Updates about the Resello platform, cloud services and other relevant news for our partners

Introducing our new SSL WHMCS module

Aug. 16, 2018

Various products in our cloud marketplace already have their own modules for WHMCS; the web hosting billing and automation platform used by webhosters worldwide. Today we’re happy to announce the launch of our latest WHMCS module. The SSL WHMCS module allows you to add all our SSL certificates to your portfolio!

This latest WHMCS module includes over 20 SSL certificates, from four certificate authorities. We’ve added a lot of extra functionality in the first release of our SSL WHMCS module, including:

  • Offer free Encryption Everywhere certificates (optional).
  • An up-sell engine: automatically offer three paid SSL certificates as up-sell options to your customers when you turn on Encryption Everywhere.
  • Upgrade template for SSL certificate selection in the up-sell engine.
  • Automatic product information download and product configuration during installation (product configuration can be changed at any time).
  • SSL wizard for easy SSL selection by your customers.
  • cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk integration and automation (orders, CSR generation, validation and installation).

All this is available for free, just download and install our SSL WHMCS module. Configure the module using your Resello account and start selling SSL!

Resello becomes ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified

Aug. 6, 2018

Earlier this month Resello has successfully renewed its certifications for processes regarding data protection. Resello has always been working according to these norms, but was certified at the holding company level. The new certification means processes have been tested more rigorously, especially on aspects of its software development.

As a cloud distributor Resello offers a wide portfolio of cloud solutions, including cloud hosting and computing solutions such as Azure and Azure Stack. Data protection, information flow and security for these are essential. IT companies that work according to the ISO norms in relation to their customers, need cloud distributors who work according to the same standards and certifications.

Data protection is important for Resello, for that reason it has its own GDPR committee, security team and Compliancy & Policy Officer. That is why Resello is proud to have become ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. ISO 27001 deals with a broader range of data processing and protection, such as financials records, personal data and other confidential organizational information, whereas NEN 7510 deals specifically with health data, such as patient records and personal health history. Because Resello is now certified for both ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 partners can deliver cloud solutions to business end-users, but also to scientific organizations such as schools and universities and to governmental organizations.

“We see an increasing demand from IT companies and their customers to store data locally, in a region or country of their choice. With the new GDPR policies as an important factor enabling this demand. At the same companies also still want the benefits the public cloud offers, such as scalability and pay-per-use.” Says Joeri Borstlap, CEO at Resello. “That’s why Resello offers cloud solutions such as Azure and Azure Stack. They offer the benefits of the public cloud, combined with ability to store data locally. And with the ISO and NEN certifications we ensure data protection is being taken very seriously.”

Resello and Cassiux announce strategic Azure Stack partnership

July 19, 2018

Resello, distributor of cloud solutions, and Cassiux, Dutch specialist in Azure hybrid solutions, are proud to announce at Microsoft Inspire their strategic Azure Stack partnership. By taking over Resello’s Azure Stack activities, Cassiux will join the Global Azure Stack Network, which will allow Cassiux to fulfill their ambition to become the number 1 Azure Stack company in the Netherlands. Meanwhile the partnership allows Resello to keep delivering Azure Stack as-a-Service, as part of the Resello automation platform and cloud marketplace.

“The focus of Resello’s automation platform is on automated provisioning, management and invoicing of cloud solutions. Our partners can manage both their own partners and end-users within this environment.” says Valentijn Borstlap, Director at Resello. “The partnership with Cassiux allows us to keep supplying Azure Stack as-a-Service, as part of our Global Azure Stack Network. Cassiux have proven themselves as a specialist in Azure and Azure Stack. Because of this partnership, by transferring the Azure Stack activities, the management of the Azure Stack remains in very good hands.”

One of the first of Resello’s clients to actively market the Azure Stack proposition includes Yourhosting Business, together with its partners Intercept and Platani. The Azure Stack solutions on offer have drawn massive interest from both direct and indirect Microsoft CSP partners, with many new companies from the webhosting industry moving towards the cloud. Partners choose the solutions offered by Cassiux and Resello because of the combination of web presence, SaaS and IaaS solutions all available from one place, on one platform. All these are available for resellers and partners, Resello doesn’t work with end-users directly, instead relying on its partners.

“By participating in the Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative Resello has had a head start when it comes to Azure Stack. Their knowledge and experience perfectly suite those of Cassiux” says Paul Köllner, Managing Director at Cassiux. “Cassiux has the ambition to become the number 1 Azure Stack business in the Netherlands. That’s why we were recently the first worldwide to own and use the second-generation Azure Stack, the newest 14G PowerEdge servers delivered by Dell EMC. Taking over Resello’s Azure Stack activities fits our ambition perfectly. Resello will keep delivering Azure Stack through its cloud marketplace, and promote it to its resellers, while Cassiux can keep growing its Azure Stack portfolio.”

Resello becomes certified and adds Microsoft CSP education licenses to cloud marketplace

July 10, 2018

After becoming an official Microsoft CSP Distributor (indirect provider) earlier this year, one of only a dozen in Europa, Resello has now also become certified to add education licenses to the Resello cloud marketplace. Resello partners who work with and sell to educational organizations, such as schools and universities, can now add Microsoft CSP education licenses to their portfolio.

These special licenses are priced significantly lower than normal CSP licenses, and in some special cases they can be provided for free. Companies that want to benefit from these education licenses need to meet the requirements set by Microsoft as part of its Microsoft® Authorized Education Partner (AEP) program.

Because Resello has become certified, we can now support our partners through the whole process of provisioning, management and invoicing of Microsoft CSP education licenses through the Resello automation platform. If you want to learn more, please contact us through or call us at 0031 38 230 5011.

Microsoft chooses Resello as official CSP Indirect Provider for the Western Europe region

March 12, 2018

Rust, Germany, March 12, 2018 - Resello has launched a powerful set of tools to enable direct and indirect Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) to automate selling products from the Microsoft cloud services marketplace. The Resello cloud distribution platform is already trusted by thousands of resellers and direct CSPs worldwide. The company is now one of the few Tier 2 Microsoft Distributors for Western Europe and the only one with over 15 years of experience in the hosting industry. Cloud Service Providers can purchase Microsoft’s productivity solutions directly from Resello in a smart and convenient way.

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