Advance with Azure sessions

Technical consultation tailored to commercialize your business case

Advance with Azure sessions

Resello invites (new) Microsoft CSP partners to benefit from Advance with Azure sessions. Each session takes about 2 hours and is tailored around your business case and goals with Azure cloud. 

Possible topics include

  • Migrating from on-prem to Azure;
  • Acquiring the right skills, pass exams and receiving Silver- or Gold Microsoft Partner-status;
  • The opportunities provided by the new Azure plans and Azure Lighthouse.

Where and when

The Advance with Azure sessions can take place at Resello's headquarters in Zwolle, The Netherlands, at Microsoft's office in Schiphol, The Netherlands or on special request via a virtual meeting. 

Sessions are on-request, on a per partner basis. 

Special offer

Resello partners with an active Resello account can request an Advance with Azure session for free*. Non-Resello partners can also participate by benefiting from our special offer*: participants receive a € 300,- discount on the € 500,- price. Additionally, participants can get the remaining € 200,- back as Azure usage funds.

* This special offer is valid for the first three Advance with Azure sessions only and limited availability means we accept participants on a first come, first served basis. Receiving the Azure usage funds requires the creation of a Resello account. 

Accelerate your business

Interested in an Advance with Azure session? Use our contact form to let us know about your plans, any questions you might have and how we can support your business.

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