Updates about the Resello platform, cloud services and other relevant news for our partners

Resello launches Kliken online advertising integration

Aug. 14, 2019

Martijn Couprie

Today we announce the launch of our Kliken integration into the Slimsite site builder. Kliken is a tool that enables small business owners to automatically create online advertising campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Users set their own advertising budget and Kliken automatically creates advertising campaigns using advanced algorithms to target the right websites and keywords. That way Kliken unleashes marketing and website owners get more visitors, more leads and more sales.

Kliken is available as a free add-on for all the Slimsite site builder and Ecwid webshop plans. That way our partners can offer their customers new features without any extra costs. Interested in adding Kliken and Slimsite to your portfolio? Contact your account manager to find out more.

Resello launches integration for Autotask

June 27, 2019

Martijn Couprie

Resello, the automation platform that accelerates digital transformation, announced today it has launched its release version integration with Autotask. This new integration enables Resello partners who use Autotask as their IT business management platform and to utilize the Resello automation platform for provisioning and managing cloud solutions such as Office 365 or Azure.

Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: ‘The Resello automation platform has always been very open and easy to integrate with. Partners can use our API and extensive documentation to integrate our automation platform with their business. We also develop our own integrations for other platforms, based on our partners demands. For instance, last year we launched modules for the WHMCS platform extensively used by our partners since. Over the past months’ partners have been asking us for an integration with Autotask, so it’s our pleasure to announce this new integration today.’

Partners can use the Autotask integration to synchronize customer data between the Resello automation platform and Autotask. Partners who use Autotask as their IT business management platform can pull invoicing data from the Resello automation platform to Autotask, enabling them to use Autotask for customer invoicing on cloud solutions and services provisioned through Resello.

Harald Nuij: “Our in-house development team will continue to develop this Autotask integration based on direct feedback from our partners. We are also working on integrations with other platforms. We expect to make some more announcements in the coming months.”

IT companies and Microsoft CSP Indirect of Direct partners using Autotask can contact one of Resello’s account managers for more information on the Autotask integration and the benefits of the Resello automation platform.

Microsoft introduces new Microsoft Partner Agreement for CSP partners

June 27, 2019

Martijn Couprie

Microsoft announced on June 5 this year that it is introducing a new agreement framework for the Microsoft CSP program. The new contract will be called the ‘Microsoft Partner Agreement’ or MPA for short. This new agreement will replace the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement (MCRA) and Microsoft Cloud Distributor Agreement (MCDA) for all partners in the Microsoft CSP program. This includes CSP Direct Bill partners, Indirect Providers and CSP Indirect Resellers.

The new agreement will be available for preview starting July 31. All Microsoft CSP partners, including Indirect Resellers, are required to accept the new Microsoft Partner Agreement before January 31, 2020. For your convenience we have created a page with more information on the Microsoft Partner Agreement and what this means for our partners.

HostBill releases integration with Resello

June 5, 2019

Rzeszow, Poland

HostBill, the all-in-one billing and automation platform for online businesses in the hosting industry, announced today it has released an integration with Resello, the automation platform for cloud distribution that accelerates digital transformation. Thanks to this integration HostBill partners can now start selling Resello’s entire portfolio of cloud solutions, including Microsoft CSP solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, and do seamless and hassle-free imports of product portfolio from Resello into HostBill.

HostBill, a powerful and flexible all-in-one billing and automation solution, enables web hosters, Cloud/IaaS/VPS Solution Providers and Domain and SSL resellers to handle all aspects of their business. Ranging from client acquisition to automated billing and client management, the platform supports these companies in running a successful online business.

Kris Pajak, CEO at HostBill: “HostBill has over 500 integrations, ranging from control panels and apps to order pages and client portals. The integration with a proven distributor of cloud solutions, especially the Microsoft CSP solutions, such as Office 365 and Azure fits perfectly into our portfolio. The demand for these solutions among end-users is growing rapidly, so thanks to our integration with Resello our partners can now tap into this growing market.”

Resello, a ‘cloud native’ distributor, has its own custom-built automation platform for distribution of cloud solutions such as Office 365, Teams, Microsoft 365 and Azure. As a Microsoft Indirect Provider Resello supports both Microsoft CSP Direct Bill partners and Indirect Resellers.

Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: “Resello has always had a large base of hosting companies among its partners, so we are familiar with HostBill. They are one of the leading platforms in the hosting industry, with over 1,000 enterprise customers worldwide, so we are very enthusiastic to work with them. Because of our efficient API and extensive documentation, the Resello automation platform has always been easy to integrate with. The speed at which HostBill build their integration with Resello proofs that and supports us in welcoming new partners.”

For more information about the HostBill integration with Resello please visit the feature-page at:

Resello en Didacticum organiseren ‘Boost your cloud business met Microsoft Azure en CSP’ seminar (Dutch only)

May 2, 2019

Resello, ‘cloud native’ distributeur en Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider en Didacticum, aanbieder van IT (maatwerk)opleidingen en Azure Cloud Integrator, gaan gezamenlijk het seminar ‘Boost your cloud business met Microsoft Azure en CSP’ organiseren. Het event, met Azure als centraal thema, vindt plaats bij golfbaan The Dutch in Spijk op 23 mei aanstaande.

Harald Nuij: “Microsoft Azure groeit razendsnel. Veel bedrijven zijn bezig met de migratie van on-premise naar de cloud, of gaan daar binnenkort mee bezig. Voor de partners die bedrijven ondersteunen bij de migratie naar de cloud liggen daar mooie kansen. Voor veel partners is Azure de bestemming naar keuze en met het Resello platform kunnen ze de adoptie van Azure versnellen. Daarover vertellen we graag meer tijdens het seminar.”

Tijdens het seminar vertelt Timon Bergsma, accountmanager bij Resello, over hoe het Resello platform bijdraagt aan het versnellen van de adoptie van Azure. Daarnaast zal Jeroen Faber, Partner Development Manager bij Microsoft een presentatie geven over het ontwikkelen van businessmodellen rondom Azure en de nieuwste ontwikkelingen van het cloud-platform. Taco Hettema, Directeur Opleidingen bij Didacticum, rondt het programma af met een presentatie over het stimuleren van de adoptie van Microsoft CSP-diensten, de veranderende rol van IT binnen bedrijven en de nieuwe Role-based certificering van Microsoft.

Taco Hettema: “Digitale transformatie en Azure bieden veel kansen, met nieuwe producten en nieuwe manieren van werken. De uitdaging voor Microsoft partners is om het kennisniveau binnen de organisatie op het juiste peil te houden. Mede om die reden heeft Microsoft onlangs nieuwe Role-based certificeringen gelanceerd, die op termijn de MCSA en MCSE certificeringen gaan vervangen. Tijdens het seminar vertellen we graag hoe Microsoft partners met de juiste trainingen het maximale rendement uit hun medewerkers en investeringen in de cloud halen.”

Het seminar vindt plaats op golfbaan The Dutch in Spijk op 23 mei van 14.00 tot 17.00. Deelname is gratis voor Microsoft CSP partners of bedrijven die bezig zijn om Microsoft CSP partner te worden. Onder de deelnemers verloten Resello en Didacticum bovendien een gratis ‘Azure Fundamentals’ of ‘Microsoft 365 Fundamentals’ training voor tot maar liefst 10 personen ter waarde van € 1.950,-. Geïnteresseerden kunnen zich aanmelden via

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