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Microsoft exams and certifications are based on job roles, and split into beginner, advanced and expert levels. As a Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider Resello offers are partners a broad portfolio of training courses to keep pace with today’s technical roles and requirements. Training courses enable your organization to differentiate, and help you save cost on hiring new staff, by providing employees with new knowledge and skills.

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Role-based training and certification

All training courses are based on Microsoft's role-based certifications. Microsoft works with hundreds of different role-based certifications for solutions such as Azure and Microsoft 365. The training courses provide a learning path based on the current role someone has (or the role he/she aspires to).

Training for job roles
The certifications that come with this role-based scheme are based on the most sought-after job roles within modern organizations such as developers, solutions architects and functional consultants and allow partners to keep pace with today’s technical roles and requirements. To become certified an indivual has to pass the related exam. The Microsoft training courses prepare for these exams with a variatey of courses (including online, instructor-led and blended training, books, and more).

The Microsoft exams and certifications catalog

Fundamentals, Associate and Expert levels

All Microsoft certifications, and there related training courses and exams are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Microsoft calls these Fundamentals, Associate and Expert level certifications.

Fundamental training courses and certifications are entry level and the recommend place to start on subjects. The Fundamentals are ideal for individuals just starting in technology or thinking about a career change. Fundamentals training courses can be a smart idea for sales, support and account managers, or even for C-level employees looking for a limited deep-dive into the technology their company is using and selling. Examples for Fundamental training courses include MS-900 Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals, AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and AI-900 Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals.

Associate and Expert
Associate and expert level training courses and certifications are deep dives meant to build upon available technical knowledge and experience and increase a person's technical skills and know-how. Training courses include MS-100/101 Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert, AZ-104 Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate and AZ-303/304 Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert.


Our learning partners

To provide our partners with an extensive set of Microsoft training courses on subjects varying from Microsoft 365 and Azure, to App Development and Virtualisation, we have formed partnerships with certified Microsoft learning partners:


For our Austrian, German and Swiss partners in de DACH region we have chosen to work with brainymotion, a leading service provider of practical and innovative training for IT technology in Germany. brainymotion offers both training for partners and end-users, online or at one of there several locations.



For our Benelux partners we work with Didacticum, a Microsoft Learning Partner with 20 years of experience in training and certifying IT professionals. Didacticum can provide training services online or at any location to both Microsoft partners and their employees, as well as providing training for their customers.



For our partners from other geographical regions in Europe we have created a list of local Microsoft Certified Learning Partners, please contact us if you'd like to learn more about your options

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