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Azure Stack offers you the ideal combination
for private, hybrid and public cloud solutions.

Get ready for Azure Stack

Microsoft has selected Resello as a partner to work on the development of the Azure Stack platform. Azure Stack offers you the ideal combination between private, hybrid and public cloud solutions. Azure Stack and our Azure Stack solutions are still under development and will be launched once Microsoft officially releases Azure Stack.

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Public Cloud

Azure Public cloud

Azure offers several different solutions for infrastructure (IaaS), platforms (PaaS) and software (SaaS). Experience the scalability of the Public cloud solutions Microsoft has to offer and benefit from high speed delivery of IT-solutions. Using Azure means you don’t need to invest in infrastructure up front and you reduce maintenance cost at the same time.

Private Cloud

Azure Stack Private cloud

Experience the benefits of a dedicated private Azure Stack running in our Resello data center. The Azure Stack Private cloud offers the same flexibility, scalability and efficiency as the Azure Public cloud with the added benefit of more control. You get a completely dedicated environment sealed off from other parts of the cloud, and set up only for your services. All your data stays in our Dutch data center which falls under Dutch law.

Hybrid Cloud

Azure Stack Hybrid cloud

Get the best of both worlds: private and public. Our hybrid cloud solutions can use multiple platforms, such as on premise, Resello Azure Stack and the Azure Public cloud. Using Azure Stack Hybrid means you decide which data gets stored where. This allows you to maintain the benefits of flexibility and high-availability of Public cloud solutions.

Private Cloud


Get all the benefits a Public cloud offers by using our Resello Azure Stack platform in our data center. Discover this cloud platform and all the possibilities it offers. Your data is safely stored in our data center located in the Netherlands which adheres to the strictest security demands. All data stored in our Dutch data center falls under Dutch law.

Azure Stack

World premiere: Resello gives first live Azure Stack demo

Resello is intensely involved in Microsoft’s Azure Stack beta program. This meant that on February 3 2016 Resello was the first, worldwide, to give a live demonstration of Microsoft Azure Stack during the Windows Masters Event!

Ways to integrate

Resello offers a complete range of ways to manage and sell Cloud Marketplace products. Check the overview below to see which API, platform, and module options are available for Microsoft Azure Stack.

Not sure which option fits your needs best? Or curious what the status is of an option that isn’t available yet? Feel free to contact us — we’re happy to help!


Product management only (RP API)
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Product & customer management (BO API)
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Manual provisioning (Reseller area)
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Fully brandable online shop (Storefront)
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WHMCS module (Compatible with version 7.X)
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