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Acronis Cyber Cloud

Resello adds Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud as cyber protection solution for partners

May 20, 2020

Martijn Couprie

Resello, the ‘cloud-native’ distributor with its own cloud services automation platform, announces today it has added Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud as a cyber protection solution to its portfolio. By making Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, a solution that integrates backup, disaster recovery, next-gen anti-malware, cyber protection, and endpoint management tools, available to its partners, Resello expands the portfolio of data protection and cyber protection services for partners to offer to their customers.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic a much larger portion of the workforce is working remotely from their home office. With remote work comes extra security risks, including employees using their own devices to access files, unpatched and unwanted applications, insecure home networks with untrusted devices on the same network and sensitive data being stored in unprotected locations. All this has increased the already growing demand for ‘everything as-a-service’ solutions, including file sharing, data protection and security.

Harald Nuij, Managing Director at Resello: “The customers of our partners are increasingly asking for help with creating modern workplaces for their employees that not only allows them to work remotely from home, but also in safe and secure manner, that simultaneously protects sensitive information against threats. Data leaks, ransomware attacks, hacks, all these are increasingly a threat, especially now that large numbers of employees are working remotely. As a cloud services distributor, we need to offer solutions to our partners to help them protect their customers. That is why we are happy to add Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud as a cyber protection solution to our portfolio. It integrates backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, data protection, and endpoint management tools, enabling our partners to protect their customers’ systems, devices, applications, and data.”

Adding: “For most companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses resources are a constraint. Good IT-staff is hard to find. Keeping up with patching and upgrading is time-consuming. And IT budgets are usually limited, even as we see IT changing from a cost to an essential, even business-critical, service. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud helps with these issues, by offering a range of cyber protection services, all as a unified solution, with one agent per device, one user interface and one management console for all the protection services.”

Mathijs Theunissen, Strategic Partner Manager Cloud Benelux at Acronis explains how “Cyber Protect allows organisations to share highly sensitive data, and to protect conference call applications; a critical resource for most organisations worldwide these days.” He adds: “We are extremely excited to see a valued partner such as Resello expand their portfolio of Acronis’ solutions with the latest offer and unique tool currently on the market capable to provide a complete cyber protection to its users.”

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is now available as part of the Acronis Cyber Cloud suite of services. Resello’s partners can start with a free 30-day trial and as a special promotion, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s usage for new customers will not be billed until July 30th, while any existing Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud customer switching to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud will not have to pay any additional usage fees until July 30th.

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Microsoft CSP , Platform , Azure

Resello opens up Azure Marketplace offering for CSP partners

Feb. 26, 2020

Martijn Couprie

Resello, cloud services distributor and Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, announces it has begun to make the large portfolio of Azure Marketplace SaaS solutions available via its automation platform. By adding up to thousands of open source and enterprise SaaS solutions from third-party ISVs to the portfolio of Microsoft CSP solutions already available for its partners, Resello is making it easier for its partners to sell, deploy and bundle Azure usage with Azure-optimized ISV software.

Microsoft formally announced it would make its Azure Marketplace offering available for distribution through the CSP channel in March of last year. All the cloud solutions available via the Azure Marketplace have been certified and optimized to run on Azure. On offer is a wide range of solutions in categories such as security, AI and Machine Learning, compliance and IoT.

Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: “Making the Azure Marketplace offer available via the CSP program is a major opportunity for CSP partners. This will enable partners to provision, manage and invoice thousands of additional third-party cloud solutions the same way as they are used to with first-party cloud solutions from Microsoft, such as Microsoft 365 and Azure. With tens of thousands of actively transacting CSP partners this development is also a significant opportunity for ISVs. This creates an additional major new sales channel with the potential of reaching millions of end-customers worldwide.”

With the current market demand for security related cloud solutions booming, Resello has chosen to start with four providers of security solutions: Barracuda, Check Point, FortiGate and Kaspersky. By bundling these solutions with Azure usage, they create new opportunities for CSP partners.

Harald Nuij: “The challenge facing our partners is choosing the relevant solutions for their business and their customers from the wide variety of thousands of SaaS solutions and then finding a way to efficiently provision, sell and invoice them. Our automation platform takes care of the last part. It was specifically built to accelerate digital transformation. And as a distributor of cloud services our added value, besides automation, comes from advising our partners on developing their cloud business. Over the coming months we will be adding more ISVs and more SaaS solutions to our platform. That way our partners can choose from a steadily increasing number of SaaS solutions to grow their cloud business.”

