CSP transition tool

Transitioning CSP tenants and seats made easy

Speed up and automate the transition process

Transitioning, transferring and migrating Microsoft CSP tenants and seats can be a complex process that requires many manual, repetitive and time-consuming actions for a successful transition. But it doesn’t have to be. Resello has created a Microsoft CSP transition tool that automates every possible part of the transition process. And as an added benefit the CSP transition tool automatically chooses the optimal transition date for each tenant and seat, so you’ll never pay twice for the same seat.

We’ve made using the CSP transition tool easy with a wizard to guide you through the process. Once the transition process has started you can view the current status on your own personal dashboard. And of course your account manager will walk you through the wizard, and support you throughout the transition process. Interested? Contact us for more information!

Step 1: Choose your Microsoft CSP status

Choose whether you are currently a CSP Direct or a CSP Indirect partner with Microsoft.

Step 2: Enter your PAC details

Login to the Microsoft Partner Admin Center and copy-paste the required details, such as your MPN-ID, into the CSP transition tool.


Step 3: Confirm your transition details

The CSP transition tool automatically imports a list of your tenants and seats* for you to confirm and start the transition process.

* CSP direct partner only at the moment

Step 4: Sit back and relax

The CSP transition tool automates the transition process and queries the Microsoft APIs to check on the status and transition approval by the tenant admins. You can monitor the progress and contact your customers if this approval has not been given yet.

Tenants and seats will be automatically transitioned on the optimal date, to minimize paying for the same seat twice. And of course you can log in anytime to get a quick overview of the transitions in process.

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