Unmanaged domain support

  • We've made it possible to add domains to the platform which are not registered with us. These domains can then be used to link products to, or use e-mail services with despite the fact they're not registered on our platform.This allows you to use our hosting products with all your domains, regardless of where they are hosted.

    To see how to do this, see "Adding unmanaged domain".

    Additional information may be found at "Unmanaged domains".


Slimsite improved

  • We have been working hard to improve and expand Slimsite.
    The following features are added:

    • More themes: Choose a theme for a personal or professional look for your website.
    • Blog/news feed: Add your personal blog or company news feed.
    • PayPal shop: Sell your products easily through your website.
    • Mobile preview and editor: View and edit your website on any mobile device.
    • Add custom HTML and CSS: Include raw HTML in your page.
    • Crop and resize images: Crop and resize images in every size you want.

Quick start guides/hostcontrol wiki

  • A new quick start guide has been made to help new resellers to get going in their account. We also have created a wiki for more information about procedures and settings.

    You may download the new quickstart guide.


Enabling/Disabling Support system in reseller account per reseller/label

  • Resello comes with an integrated support ticketing system, which is enabled by default. When you do not wish to use the integrated support system of Resello, you can now turn it off at Settings > Label Settings.

Software installations fixed

  • There were some issues with the software installations. These are now fixed and they are up and running again.

Transfer status improved

  • The status updates for domains transfers were improved; transfers will now show feedback from the registrar, allowing you to inform registrants what step is required for the transfer.

Payments through CCAvenue

  • Payments through CCAvenue are now possible for bank transfers and debit cards. We are still working to enable credit card payments.

Domain unlock functions

  • It is now possible to unlock domains for transfer. You can do so by going to the details page and Unlock the domain from the Actions menu. Resellers can choose to enable this feature for their customers, so customers can unlock their domains themselves. You can do so in the Label Settings, at the Domains tab.


  • We have implemented ERRP emails because of ICANN compliancy. This means that we are required to inform every domain registrant when their domain is going to expire. This enables the registrant to renew their domain, before it gets suspended. Every registrant gets multiple emails before the expiration date and a single email after the expiration date.
  • Updates

    • A couple of our many customer success stories have been documented in our case studies for Cyso and ResellerClub and are available to download.
    • Our 2014 Resello folder is available to download.
    • We are revising the process for internal transfers. In the meantime, internal transfers in Resello are free.
    • The function to move domains between resellers has been added to our platform, and is immediately live. We know many of you have been anticipating this feature, and are glad to offer it to you.
      Internal transfers will now function as any external transfer, and can be performed just as any other transfer via the Reseller Area or Customer Area. Since this differs per TLD, each transfer will trigger the normal transfer process from our registrar.
    • ERRP: In line with the latest ICANN policies, we have nearly completed our implementation of ERRP within Resello. This means we will be sending out notices from your name to your registrants. You will be able to add some information to this mail which is regularly sent.
    • We have created a WHMCS module which uses an alternative port and checks the version, in order to better support our Iranian users. You may find this at the Downloads page.
    • We've started synchronizing all pre-existing child hosts in bulk across our platform. We expect to finish this today, March the 27th.

    • Open Xchange: We are proud to announce we will be offering Open Xchange (OX) as a new product, soon to be available in the Reseller Area and for your customers. More information can be found at Hosted OX App Suite

    • Information page: We intend to put up a page soon with specific details about your Resello account, what we do, and what actions we take on your behalf. This will also mention some policies like how renewals work and what actions we take in case of noncompliancy.