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What once was a relatively obscure type of malware became a full-blown pandemic causing havoc across the globe on multiple occasions this year. Remember WannaCry, the virus that exploded through more than 100 countries? And let’s not forget Petya, a ransomware nightmare that crippled an unprecedented number of computers worldwide.
If the threat of ransomware wasn’t on your customers’ radar before, it definitely is now.

An effective answer to ransomware

Businesses around the globe are threatened by increasingly aggressive ransomware attacks, leaving your customers concerned that they will be hit next. And with good reason: the financial consequences of this painful type of malware can be severe. Luckily, Acronis Backup Cloud now includes Acronis Active Protection™! This smart anti-ransomware feature enables you to help your customers fight this type of malware effectively and win the battle in the ransomware universe!

How does Acronis Active Protection™ work?

In addition to unrivaled data backup and restore features, Acronis Backup Cloud uses Acronis Active Protection™ to provide a whole new level of ransomware protection for Mac and Windows computers. This unprecedented technology proactively exterminates ransomware and restores any damaged data.
Features include:

Pattern detection

By constantly observing patterns in how data files are being changed on a computer, Acronis Active Protection™ identifies evasive ransomware threats, even variants that are as-yet unreported.

Pattern detection

Whitelist and blacklist

Acronis Active Protection™ checks suspicious processes against a whitelist and a blacklist to effectively diminish false positives (authorized activities that are falsely tagged as unauthorized).

Whitelist blacklist

Self-defence of backup files

Acronis’ robust self-defense mechanism prevents cybercriminals from disrupting the work of the Acronis application or backup file content. Moreover, by carefully monitoring the Master Boot Record of Windows-based computers, illegitimate changes by non-whitelisted legitimate utilities are blocked.


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Take a stand against ransomware

Ransomware represents a looming business obstacle for your clients. Become a superhero to customers who are scrambling for answers and drive more business. Learn how it’s done in the e-book ‘Ransomware: A Revenue Bonanza for Service Providers’.


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