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Microsoft CSP

Windows 7 and Office 2010 End of Support coming soon

Dec. 12, 2019

Martijn Couprie

We are rapidly nearing the End Of Support (EOS) dates for Windows 7 and Office 2010 set by Microsoft:

  • Support for Windows 7 will stop on January 14, 2020
  • Support for Office 2010 will end on October 13, 2020.

After those dates Windows 7 and Office 2010 installations will no longer receive free security updates. Providing your customers with a solution before these EOS dates opens up new opportunities for your CSP business.

Did you know:

  • up to 79% of all organizations are still running at least one device with Windows 7 installed on it? (source: Spiceworks)
  • 67% of those organizations plan to migrate their devices off of Windows 7 before the EOS date? (source: Spiceworks).
  • the number of attacks on devices still running Windows 7 has increased by over 71% since 2018? (source: Webroot)

Recommended upgrades

Windows 7: the recommend option for customers still running Windows 7 is to upgrade to Windows 10 or Microsoft 365. Both can be provisioned via the CSP program (note: you will still need a Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise license key for this option).

Alternatively you can also upgrade customers' devices to Windows Virtual Desktop, the solutions that offers multi-session Windows 10 running on Azure. Windows Virtual Desktop also comes with 3 years’ worth of free extended security updates for Windows 7, making the transition even smoother.

As a last resort, if upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft 365 or Windows Virtual Desktop are not viable options, you can also purchase Windows 7 Extended Security Updates for your customers' Windows 7 devices. The paid ESU sku offers three additional years of security updates for Windows 7 devices, starting January 1, 2020.

Office 2010: the recommended option is to upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus. Alternatively you can also upgrade these customers to Microsoft 365, which combines the best of Windows 10 and Office 365 with advanced security. An especially attractive option if your customers are also still running Windows 7.

Learn more

If you need more information about this subject, please also read the Windows 7 and Office 2010 end of support FAQ provided by Microsoft.

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Amendments to our general terms and conditions

Dec. 3, 2019

Martijn Couprie

Our terms and conditions have remained the same for a long time, unlike our company and the industry and enviroment we operate in. To account for these changes we will make a few amendments to our terms and conditions. These will go into effect on January 6, 2020.

The amendments
These amendments will cover significant changes in our customer base, business model, product portfolio, geographical reach, administrative workload or legislation that Resello needs to comply with. Please download the amended terms and conditions for all changes that will go into effect on January 6, 2020.

The amended terms and conditions will take effect 30 days after today, on January 6, 2020. Should you not wish to accept these adapted and additional terms, you are invited to raise your objections to Resello within 30 days after this notification. Resello then may, at its discretion, withdraw the adaptation or addition. If Resello does not do so, you have the right to terminate the agreement with Resello within 30 days. Failure to terminate so constitutes acceptance of such terms.

And as always, please contact us if you have any additional questions. We'd be happy to help.

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Microsoft CSP , Platform

Resello adds new features to Datto Autotask PSA integration for Microsoft CSP partners

Oct. 22, 2019

Martijn Couprie

Resello, cloud services distributor and Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, announced at DattoCon Paris it is launching new features for its Datto Autotask PSA integration. Azure usage is being added on top of the option to provision, manage and invoice subscriptions, such as Office 365 and Microsoft 365. The integration between Resello’s automation platform and Datto Autotask PSA can now also support both CSP Indirect Resellers (in Europe) and CSP Direct Bill Partners (worldwide). Resello will showcase these new features and more at DattoCon Paris, October 21 – 23.

Datto Autotask PSA is a complete IT business management platform that delivers all of the mission-critical tools needed to run an IT managed services business. It’s a reliable cloud-based platform that centralizes business operations, integrates with industry-leading remote monitoring and management systems, and enables quick, data-driven decisions.

“Resello is proud to be a partner driven company. A significant part of our Microsoft CSP partners use Datto Autotask PSA. Developing an integration between the Resello automation platform and Datto Autotask PSA was a logical choice and one our partners are happy with.” said Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello, adding “The management and administrative processes of the Microsoft CSP program can be complex at times, but our automation platform, intelligence and integration options simplify business operations for our partners. Because we have our own in-house development team we were able to quickly launch our integration with Datto Autotask PSA. And as a Microsoft Indirect Provider we are proud to say Resello’s integration can support both Microsoft CSP Indirect Resellers in Europe as well as Direct Bill Partners worldwide.”

