CSP Direct to Indirect consultancy
Transition from CSP Direct Bill Partner to CSP Indirect Reseller

Switching made easy

Are you currently a CSP Direct Bill partner and looking to become a CSP Indirect Reseller? Choose Resello as your Indirect Provider. Our CSP transition tool speeds up and automates the transition process from CSP Direct Bill Partner to CSP Indirect Reseller!

Switching from direct to indirect with Resello as your Indirect Provider is a pretty straightforward process with our Direct to Indirect consultancy. One in which your Resello account manager will support and advise you throughout the entire transition process. If you'd like to learn more please contact us, or read the guide written by Microsoft for more information on the required steps.


New revenue requirement

Please note that Microsoft announced on October 27, 2020, that it will start enforcing its new revenue requirements for Direct Bill Partners starting January 1, 2021. The new revenue requirement is set at 300.000 USD annually, coupled with the existing active support package (15.000 USD annual minimum purchase price) requirement that also needs to be in place.

Direct Bill Partners who do not meet these requirements will have their direct bill capabilities restricted unless they transition to become an Indirect Reseller. This means you can no longer make new purchases for your customers, create new customer tenants in Partner Center or requesting for direct reseller relationships with your customers.

Current exception
Microsoft Direct Bill Partners with an active Service Provider License Agreement are exempt if:

They enrolled in the Qualified Multitenant Hosting (QMTH) Addendum program on or before November 2, 2020, and: Their CSP revenue was less than $ 300,000 in 12 months before their Advanced Support renewal data.

CSP requirements

For Direct Bill Partners

  1. Register and keep an active Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID for your business location;
  2. Have the authority to accept and sign legal agreements on behalf of your organization;
  3. Signing an active support contract with Microsoft, either Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) or Premier Support for Partners (PSfP), starting at $ 15,000 a year;
  4. Offer at least one managed service, IP service, or customer solution application;
  5. Have a platform for automated provisioning, billing, and configuration of cloud solutions.
  6. A minimum yearly revenue of $ 300.000.

For Indirect Resellers

  1. Register and keep an active Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID for your business location;
  2. Have the authority to accept and sign legal agreements on behalf of your organization.

    Resello takes care of the rest.

Why choose Resello as your Indirect Provider?

Resello is a Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider with a custom built automation platform for the distribution of cloud services. Microsoft CSP Indirect Partners (in Europe) and CSP Direct Bill Partners (worldwide) can choose Resello as their Indirect Provider to purchase, provision, manage and invoice the full range of Microsoft cloud solutions, including Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

The automation platform for Microsoft partners
As a cloud-native digital distributor and platform provider, Resello specializes in making as-a-service simple to understand, sell and manage. Our robust platform functionality and ability to offer bespoke solutions, allows partners to orchestrate their entire cloud business from one single source.

Pay as you go business model
Our automation platform is offered free of charge, without up-front investments or set up fees requirements. As our partner, you only pay for what you sell to your customers and provision through our platform. The more successful you are, the more successful we are. It's that simple.

Platform integrations


Transitioning CSP tenants and seats made easy

Transitioning, transferring and migrating Microsoft CSP tenants and seats can be a complex process that requires many manual, repetitive and time-consuming actions for a successful transition. But our CSP Transition Tool makes sure it doesn’t have to be.

Accelerate your business

If your organization is thinking about transitioning from CSP Direct Bill Partner to CSP Indirect Reseller and you can use some support, let us know! Use the contact button to schedule a meeting with us for a day and time that is most convenient for you.

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