Windows Virtual Desktop workshops

Successfully implementing Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Transitioning customers to the modern OS

Windows Virtual Desktop enables you to run Windows 10 Enterprise on virtual machines in Azure, as a complete service for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). It is the only multi-session Windows 10 desktop virtualized in the cloud that is highly scalable and can run applications in both RemoteApp and desktop sessions, with multiple simultaneous users.


The next major opportunity for CSP partners

Windows Virtual Desktop is the next major opportunity for Microsoft CSP partners to expend their product portfolio. Get your customers running on Windows Virtual Desktop, increase your customers' lifetime value and your recurring revenue, without having to make large up-front investments in hardware or new specialist staff members. 

Where and when

The workshops take place in cooperation with our learning partner Didacticum. Each workshop is exclusive for one partner, and takes about half a day. The workshops can take place at Didacticum's or Resello office in the Netherlands, or in a virtual environment. Please note that the workshops are in Dutch, but partners can request an English version of the workshop if needed.

Technical support included

By combining a hands-on workshop, with real life examples and demonstrations of implementing Windows Virtual Desktop with technical support, your organizations gain the expertise it needs to optimally benefit from the opportunities provided by Windows Virtual Desktop. Workshop content includes:

  • Delegated access and host pool load-balancing methods;
  • Windows Virtual Desktop implementation demo;
  • Host pools creation in Azure, tenants creation in a Windows Virtual Desktop enviroment;
  • App group management;
  • Managing and configuring the master VHD-image.

Included with the workshop is a tech support subscription. With it your organization benefits from 16 hours of tech support by our Azure specialists. Ideal for supporting you on implementing Windows Virtual Desktop for your customers after you have followed the workshop. The charge for the workshop and 16-hours worth of technical support bundle is € 2.350,-, VAT not included.

Accelerate your business

Interested in a Windows Virtual Desktop workshop? Use our contact form to let us know about your plans, any questions you might have and how we can support your business.

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