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Ordering, provisioning and invoicing Azure Marketplace services

Using the Azure Marketplace to purchase or sell services

The Azure Marketplace is a rich catalog of thousands of open source and enterprise SaaS solutions from third-party ISVs, that have been certified and optimized to run on Azure. On offer is a wide range of solutions in categories such as security, AI and Machine Learning, compliance, and IoT. As a CSP partner, you can sell, deploy and bundle these SaaS solutions with Azure services.


Expand your portfolio, meet the specific business needs of your customers and differentiate your business. The Azure Marketplace offers you a whole new set of software and services to bundle with Azure usage and sell to your customers as cloud solutions.

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Available via the Azure Marketplace

On offer is a wide range of solutions in categories such as security, AI and Machine Learning, compliance, and IoT. Resello has begun to make the large portfolio of Azure Marketplace SaaS solutions available via our automation platform. That makes it easier for our partners to sell, deploy and bundle Azure usage with Azure-optimized ISV software.

The portfolio includes well-known providers of security solutions, such as cybersecurity, data protection, and firewalls, including Barracuda, Check Point, FortiGate, Kaspersky, Citrix, and Trend Micro.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) transact offers
  • Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Solution templates
  • Managed applications

Ordering for CSP Direct Bill Partners via Partner Center

Azure Marketplace consultation

As a Microsoft CSP partner you can use Partner Center to sell customers subscriptions for the Software as a Service (SaaS) products from third-party ISVs that have opted in to have their solution available to CSP partners through Partner Center.

Ordering, provisioning and invoicing
Ordering via the Azure Marketplace means contracting is simplified and procurement cycles are shortened. Provisioning wise deployment gets streamlined, while Virtual Machine-based solutions can more easily be provisioned to the customer's Azure tenant. All this reduces the challenge of managing and consolidating invoices from multiple vendors.

The order process differs depending on your CSP status; Indirect Resellers have a different order process than Direct Bill Partners. SaaS subscriptions can be established through the standard purchase workflow in Partner Center, and Azure resources such as VM or container images may be deployed and procured through the Azure management portal.

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