has never been so easy. Your customers can create a complete website in minutes, simply by dragging and dropping all website elements into place – no additional software is required. When finished customizing, users can publish their website right away.

Fully automated SSL

Our one click SSL is the easiest way to secure your customers’ website. No paperwork, no complex installation: simply activate SSL in the Slimsite editor and you’ll be up and running within minutes. Below you’ll find an overview which Slimsite plans include SSL.

Plug & play e-commerce

If your customers are looking for a solution to easily show off and sell their goods online, you’re in luck! Our online store integration provides a full set of e-commerce features, including an interactive quick start wizard, extensive shipping & tax options, and multi-currency support.

White label solution

Rebrand our Slimsite platform to match your company’s style. Customizable aspects include basic branding elements, upsell options, URLs, and custom tracking.

Hosting options

Please note: Slimsite is SaaS solution. End users do not get FTP access and can only manage website files through the Slimsite editor.

Option 1: Cloud-based hosting

We’ll take care of all the technical hosting details, so you can focus on delivering Slimsite websites to your customers in a matter of minutes. Resello servers are located in the Netherlands in one of the most secure and advanced data centers worldwide. If your customers’ needs grow, our pay-as-you-grow business model allows you to easily expand with those needs.

Option 2: Host it yourself (on-premises)

This setup allows you to host Slimsite websites in your own data center and on your own servers, giving you more control and full access to customer website data. Hosting Slimsite yourself is convenient for organizations that are obliged to meet certain data residency requirements.

Plans & Specs

Slimsite plans
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Ecwid available
Plan D
Ecwid available
Plan E
Ecwid available
Plan F
Ecwid available
Pages *
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Max. File Uploads
3 ***
50 ***
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Unlimited **
Storage in GB
0.4 **
0.4 **
5 **
10 **
20 **
100 **
Max. file size / file upload
5 MB
5 MB
15 MB
15 MB
15 MB
15 MB
Allowed file types
Google Analytics
Ads Free
Own favicon
SSL Secured connection
Premium templates
Premium content widgets
Premium images
Custom HTML widgets
Password protected pages
Ecwid online store integration
Upgrade required
Upgrade required
Upgrade required
Upgrade required

* 1 Domain per package is allowed.
** Fair use policy applies.
*** Only JPG, GIF, PNG - max 5 MB.

More visitors and more sales for your customers' businesses

Optional online advertising service integrated into Slimsite

Kliken supports Slimsite users in easy and efficiently advertising on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Setting up an advertising campaign can be done in 5 minutes and puts websites and webshops in front of the right customers, at the right time, by using smart targetting technology and a generic algoritme to optimize online marketing efforts. Users don’t need any experience, everything is fully automated. Kliken is a service, not a subscription, so customers can turn it off and back on again each month. Visit for more information on this Slimsite integrated service, or contact us for information on plans and pricing.


Reach the right people
Set your own budget and save money
Fully automated
Unique website stats
Increases revenue
Build-in expert advice

Selling online just got easier for Slimsite customers

Optional e-commerce service integrated into Slimsite

Adding a shop to a website built with Slimsite is easy with the new Ecwid integration: one click and you’re off! No matter your customers’ business size – Ecwid comes fully loaded with everything they need to start with a small online store and grow big. An interactive quick start wizard, extensive shipping & tax options, multi-currency support - you name it, we’ve got it! Stand out - and grow your reseller business - by offering an e-commerce solution that will open doors and close deals. Visit for more information on this Slimsite integrated service, or contact us for information on plans and pricing.


Plug & play launching
Complete security
Ideal for selling international
Low support load
Automatic updates
Mobile friendly

Ways to integrate

Sell, provision and invoice through the Resello platform, API or integrations. Got a question? Contact us!


Product management only (RP API)

Product & customer management (BO API)


Manual provisioning (Reseller area)

Fully brandable online shop (Storefront)

Modules and integrations

WHMCS module (contact us for details)

Autotask integration

HostBill integration

Benefit from our pay-as-you-go model

Our automation platform is offered free of charge, without up-front investments or set up fees requirements. As our partner, you only pay for what you sell to your customers and provision through our platform. The more successful you are, the more successful we are. It's that simple.


Free selfservice

webshop storefront

Multi-currency, -tax rule

and -payment options

Full insight into deposits,

usage, and spend


Only pay for what you

sell to your customers

Easily set prices and

define your margins

No up-front investments,

no set up fees

Ready to accelerate your business?

Interested in Slimsite? Schedule a demo with us. We will walk you through the Resello platform, answer any questions you might have and talk about how we can support your business.

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Ask me about Slimsite

Got a quick question? Contact me directly about Slimsite.

Martijn Kamphuis
Product manager
+31 88 002 8200
Martijn Kamphuis

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