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Resello is a preferred partner of Open-Xchange to offer a fully hosted version of the OX App Suite. The Hosted OX App Suite runs as a cloud service in the reliable Dutch data centers of Resello and saves you large upfront investments in setup of the platform and infrastructure.

Just start immediately and pay as you grow. Our pricing allows you to compete with any other party offering OX App Suite and can be combined with domains, email- and hosting packages of Resello or with your own existing email platform.

Take advantage of the freemium price model of Hosted OX App Suite - only available at Resello! This package allows you to offer OX App Suite totally FREE in a limited version to your customers and take advantage of ultimate customer engagement and upselling opportunities.

Keep it simple

A centralized cloud environment that lets users manage their digital lives, emails, tasks, and files from a single interface – on any device.

V7.6 Basic Business Pro
Mailbox size 200 MB 10 GB 25 GB
Drive size 1 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Accounts 1[4] 1 1
OX Drive App 3 month trial
Address & document sharing
Active sync
More specs
Calendar [1] [2] [2]
Tasks [1] [2] [2]
OX Drive [1] [2] [2]
OX Drive App 3 month trial [3]
Global address book
Document Viewer
Shared folders
Task delegation
Active sync
Accounts Basic Business Pro
Pricing per month   Lower pricing from now! Lower pricing from now!
1 to 24 Free $ 4.49 $ 2.49 $ 5.49 $ 4.49
24 to 499 accounts Free $ 3.49 $ 1.49 $ 4.49 $ 2.69
500 to 999 accounts Free $ 3.14 $ 1.39 $ 4.15 $ 2.42
From 1000 accounts Free $ 3.05 $ 1.27 $ 4.04 $ 2.29
Emerging markets [6] Free $ 0.85 $ 1.49
Additional storage $ 0.15 per GB
Accounts on your own mail cluster[5] Basic Business Pro
Pricing per month   Lower pricing from now! Lower pricing from now!
1 to 24 Free $ 4.19 $ 2.37 $ 4.74 $ 4.24
24 to 499 accounts Free $ 3.19 $ 1.37 $ 3.74 $ 2.44
500 to 999 accounts Free $ 2.84 $ 1.22 $ 3.40 $ 2.19
From 1000 accounts Free $ 2.75 $ 1.14 $ 3.29 $ 2.04
Emerging markets [6] Free $ 0.85 $ 1.49
Additional storage $ 0.15 per GB
Suggested retail pricing: Basic Business Pro
Retail pricing Always for free $ 2.49 $ 4.49
Retail pricing in emerging markets [6] Always for free $ 1.49 $ 2.79
Margin @ 500 accounts Great upsell opportunity! $ 1.15 $ 2.07
Margin @ 500 accounts on your own mail cluster Great upsell opportunity! $ 1.27 $ 2.75
Margin @ 500 accounts in emerging markets [6] Great upsell opportunity! $ 0.64 $ 1.60

[1] Private use
[2] Full groupware
[3] Full functionality
[4] Maximum 2 accounts per domain for free
[5] Pricing in case you want to sell OX in combination with existing email accounts on your own mail cluster using our API. Setup fee $ 500.00
[6] Pricing for: India, Brazil, Mongolia, Africa

Offer to your customers


The central, user-friendly portal is the beating heart of the solution. This is where your users come for an at-a-glance view of their online activities. Fully customizable in line with your needs and theirs, this hub is the gateway to all your social needs as well as all Hosted OX App Suite apps:

  • Fully configurable, customizable and brandable
  • Social media integration: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Tumblr, etc.
  • RSS feeds


All accounts in one place. Your users can add or remove accounts from various email providers with push- button simplicity. All messages are displayed in a familiar, easy-to-read format. Hosted OX App Suite provides a central interface for all email communications. This keeps users inside OX App Suite and saves them the trouble of logging into multiple sites or launching more than one application.

  • User-friendly, sleek interface
  • Robust functionality that withstands signal loss
  • Multiple accounts possible


Manage and share time. This intuitive calendar makes group appointment scheduling simple and visual. It also lets users integrate external social calendars and share them with other users.

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive design
  • Shared and public calendars
  • iCal import


A global address book. This central, one-stop repository contains all your contacts – such as personal email addresses or mailing lists, centralized address books, imported social contacts or collected interactions.

  • Photo support
  • QR code generation
  • Shared and public address books


Schedule your to-do list for today. The interactive, intuitive task list allows users to efficiently manage all their day-to-day activities.

  • Scheduled tasks
  • Clear progress visualization
  • Built-in alerts and reminders


Share, store and sync. OX Drive delivers smart file and folder synchronization. Based on specially designed clients optimized for a number of device types and operating systems, it enables users to view and edit their documents – anytime, anyplace – and share files with others.

  • Any file type and format
  • Preview for document types (docx, doc, odt, txt, rtf, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx)
  • Online editing of text documents (docx, doc, odt, txt, rtf)

Documents (coming soon)

A cloud-based word- and spreadsheet solution. Work on your own documents, or collaborate with others on theirs, and then save them in the cloud.

  • Online word processing
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice
  • Lower software licensing costs

Device independence

Hosted OX App Suite runs on any device by default with no synchronization necessary. The software automatically selects the best view for the device, scaling the interface to ensure a seamless user experience. The solution even continues to run smoothly in unstable conditions. As a result, no data are lost in case of signal or power supply interruption.

  • Runs on PCs, laptops, tablets, netbooks and smartphones
  • Supports latest versions of Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows and Android

Retain your customers for the long-term

Hosted OX App Suite provides a provider-grade platform from which to offer additional premium services to businesses and consumers. It is an upgrade from existing webmail solutions with a modern and easy-to-use user interface that becomes the basis of a closer customer relationship.

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