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Benefit from Microsoft Azure as your public cloud platform
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Key features of Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. With Azure, Microsoft is aggressively investing to build the world’s computer. Microsoft Azure is the world’s most compliant cloud, with over 70 accreditations, meeting the strictest requirements for GDRP, HIPAA, ISO and many more.

Azure is also the cloud platform with the largest global footprint. Partners can choose from 54 regions, more than any other cloud provider, and choose from a large portfolio of ‘ready for Azure’ services and solutions from the Azure marketplace. 95% of the Fortune 500 companies trust Azure for their business and Microsoft is on-boarding 120,000 new Azure customer subscriptions per month. That is why Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud platform, outpacing both Google Cloud and AWS.

Microsoft Gold Partner
Most compliant cloud
Only pay for what you use
Highly scalable
Largest cloud platform
Fastest growing cloud
Large marketplace

Opportunities for your business

Spend on traditional IT spend is still growing, but investments in cloud are growing much faster. Azure enables you to capture the market for traditional IT moving from on-prem to the cloud as well as the new generation of ‘born in the cloud’ applications.

Azure also speeds up development time. Using Azure can instantly scale up IT infrastructure. It enables quickly launching PoCs, pilots and projects for customers, and scaling them back just as quickly when they are done. The economies of scale and raw purchase power of the cloud provider means total cost of ownership go down significantly, while the ‘pay-as-you-go’ OPEX model means you never pay for more than you consume.

Finally, it allows businesses running their application in a private cloud, on-premise, to ease the migration to the cloud. And even applications that remain on-premise, can benefit from Azure. Choosing a hybrid cloud model, combines the benefit of the public cloud, while keeping key applications and data on-premise.

Benefits for your business and customers

  • Most secure cloud, data is safe and privacy is guaranteed.
  • Scale up and down when you need, never miss another sale.
  • Scale beyond on-prem, and burst into the cloud when necessary.
  • Substantial cost savings by right-sizing IT.

Benefits for Resello partners

  • No upfront investments, start right away.
  • Cloud Business Automation Platform.
  • Provisioning, managing, billing and reporting: all in one place.
  • Upsell, cross-sell, and bundling other cloud solutions.
  • High-level expertise and experience.
  • Combine with Azure Stack as-a-Service.

Azure Reserved Instances

Azure Reservations saves cost by buying a reservation on virtual machines, Azure Cosmos DB, or SQL databases and other Azure resources. Pre-paying for one-year or three-years gets you a discount of up to 72% on pay-as-you go prices for the resources you use. Ideal for Azure resources you plan to use anyway continuously for a year or more.

Azure reserved instances saves up to 72% in costs

Azure Fasttrack session

It can be a challenge on where to begin and what to choose when starting with Azure. That is why we offer Resello Azure Advice sessions a technical consultation session focused on commercializing your business case and goals, based on the technical oppertunities proviced by the Azure cloud. Each session is tailored to your specific bussiness case, takes about 2 hours at a location in the Netherlands.

Special introduction offer: € 500 free for the first three participants, contact us for more information


Ways to integrate

Contact us to learn more about how Microsoft Azure can be integrated into your business.


Product management only (RP API)

Product & customer management (BO API)


Manual provisioning (Reseller area)

Fully brandable online shop (Storefront)

Modules and integrations

WHMCS module

Autotask integration (contact us for details)

HostBill integration (contact us for details)

Ready to take the next step?

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