Microsoft competency consultation
Learn how to gain Microsoft Silver or Gold competencies

Gaining competencies and benefits as a CSP partner

To support your organization in gain Microsoft Silver or Gold competencies and getting access to the benefits that come with being a Microsoft Silver or Gold partner, Resello offers Microsoft competency consultation. Benefit from our expertise an Indirect Provider with multiple Silver and Gold competencies and request a consultation on the path forward for your organization.

  • Which competency fits your organizations goals and possibilities?
  • What are the benefits for a specific competency?
  • What are the requirements for a specific competency?
  • Which level, Silver or Gold, would work best for your organization?
  • How do you get started, what steps do you need to take?

Microsoft competency consultation

Learn how your organization can gain Microsoft Silver or Gold competencies, how to meet the requirements and to get the correct Microsoft certifications to enjoy the benefits including incentives and marketing funds. Contact us to request consultation on Microsoft competencies today!


Gaining a competency enables you to show your organization's capability, expertise, and commitment to deliver quality solutions to your customers in one or more specialized areas of business. With a competency come several benefits, depending on the competency:

  • Certified proof of knowledge and skills underwritten by Microsoft;
  • Go-to-market support and resources;
  • Internal-use software licenses;
  • Internal-use Microsoft Azure credits;
  • Incentives and Marketing funds;


To gain competencies your organization must meet certain requirements. These requirements vary per competency, and depend on wether you are trying to gain a Silver or Gold status. Requirements include:

  • Your organizations business performance, for instance passing an Azure consumption threshold;
  • Having individuals within your organization pass exams and gain certifications;
  • Yearly fees.

Silver and Gold competencies

Microsoft currently has 24 different competencies partners can apply for in four general business areas:

Business area

Applications and Infrastructure

Business applications

Data and AI 

Modern workplace 

Available competencies

Application development; App integration; Cloud platform; Devops; Datacenter

Cloud business applications; Enterprise resource planning; Cloud customer relationship manager

Data analytics; Data platform

Collaboration and content; Communications, Cloud productivity; Enterprise mobility management; Messaging; Project and portfolio; Security; Small and midmarket cloud solutions; Windows and devices

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