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Got a question? We have filled our knowledge base with an inventory of most frequently asked questions and answers, about our platform and the cloud services we offer. Please visit it and login with the partner details provided to you.

Status page

Use the Resello status page to get an overview of past incidents, real-time status information of our applications, website and other components (API, Reseller Platform).


Grow your Microsoft CSP business
to the next level

10 Tips for successfully selling
Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Selling Microsoft CSP using Autotask

On-premises perpetual licenses in CSP

Open license to CSP guidebook

Selling Microsoft CSP using Autotask

The future of Azure

Quickstart guides


Getting started
with Acronis


Microsoft Co-op Incentives -
QuickStart guide


Gaining CSP competencies and benefits -
QuickStart guide


Gaining CSP competencies and benefits -
QuickStart guide (Deutsch)


WHMCS CSP module
installation guide


Office 365 to Microsoft 365 renaming
for CSP-partners - Guidebook


Microsoft Silver and Gold partnerships
for ISVs - QuickStart guide


Microsoft Silver and Gold partnerships
for ISVs - QuickStart guide (Deutsch)


Multi-factor authentication and
multi-user support - QuickStart guide

API documentation and example code

Enjoy a new level of management flexibility and freedom with our easy-to-use API. Creating new customers, getting contact information and managing your products are just the beginning.