SSL WHMCS module

Sell over 20 SSL certificates, at industry's best prices!

SSL: the ideal up-sell


The Resello SSL WHMCS module adds over 20 SSL certificates to your portfolio, from four certificate authorities, including Comodo and Symantec.

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Free SSL offering


Offer Free SSL certificated to your customers with Encryption Everywhere.

Up-sell engine

Automatically give your customers three paid SSL certificates as up-sell opportunities. Change them anytime with the upgrade template.

Auto configuration

Automatically download and configure over 20 SSL certificates.
Change product configuration at any time.

SSL wizard


By asking a handful of straightforward questions the SSL wizard makes it easy for your customers to choose the best SSL certificate for their website.

Integration & automation

The module integrates seamlessly with cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk, automating orders, CSR generation, validation and installation.

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Get a price list for SSL

Contact your accountmanager to set up a price list for the SSL certificates you plan to sell.

Download and install the module

Install and configure the free WHMCS module using your Resello account.

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Ask me about SSL certificates

Got a quick question? Contact me directly about SSL certificates.

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Product manager
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Martijn Kamphuis

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