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Designed specifically for partners who want to get their share of the immense cloud market opportunity, the CSP program enables you to sell all of Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud solutions, including Office 365, Azure, and OneDrive. As an official Microsoft CSP Distributor, Resello facilitates companies with CSP aspirations as well as companies who have already achieved this status. There are many reasons to choose Resello as your preferred partner in your CSP journey, including the fact that we’re one of few companies worldwide that also offer Azure Stack to CSP partners!


CSP models: direct and indirect

Partners who would like to join the CSP program and sell Microsoft cloud solutions to their customers can choose from one of two models, each with their own benefits and requirements. As a CSP Distributor, Resello can support CSP direct and indirect partners.

Direct partner (tier 1)

As the name implies, partners who choose this model will work directly with Microsoft and are responsible for the entire customer relationship.

In order to meet Microsoft’s support, billing, and invoicing requirements, direct partners must have a mature infrastructure that can handle these and more customer-facing processes. This requires a substantial investment for many companies. Direct partners also have to meet an annual purchase volume and other strict requirements.

Indirect partner (tier 2)

Many resellers prefer the indirect model and partner with a CSP Distributor (like Resello) for the support and billing infrastructure they need to sell through CSP.

The indirect model is a good fit for partners who want to fully leverage the benefits of selling Microsoft cloud solutions with a short time to market without having to make a large upfront investment. Indirect partners still build strong relationships with their customers, but offload Microsoft’s support and billing requirements to a specialized indirect provider.

Real-life business benefits

Sell industry-leading cloud solutions alongside your own offerings! As a CSP partner, you own the entire customer lifecycle, buy licenses on a per-per-use basis, quickly scale up and down as necessary, and benefit from immediate provisioning. The CSP program also lets partners set their own prices and profit margins.

Examples of industry-specific benefits

Hosting companies

Add world-renowned Microsoft cloud solutions to your portfolio, target new market segments, and put your business on a fast growth track!

Your advantage: as a hosting company you’re already used to selling subscriptions, billing your customers on a regular basis, and providing high-quality support on the products you offer. This makes becoming a CSP and selling Microsoft cloud services a logical – and profitable – next step.


Upselling and cross-selling have obvious benefits, especially for companies with a large customer base like telcos.

Deepening the relationship with your existing customers is an excellent way to increase customer lifetime value and boost profits. And by becoming a CSP, it’s easy to get customers started on Microsoft products and upsell them to more high-profit products or value-added services along the way.

Service Providers

Becoming a CSP direct partner requires a high volume commitment which not all companies can meet. Luckily, there is an alternative.

By choosing Resello as your CSP Distributor, you can start selling Microsoft cloud services without having to meet high upfront investment requirements. Also, you won’t have to commit to a minimal purchase volume. Simply pay as you go instead! You can start or stop licenses whenever your customers need them.

Direct partners who are interested in Azure Stack

Resello is one of few companies worldwide that offers Azure Stack to direct partners in the CSP program. Get ready to unleash the hybrid power of Azure Stack worldwide!

Direct partners can purchase Azure Stack at Resello without compromising their direct relationship with Microsoft and all accompanying partner benefits. As a CSP Distributor, we can also deliver Azure Stack as a Service to indirect partners in the CSP program. Manage unpredictable growth and burst in workloads without having to pay for unnecessary fixed capacity!

CSP requirements

Microsoft has these general requirements for becoming a CSP Direct partner:

An active support

CSP direct partners will need to sign-up for an active support contract. Starting with the Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) plan, this will cost companies a minimum of $ 15,000 a year.

Automation platform

CSP direct partners are required to have a platform for automated provisioning, billing, and configuration of cloud solutions. This platform has to use the CSP APIs and the self-service portal. CSP indirect partners are allowed to partner with a CSP Distributor like Resello to meet these platform requirements.

Purchase volume

CSP direct partners must meet an annual purchase volume amounting to USD 100.000 or more. There are no yearly purchase requirements for CPS indirect partners.

Regular assessment

CSP direct partner must be prepared for monthly reporting and calls with account management at Microsoft on their performance of revenue and growth.

Offer added value

CSP Direct partner will need to offer at least one managed service, IP service or a customer solution application that adds value, build around or on top off Microsoft’s cloud solutions.

ITIL oriented customer support

CSP direct partners will then be assumed to be able to answer at least 80% of all questions and support demands from their end-customers themselves, without contacting Microsoft.

Requirements for indirect partners – none!

As an indirect partner in Microsoft´s CSP program, you can offload all of these requirements to Resello instead of having to meet them yourself. Go to market faster and start selling almost immediately! Sign up in minutes and you’ll be an official indirect partner in the CSP program in 2-3 days.  Become an indirect CSP partner at Resello – our highly trained staff is ready to guide you through the entire process!

Why choose Resello?

Invested in your success – literally

Our cloud business automation platform makes selling IT solutions easy. The platform itself is free – you only pay for the products you sell. In other words, we’re only successful if your business is successful. That´s the power of this partnership: we truly care about our customers’ business growth and are literally invested in your success.

Since two minds are be better than one, just imagine what 150+ minds, including those of cloud architects, migration experts, and implementation specialists, can do for your business. Benefit from our unique industry knowledge and unleash your business’s full CSP potential!

Benefits include:

No upfront investments: start small and grow big.
Use our easy-to-use APIs and platform instead of building it yourself.
Large selection of cloud solutions available for cross-selling & bundling.
Insight in usage and separate invoices for your customers and/or business units.

Custom-built business automation tools for CSPs

Resello is a cloud distribution platform that helps service companies run a successful cloud business. As a CSP Distributor, Resello can deliver Azure, Azure Stack, and Office 365 to CSP direct and CSP indirect partners. Our Global Azure Stack Network enables partners to offer hybrid cloud services to virtually anyone, anywhere.

Furthermore, the Resello Cloud Marketplace offers a wide variety of cloud solutions, including 1.000+ TLDs, VPS, Acronis Backup Cloud, and many more. Everything you need to enhance your upsell, cross-sell, and bundling strategy in one place! You can even add your own products or third-party products.

You can easily automate your business through our easy-to-use and well-documented API and use the self-service area to provision and manage customers, products, and usage in one place.

Platform features include:

  • Pricing and billing (fixed and percental markups per resource type)
  • Different invoice billing options (prepaid, postpaid and/or hybrid scenarios)
  • Customer risk profile management
  • Tenant and subscription management
  • Customer user rights for unmanaged and managed scenarios
  • Customer self-service portal
  • White-labeled storefront
  • Balance threshold (for Azure)
  • Plans & SLA contracts for managed services

Free eBook: 10 tips for successfully selling Microsoft Cloud Solutions

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In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • The new cloud business model and the opportunities it creates for your business.
  • The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program’s requirements and partner models.
  • How to take advantage of the growing demand for Microsoft Cloud Solutions.
  • How to speed up and grow your CSP business.
10 Tips for succesfully selling Microsoft Cloud Solutions

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