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Vade Secure

Resello partners with Vade Secure for predictive email security

Feb. 5, 2020

Martijn Couprie

Resello, the cloud services distributor and Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, announces it has added Vade Secure to its growing portfolio of cloud services. Vade Secure is a predictive email defense solution for Office 365 that leverages artificial intelligence to detect threats in real-time. By adding Vade Secure’s services to the cybersecurity portfolio, partners of Resello can now offer their customers a value-add email security solution that's powerful yet simple to deploy, configure and manage.

Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Vade Secure to realize our shared vision of empowering organizations to find new and safe ways of generating value through digital transformation. Due to the rapidly evolving threat landscape the market demand for cloud-based security solutions is on the rise. This represents a huge opportunity for our partners to add value and offer Vade Security’s cloud-based email defense solutions on top of the Office 365 subscriptions they are already offering to customers.”

“This partnership with Resello, Cloud and Microsoft specialist in the Netherlands, fits perfectly into our international development strategy”, says Frédéric Braut, Senior Vice President EMEA at Vade Secure. “Partnering with the best European players such as Resello, to expand our business in Europe is key for Vade. Through Resello we're offering MSPs and resellers an email security solution for Office 365 that allows them to bring value to their customers and to profitably grow their business.”

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Accelerating digital transformation: Resello to discontinue its Hosting-, Email- and OpenXchange-plans

Jan. 28, 2020

Martijn Couprie

The demand for and adoption of IaaS and SaaS solutions by our partners and the transformation from hosting on-premise to the cloud continues to grow rapidly. As a certified Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider and distributor of cloud solutions, Resello's strategic focus is on meeting that demand and continuing to offer plans and solutions that help our partners grow their business.

As of May 1, 2020, the hosting platform we have been using to provide some of the solutions and plans that our partners can sell will be End Of Support. After that date, we can no longer guarantee the continuity and security of the platform and the plans running on it. Because of the limited number of partners still using the hosting platform to sell Hosting-, Email-, and OpenXchange-plans, combined with the growing demand for IaaS and SaaS solutions we see from our partners, we have decided to discontinue our Hosting-, Email-, and OpenXchange-plans as of May 1st, 2020. And as of March 1st, we will deactivate the possibility of ordering new Hosting-, Email-, and/or OpenXchange-plans. From that date onwards you or your customers will no longer be able to place new orders for these specific plans.

For more details please read the email we have send out to all partners who still have a active Hosting-, Email- and/or OpenXchange-plans with us. If you have additional questions, or would like advice on migrating to suitable alternatives (for instance Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure) please contact one of our account managers.

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Microsoft CSP , Azure

Resello presents: Azure FastTrack sessions

Dec. 19, 2019

Martijn Couprie

With well over a hundred of different Azure services, an Azure marketplace filled to the brim with apps and cloud software, and the sheer amount of possibilities to build, deploy, and manage applications, it can be a challenge on where to begin and what to choose when starting with Azure. That is why we are introducing Resello Azure FastTrack sessions, a technical consultation session focused on commercializing your business case, based on the technical opportunities provided by the Azure cloud.

Resello invites (new) Microsoft CSP partners, such as ISVs, MSPs and VARs, to benefit from Azure FastTrack sessions. Each session takes about 2 hours and is tailored around your business case and goals with Azure cloud. Possible subjects include migrating from on-prem to Azure, how-to acquire the right skills, pass exams and receiving Silver- or Gold Microsoft Partner-status or the opportunities provided by the new Azure plans and Azure Lighthouse.

The first available Azure FastTrack session is planned for Thursday January 23, 2020, with two more sessions following early next year. These sessions will take place in The Netherlands, at central locations and at Microsoft’s Dutch headquarters at Schiphol. Sessions outside of the Netherlands are also being planned for early 2020.

Resello partners with an active Resello account can request a Azure FastTrack session for free. Non-Resello partners can also participate by benefiting from our special introduction offer: participants receive a € 300,- discount on the € 500,- price. Additionally, participants can get the remaining €200,- back as Azure usage funds, if they create a Resello account after the session. This special offer is valid for the first three Azure FastTrack sessions only and limited availability means we accept participants on a first come, first served basis. Interested? Contact us via for more information.

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