Microsoft to launch new Windows Virtual Desktop specialty

Feb. 9, 2021

Martijn Couprie

Good news for Microsoft CSP partners working on Windows Virtual Desktop projects or managed services for their customers. Microsoft will soon be launching a new Microsoft Certified: Windows Virtual Desktop Specialty. This new specialty is for individuals within an organization with expert Azure administration skills, in planning, delivering, and managing virtual desktop experiences and remote apps, for any device, on Azure. 


Available March, 2021

The Microsoft Certified: Windows Virtual Desktop Specialty will be available from March, 2021 onwards. Attaining this specialty, and its complementary virtual badge, requires individuals pass the new AZ-140 Configuring and Operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure exam. If you are interested in a (online) training course provided by a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner, please reach out to our partner Didacticum (Benelux) or brainymotion (DACH), or your local training partner, for more information.


Specialty content

From the Windows Virtual Desktop Specialty webpage:

"Responsibilities for this role include deploying virtual desktop experiences and apps to Azure. Professionals in this role deliver applications on Windows Virtual Desktop and optimize them to run in multi-session virtual environments. To deliver these experiences, they work closely with Azure administrators and architects, along with Microsoft 365 administrators.

Candidates for this certification should have experience in Azure technologies, including virtualization, networking, identity, storage, backups, resilience, and disaster recovery. They should understand on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure technologies as they relate to migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop. These professionals use the Azure portal and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to accomplish many of their tasks. They might use PowerShell and Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) for more efficient automation."

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