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The Storefront is a complete solution for Resello partners who want to offer their customers an easy way to order the products and cloud solutions that Resello offers. The Storefront automates the whole process of ordering, provisioning and billing for you and your customers. You decide what products and solutions you want to sell and at what price. You can even use the Storefront to sell and invoice your own products and services through the custom SKU feature. And the best part? Using the Storefront is completely free, you only pay for the products you sell.

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Complete commercialization

The Resello Storefront automates the entire customer order process for the products and cloud solutions that Resello offers. Partners can easily determine which products they want to sell and set prices and margins. Once set up the Storefront offers partners a complete self-service web shop or marketplace where a partners’ customer can order products. Customers can than check-out using a variety of payment methods (credit card, PayPal, iDEAL). The Storefront also comes integrated with a customer control panel, where your customers can manage their personal details, orders and products, view and pay invoices and use the integrated ticketing system for support.

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Complete customizations

The Storefront is fully customizable and is offered as a whitelable solution. By editing the HTML files and CSS stylesheets you can use your company’s branding, visuals and content. That way the Storefront can be integrated into any existing website or other online environment, for instance as It can also be used as a complete stand-alone solution, a website and web shop all-in-one. You can even create new pages and add new content. If you need assistance with setting up your own custom branded Storefront, we can create one for you for a nominal fee.

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Complete portfolio and add your own solutions

Almost all the products and solutions offered by Resello can be sold through the Storefront. This includes all license-based cloud solutions available through the Microsoft CSP program, but also Acronis Backup Cloud, the Slimsite website builder and over 1,000 domain name extensions. So, if you are looking for an easy way to sell, provision and invoice solutions such as Office 365, Microsoft 365 or the new Windows and SQL Server licenses, the Storefront offers just that. You can also add your own products and services using the Custom SKU’s feature* (* ordering and billing only, automatic provisioning of third-party solutions is not yet support). Add a custom SKU for each product or service you want to sell and invoice through the Storefront and make them available for your customers the same way as you do with all Resello products.

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How to get started

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