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Benefit from complete control, dedicated resources,
instant provisioning, and more.

Speed up your hosting business

Our self-managed VPS provides everything you need to support any size and type of hosting business – instantly. Choose the resources you need and get started in minutes. We’ll set you up with a fully customizable VPS, supercharged with SSD storage and enterprise-class networking equipment.

Instant provisioning & scalability
Blazing-fast performance
Reliable infrastructure
World-class Dutch hosting provider
Easy-to-use API & VPS manager
Ready-to-go images


Instant provisioning & scalability

Your days of waiting for hours to provision servers are over. Speed it up - get all the extra resources you need within minutes. If your customers outgrow their VPS, simply resize the virtual environment in a few clicks.

Blazing-fast performance

Instant VPS is powered by KVM, which enables us to guarantee dedicated resources for each VPS package. The result: unparalleled stability and ultimate performance.

High-tech infrastructure

Instant VPS is built for reliability. That’s why all plans include high-speed local SSDs, Intel 64bit hexacore (6 cores) 2.8 Ghz processors, hot spare disks and servers, a redundant gigabit network and multi-layer firewall security, including DDoS protection.

One-click control panel

Reboot, restart, shutdown, or power-on your Virtual Private Server with our in-house developed VPS Manager. You can also use the VPS Manager to gain access to the VPS console.

World-class Dutch hosting provider

Our servers are located in the Netherlands in one of the most secure and advanced data centers worldwide. Amsterdam is home to the world’s largest data transport hub (AMX-IX) and has one of the most impressive digital infrastructures in Europe.

Easy-to-use API

Integrate instant VPS directly into your own systems with our REST API. It also enables you to provide (sub)resellers with a white label API.

Ready-to-go images

Save time and money while creating or reinstalling a VPS. Resello offers numerous VPS images such as Ubuntu, Debian, and centOS and applications such as Joomla!, WordPress, and Magento.

Plans & Specs

Plan Cores RAM HD (SSD) Traffic
Plan 1 1 512 MB 30 GB 500 GB
Plan 2 1 1 GB 50 GB 750 GB
Plan 3 1 2 GB 150 GB 1000 GB
Plan 4 2 1 GB 100 GB 1000 GB
Plan 5 2 2 GB 150 GB 1000 GB
Plan 6 2 4 GB 200 GB 1500 GB
Plan 7 2 8 GB 300 GB 2000 GB
Plan 8 4 2 GB 150 GB 1500 GB
Plan 9 4 4 GB 200 GB 2000 GB
Plan 10 4 8 GB 250 GB 2500 GB
Plan 11 6 2 GB 200 GB 2000 GB
Plan 12 6 4 GB 250 GB 2500 GB
Plan 13 6 8 GB 300 GB 3000 GB
Plan 14 6 16 GB 350 GB 3500 GB
Plan 15 8 16 GB 500 GB 4500 GB

Ways to integrate

Resello offers a complete range of ways to manage and sell Cloud Marketplace products. Check the overview below to see which API, platform, and module options are available for VPS.

Not sure which option fits your needs best? Or curious what the status is of an option that isn’t available yet? Feel free to contact us — we’re happy to help!


Product management only (RP API)

Product & customer management (BO API)


Manual provisioning (Reseller area)

Fully brandable online shop (Storefront)


WHMCS module (Compatible with version 7.X)

Ready to take the next step?

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