AI-based Email Security for Office 365

Protect your customers from advanced cyberthreats,
such as phishing, spear phishing, and malware.

Are your customers experiencing targeted email attacks?

The popularity of Office 365 has led to an impressive increase in email attacks targeting Microsoft Office 365 business users worldwide. While Office 365’s security capabilities - EOP, catch most spam and known threats, organizations still need additional protection mechanisms against unknown, dynamic threats which cause the most damages and are the most tricky to detect.

Why you should offer Vade Secure to your customers

Vade Secure for Office 365 offers a native user experience and best-in-class protection powered by artificial intelligence. Vade Secure integrates seamlessly with Office 365 via an API-based architecture, with no disruption to your customers’ email flow. As a result, MSPs are able to augment Office 365 security with a complementary layer of AI-based threat detection.

  • 5,000+ customers in 76 countries
  • 95% renewal rate
  • 85% of workforce in R&D
  • 10 billion emails analyzed per day
  • 1.4 billion phishing emails blocked in 2018
Easy to deploy
Native user experience
Continuous improvement
Best-in-class protection
Auto and manual remediation
Higher revenue margin
per Office 365 customer

Designed for MSPs - easy to activate, easy to manage

Vade Secure for Office 365 is easy to activate, requiring only a few clicks and without needing any MX record changes. It’s a low maintenance solution that requires no end user training and no complex configurations, allowing MSPs to spend less time administering and more time focusing on core objectives.

Instant deployment 
Service activation in few clicks, No MX records change needed!

Simple business model
One License type - the highest protection level right from the beginning, with monthly billing adapted to your O365 customers.

Admin Friendly Interface
Powerful engine, simple interface and seamless integration with Exchange Online Settings.

Native User Experience
No more separate quarantine or daily report.

Insider Threat Protection
Scan of the internal email and offer protection against insider attacks

Vade Secure dashboard

AI-based threat detection

While other vendors offer multiple products (e.g. archiving, backup, encryption, endpoint protection, firewall, etc.), Vade Secure spends 100% of its resources developing best-in-class predictive email defense solutions since 15 years.

Thanks to several patented detection mechanisms performing real-time behavioral analysis of the entire email, including any URLs and attachments, Vade Secure for Office 365 is able to block advanced attacks from the very first email.

Vade Secure Threat reports

Time-of-click anti-phishing 
Real-Time URL exploration at the moment of the user click, following any redirections and analyzing the content and context of the URL/page.

Banner-based anti-spear phishing
Customizable banners displayed inside of the email, in the case of a BEC, commonly called CEO Fraud. Powered by automated anomaly detection and natural language processing mechanisms.

Behavioral-based anti-malware
Instant comprehensive analysis of the origin, content, and context of emails and attachments without the long delays required by sandboxing technologies.

Auto and manual remediation
Threat detection improved thanks to post-delivery remediation removing automatically threats from user inboxes.

Key differentiators

  • Because of its native API integration with Office 365, Vade Secure for Office 365 is easy to deploy (no MX changes), easy to use (no external quarantine), layers with EOP, and is invisible to hackers.
  • In contrast to fingerprint and reputation defenses, Vade’s predictive approach leverages behavioral analysis of the email’s origin, content, and context to identify unknown threats.
  • 15+ year history of working with the world’s largest ISPs provides Vade with unparalleled access to data and helped us develop industrial-scale solutions built for speed and performance.
  • Threat intelligence from 600+ million inboxes powers Vade’s AI-based threat detection, allowing them to train and refine highly accurate machine learning models.

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