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Resello and Didacticum to cooperate on Microsoft CSP training portfolio for Benelux partners

March 25, 2019

Resello, ‘cloud native’ distributor and Microsoft CSP indirect provider, announced today at CloudFest in Germany that it has started a strategic partnership with Didacticum, provider of IT training and certification courses and Azure Cloud Integrator. This cooperation allows Resello’s partners in the Benelux to benefit from over a 150 Microsoft training and certification courses as well as the opportunity for on-demand training courses, tailored to the partners specific needs. Resello and Didacticum will also cooperate in a number of seminars around the Microsoft CSP program, including Azure and Teams.

Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: “We strongly believe in focusing on the things our company is good at, our strengths so to speak, and working with strategic partners for other activities related to our business. As such Resello specializes in being a cloud distributor with its own custom build automation platform. But we also see the added benefit training courses offer in supporting our partners in selling cloud solutions to their customers. Partnering with Didacticum makes perfect sense in that regard. They have over 20 years of experience in training and certification courses and sharing knowledge is simply part of their DNA.”

The partnership offers Resello’s partners in the Benelux the opportunity to take part in over a 150 official Microsoft training and certification courses. Partners can also request on-demand training courses, tailored to the partners’ specific needs. The training courses vary from the fundamental level, for instance about Azure or Office 365, to technical deep dives. This enables partners to quickly and efficiently gain the knowledge they need for successfully running their Microsoft CSP business. A must in the rapidly changing world of digital transformation.

Taco Hettema, Director Training at Didacticum: “Transferring knowledge is definitively one of Didacticum’s strong points. As an Azure Cloud Integrator we are well aware of the latest Azure developments. Microsoft is very rapidly expanding its service offering, which is great of course, but it also becomes a challenge for many businesses simply to keep up with these developments. That is why Resello and Didacticum will also organize a series of seminars together, to bring Resello partners and other interested parties ‘up to speed’.”

The first of these seminars is planned for May 23 at The Dutch golf course in Spijk, the Netherlands. During this exclusive event attendees receive knowledge about Azure, the cloud, the Microsoft CSP program and the opportunities this offers for MSPs, ISVs, VARs and other Microsoft CSP partners. On top of that Didacticum will explain the possibilities offered by the new Microsoft Role-Based certifications. If you are interested in attending this event please visit the event page:

Resello sterk op het Azure-segment (Dutch only)

March 19, 2019

Resello, de ‘cloud native’ distributeur met een zelf ontwikkeld automation platform, is sinds september 2017 Microsoft indirect provider en ziet een sterke groei in partners en een toename in het gebruik van Azure. “Wij zijn er trots op dat Microsoft in Resello een groeipartner ziet”, zegt Harald Nuij, CCO bij Resello.

“Microsoft bouwt snel het CSP-programma uit en voegt in rap tempo nieuwe diensten aan de Azure public cloud toe. Wij hebben van huis uit veel hostingbedrijven als klant die Microsoft CSP toevoegen aan hun portfolio en zien, mede dankzij de investeringen van Microsoft, een sterke toename aan partners als MSPs, VARs en Telcos en het gebruik van Azure.”

Lees het hele bericht op Dutch IT-channel:

Resello releases Azure Insights dashboard and reporting tool

Feb. 12, 2019

Resello is happy to announce the launch of Azure Insights, a extensive set of Power BI dashboards that gives partners and their customers actionable data and insights into their Azure usage.

The Azure Insights dashboards are available both for our partners, through the reseller area, and for end-users, through the customer area. This allows partners to gain insights into what has been spent on Azure subscriptions, tenants and resource groups. Our partners can also provide their customers with a personal dashboard, available through the customer area, where customers can view their own usage and Azure spend.

Azure Insights for our partners comes with seven predefined dashboards. These allow partners to get a quick overview and allow for deeper insights into revenue, usage, subscriptions and regions. Even more details data can be gained by filtering on a date range and on a specific tenant, subscription or subscription reference, resource group or data center region.

Together with our automation platform and CSP transition tool, this is yet another way Resello makes selling IT solutions such as Azure as easy as possible.

Resello launches Microsoft CSP transition tool

Jan. 23, 2019

Resello, a ‘born in the cloud’ IT solutions distributor and Microsoft indirect provider announces today it has launched a Microsoft CSP transition tool. Using this highly automated tool helps Microsoft CSP partners to quickly transition CSP tenants and seats, saving them the hassle of doing many manual, repetitive and time-consuming actions during the transfer process.

The launch of the CSP transition tool by Resello follows the introduction of new, stricter requirements for CSP direct partners by Microsoft last summer. New requirements include having a paid support contract with Microsoft and the ability to operate an infrastructure that automates provisioning, management and billing. Starting next March, direct partners past their onboarding anniversary date who don’t meet these new requirements won’t be allowed to create new customers or subscriptions under their CSP direct contract. This means more CSP direct partners will choose to become CSP indirect reseller, move to a CSP indirect provider, like Resello, and transition their CSP tenants and seats.

Eric Mink, CTO at Resello: “Our mission is to make selling IT solutions easy. So, when we heard about the new CSP direct requirements, we quickly decided to build a transition tool that makes the process of transitioning tenants and seats easy by automating every possible part of the transition process. That way direct partners don’t have to worry about not being able to create new customers or subscriptions, and will ease their transition into becoming an indirect CSP reseller”.

The CSP transition tool can be used by both CSP indirect and CSP direct partners. Using the CSP transition tool is made easy with a three-step transition wizard. It starts by choosing your CSP partner status, entering your Partner Admin Center (PAC) data (for direct partners) and finally confirming the tenants and seats to be transitioned.

Eric Mink: “The cool thing is the CSP transition tool even determines the optimal transition date per seat by looking at the current end date of the seat. By choosing the best date to transition the seat our partners completely avoid the seat overlap period, and thus minimizing double cost for the same seat.

Digital transformation, intelligent cloud, smart everything: the future of Azure?

Jan. 7, 2019

The world around us is transforming rapidly, with cloud, AI and IoT changing businesses and the world around us. As one of the big hyperscalers, with Azure, Microsoft hopes to benefit from this digital transformation by making Azure the public cloud of choice. Or as Satya Nadella puts it: “We are investing aggressively to build Azure as the world’s computer.”. This aggressive strategy seems to be working, as Azure is the fastest growing public cloud platform, outpacing both Google Cloud and the market leader AWS.

To build that ‘world’s computer’ and make Azure the go-to location for digital transformation and businesses working with AI, machine learning, IoT and Edge, Azure’s development is at times going a lightspeed. To give you some insight into the future of cloud computing, and Azure, Resello has created an eBook called ‘The Future of Azure’. You can download it for free here.

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