Cloud Champion – digital learning platform

Now available for our Dutch Microsoft partners - at no cost

Start growing your cloud business

Cloud Champion is thé partner program for training and learning provided and sponsored by Microsoft and Resello. The digital platform supports Microsoft CSP partners in growing their cloud business by offering training, guidance, promotions, webinars, whitepapers and more. Cloud Champion is now available for our partners in the Netherlands.



Hundreds of training courses, webinars and learning paths for both starting and experienced CSP partners.


Technical, commercial and informational whitepapers, guides, one-pagers and playbooks about Azure, Microsoft 365, Teams and more.


Get access to sales tools, support programs and demand generations campaigs. Learn about sales incentives and promote your own events.

What is in it for you

Cloud Champion offers training, resources and opportunities for Microsoft CSP partners and their staff working in the business, sales, marketing ánd technical fields. 



Successfully grown your cloud business. Participating partners from other countries grew an average of 88% in Microsoft Cloud license revenue year over year.


Gain new insights into Microsoft's solutions and close more deals. Access promo's and leverage sales tools to generate more opportunities and increase deal velocity.


Get access to content you can use for lead gen campaigns, run campaigns together with Microsoft, access your marketing maturity and accelerate demand generation.


Get up-to-speed on Azure, Microsft 365 and other Microsoft solutions. Use learning paths to increase specifik skills, and technical resources to deploy Microsoft solutions successfully.

Register for free

The registration is sponsored by Microsoft and Resello. Registration is open for all our partners in the Netherlands.

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Accelerate your business

Interested in participating in Cloud Champion? Let us know if you have any questions or would like to know more about the digital platform. 

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How can we help you?

Got a quick question? Contact me directly about Cloud Champion.

Timon Bergsma
Account manager
+31 88 002 8200
Timon Bergsma

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