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Hosting is in our DNA

At Resello, we live and breathe hosting – a result of having over a decade of experience in this business. Throughout the years we’ve seen that being a reliable partner for resellers is about more than offering the basic hosting features. That’s why we focus on understanding what our customers need to grow their reseller business. Great support, excellent maintenance, and versatile hosting plans to help you meet every demand customers throw at you. And to top it off we’ll give you free access to our Cloud Marketplace, enabling you to easily expand your product offering with existing customers.

Competitive pricing
Competitive pricing
Boost customer value
Boost customer value
World-class Dutch hosting provider
World-class Dutch hosting provider
Around the clock management
Around the clock management
Scale for success
Scale for success
Free includes
Free includes

Plans & Pricing

Bulk hosting$ 0.99 /mo

  • Disk size 0.1 - 1 GB disk size
  • Bandwidth 1 - 10 GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts Unlimited email accounts

Budget hosting$ 14.00 /mo

  • Disk size 45 GB disk size
  • Bandwidth 900 GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited email accounts Unlimited email accounts

Professional hosting$ 25.00 /mo

  • Disk size 50 GB disk size
  • Bandwidth 500 GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited email accounts Unlimited email accounts



Competitive pricing

At Resello, we are committed to providing the best hosting plans at the best possible price. Stand out – and beat the competition – by offering the best hosting deals to your customers!


Around the clock management

Maintaining a healthy hosting infrastructure is our top priority. We’ll take care of 3rd party software integrations, PHP upgrades, nightly monitoring and performing the latest security patches and updates.


Boost customer value

Get your customers started on hosting and easily add domains, SSL, or other hosting-related products along the way. The Resello Cloud Marketplace includes an easy-to-use API, blazing-fast provisioning and a storefront that allows you to add new products in a few clicks.


Scale for success

The hosting control panel offers all kinds of smart features, including the tools to upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan within minutes. Don’t let server management slow you down. Instead focus on growing your own and your customers’ business!


World-class Dutch hosting provider

Our servers are located in the Netherlands in one of the most secure and advanced data centers worldwide. Amsterdam is home to the world’s largest data transport hub (AMX-IX) and has one of the most impressive digital infrastructures in Europe.

swiss knife

Free includes

All of our hosting plans include back-up maintenance & snapshots, daily back-ups with 14 days retention, unlimited subdomains & FTP accounts, website statistics, password protected directories, customizable error pages, hotlink protection, and SSL support.


  • Bulk Hosting

    Bulk hosting is ideal for resellers who want to offer one-size-fits-all hosting plans to their customers. Our plans include all the features you’ll need to support lightweight websites.

  • Budget Hosting

    If you are looking for similar features as bulk hosting, but you also want the flexibility to create your own custom hosting plans, budget resources will fit you like a glove!

  • Professional Hosting

    More RAM, improved I/O, more CPU power: our professional resources are the gold standard in hosting. This plan is a must-have for high-traffic websites and demanding applications. Use the flexible block structure to build hosting packages made-to-measure your customers' needs.

Bulk 1 Bulk 2 Bulk 3 Bulk 4
Disk size 0.1 - 1 GB 0.1 - 25 GB 0.1 - 100 GB unlimited
Bandwith 1 - 10 GB 1 - 200 GB 1 - 1000 GB unlimited
Email accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL databases 0 10 25 30
Price per Month
1 domain $ 0.99 $ 1.49 $ 1.99 $ 2.99
2 domains $ 1.39 $ 1.89 $ 2.39 $ 3.39
3 domains $ 1.79 $ 2.29 $ 2.79 $ 3.79
4 domains $ 2.19 $ 2.69 $ 3.19 $ 4.19
5 domains $ 2.59 $ 3.09 $ 3.59 $ 4.59
10 domains $ 3.39 $ 3.89 $ 4.39 $ 5.39
Unlimited - $ 4.69 $ 5.19 $ 6.19

*Please note: prices above do not include annual domain registration fees. Please refer to our domains page to see domain registration prices.

In the Reseller Area you can easily configure your hosting plans. The configuration wizard has the following configuration rules:

The cost price of a hosting plan is determind by the amount of disk space, traffic/bandwidth, MySQL databases and the number of domains. (i.e.: a plan with 1 GB disk space, 200 GB traffic/bandwidth, 25 MySQL databases and unlimited domains will cost $ 6.19)

Disk space Disk space unlimited FUP = 200 GB
Traffic/bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth FUP = 1000 GB
MySQL databases MySQL databases have a FUP of 20 GB disk space with a maximum of 500 GB
Email accounts Mailbox space range: 100-2048 MB
Additional No Slimsite support
No cronjobs
FTP accounts FTP accounts has a fair use of 100 accounts

Technical specifications

Cloudlinux server 6.8
MySQL 5.1.73
Perl 8.38 2015-11-23
cURL 7.19.7
Python 2.6.6
PHP Version 5.6.24
ImageMagick 6.9.3-8
OpenSSL 1.0.1e

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