Joe Rourke, Director of Product Management, Autotask PSA at Datto said: “Datto is excited to include Resello’s integration for Microsoft CSP partners in our growing catalogue of integrations. Our partners are looking for ways to monetize the cloud market opportunity and Microsoft’s portfolio of cloud services, such as Microsoft 365 and Azure, combined with Resello’s automation platform, delivers the recurring revenue and profitability MSPs are looking for. With Datto’s technical team working closely with Resello’s own development team we were able to get the integration included on the Datto integration website quickly and we are happy Resello is already announcing new features at DattoCon Paris.”

Partners can use the Resello automation platform to provision Microsoft CSP solutions. The integration supports creating, upgrading, downgrading and deletion of usage and subscriptions for both new customers created in Resello or existing customers imported from Autotask. Customer data is automatically synchronized between Resello and Autotask. Partners decide which data source is leading, Autotask or Resello. Billing data gets automatically pushed through the integration to Autotask ready for invoicing.

Learn more about Resello’s integration for Microsoft CSP partners at

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Microsoft CSP

A cooperation for the future - Resello and brainymotion partner on Microsoft certification courses

Aug. 29, 2019

Martijn Couprie

Resello, ‘cloud native’ distributor and Microsoft CSP indirect provider, announces it has started a cooperation with brainymotion, a leading service provider of practical and innovative training for IT technology in Germany. Together the two companies will offer an extensive set of Microsoft certification courses to partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the option to provide training courses to end-users. Resello and brainymotion will also work together on organizing workshops for new CSP partners, such as ISVs who want to migrate their applications to the Azure cloud.

User adoption as a critical success factor
Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: “As a Microsoft Indirect Provider, Resello supports partners all over Europe, including CSP partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We strongly believe in working with strategic partners to add value to our own proposition as an automation platform that accelerates digital transformation. That is why we are excited to start our cooperation with brainymotion. As a learning partner with 18 years of experience, they are perfectly positioned to empower Microsoft CSP partners in the DACH region with the knowledge their business needs to succeed. The Microsoft CSP market in these countries is already quite advanced, showing strong partner growth. To sustain that growth user adoption rates will increasingly become a critical success factor for Microsoft partners. Getting qualified employees who can drive user adoption will become a real competitive advantage, an advantage that brainymotion can help provide.”

Intelligent training options for both employees and customers
With this partnership, MSPs, ISVs, System Integrators and other partners can choose from an extensive training and certification portfolio for their own employees or their customers. The training courses on offer vary from the fundamental level, for instance about Azure or Office 365, to technical deep dives, including the new Microsoft Role-based certification courses. As a learning partner, brainymotion offers highly flexible training solutions. Training courses can be personalized, tailored to the partners’ or end-user’s specific needs, taken at one of brainymotion’s offices, at the partners location or remotely by using brainymotion’s trainings solutions.

Get certified, get benefits
Nils Gutsche, CEO at brainymotion: “At brainymotion we believe in offering flexible and smart training, getting people and teams the training that best fits their needs, at a time and place that is most convenient for them. Because Resello has a background in the hosting industry and a 100% focus on the cloud, they have a lot of ideas to reach new target markets and on-boarding new CSP partners. We can support these companies both in the qualification and certification of their employees and offer training courses for their customers. That helps in getting the certifications required for acquiring a Microsoft Silver or even Microsoft Gold partner-status, and all the benefits that come along with these qualifications. We also plan on organizing workshops together, to bring Resello partners and other interested parties ‘up to speed’.”

First workshops starting this year
The first set of Azure Fundamentals workshops for ISVs are set to take place later this year at brainymotion’s offices in Frankfurt and München. During these free workshop CTOs, CEOs, product managers, (lead) developers, infrastructure- and software-architects get insights and best practices to gain the basic skills to successfully use and implement Microsoft Azure. Interested entrepreneurs can get further information by contacting Resello or brainymotion.

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Resello launches Kliken online advertising integration

Aug. 14, 2019

Martijn Couprie

Today we announce the launch of our Kliken integration into the Slimsite site builder. Kliken is a tool that enables small business owners to automatically create online advertising campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Users set their own advertising budget and Kliken automatically creates advertising campaigns using advanced algorithms to target the right websites and keywords. That way Kliken unleashes marketing and website owners get more visitors, more leads and more sales.

Kliken is available as a free add-on for all the Slimsite site builder and Ecwid webshop plans. That way our partners can offer their customers new features without any extra costs. Interested in adding Kliken and Slimsite to your portfolio? Contact your account manager to find out more.

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