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Starting September 1, 2020, browsers will only support new 1-year SSL certificates

Aug. 5, 2020

Martijn Couprie

Starting September 1, 2020, all major internet browsers (for instance Firefox, Chrome, Safari) will only support SSL certificates with a validity of one year. Resello will follow this market development. Therefor, starting August 18 we will only offer 1-year SSL certificates.

Until August 18, 2020

Any SSL certificate ordered before August 18 with a validity of more than one year (for instance a 2-year certificate) will remain active and will continue to be accepted by internet browsers after September 1. Since SSL certificates with a longer validy period are less expensive per year and require less management, you might still want to order SSL certificates with a 2-year validity.

That's why you can continue to order new SSL certificates with a 2-year validity until August 18. You can also continue to renew existing SSL certificates for a 2-year period, provided they are within a 100 days from their renewal date (for instance, you can renew an SSL certificate for 2 years on August 10, if the renewal date for the certificate is on October 10).Again, these SSL certificates ordered or renewed before September 1 will continue to be accepted by the major browsers.

Starting August 18, 2020

We will only offer the regular SSL certificates with a 1-year validity for ordering or renewal.

Microsoft Inspire 2020 recap

July 28, 2020

Martijn Couprie

Now that Microsoft Inspire, the company's biggest partner event of the year, has concluded we'd like to give you an overview of our highlights of this year's event. While there was much news about Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Teams, the new commerce experience, as well as updates on partner programs, incentives, and certifications and competencies, this year also saw an increased focus on sustainability and inclusiveness.

Broadly speaking, Microsoft sees 4 core partner priorities for FY21, with customers expecting support on these from partners, while also focusing on the cost of things:

  1. Remote work
  2. Business continuity
  3. Security
  4. Cloud migration

Below we will go into a bit more detail on these. Please also visit the company's 'book of news' and its blog. Most, if not all, keynotes and sessions will also be available on-demand soon.

Please join us again in September, when Microsoft's next big event, Microsoft Ignite, will also take place online.


1. Working remotely

With the COVID-19 pandemic and a virtual Inspire, Microsoft was strongly focused on how its partners have been supporting companies, educational institutions, and other organizations, in working remotely from home. 

For instance, Microsoft Teams now sees over 4.1 billion Teams meeting minutes per day, as well as 75 million daily active users. No wonder Microsoft wants you to think of Teams as a new platform and it has released hundreds of updates and new features including: 

To further boost partner opportunities in Modern Work and security, Microsoft is also making six types of investments over the next year:

  1. New offers - new SKUs and promotions soon available via CSP.
  2. Cloud economic resources, a framework for saving cost & value calculators.
  3. New competencies - more advanced Teams and Security specializations.
  4. Sales incentives -  doubled sales incentives for acquiring new customers.
  5. Usage incentives - advanced workloads for Teams & Security now eligible.
  6. Cloud Accelerator Workshops - to drive new business & customer growth.


2. Business continuity

To quote Gavriella Schuster (Microsoft VP - Commercial Partner) "being in the cloud is no longer an option, it's a business imperative".

Windows Virtual Desktop, the multi-session Windows 10 desktop running on Azure, was definitely one of the stars of this years Inspire. With 1 billion Windows 10 monthly active devices, migrating workplaces to Windows Virtual Desktop offers a huge opportunity for consultation and managed services.

Other news included:


3. Security

With the shift to remote work comes a need to bolster the security of customers' IT infrastructure, apps and devices, and the data stored on them. With (high upfront) cost being an issue for many customers, partners need to simplify security

For that reason, Microsoft once again communicated the importance for partners to move towards managed services, with subscriptions and monthly billing. With the current momentum requiring increased security as the next big opportunity for partners to increase their managed services practice, by leveraging Microsoft security solutions and adding their own solution on top of that.

Updates and news included:

  • New connectors announced for Azure Sentinel to include insights from third-party solutions networks, firewalls, endpoint protection, and vulnerability management.
  • MFA and Identity Management support in Azure Lighthouse for just-in-time access.
  • A new Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention solution for Microsoft 365 going into public preview, and double key encryption and new signals for insider risk management being added to identify risks and prevent data loss.


4. Cloud migration

With a 59% Azure revenue growth, Microsoft keeps reminding partners to focus on migrating from on-prem to the Azure cloud. For FY21 Windows and SQL server migration is a top priority.

Microsoft is also very keen on getting more ISVs to move their business apps onto Azure, with a push of the Azure Marketplace and the option for ISVs to use its CSP partners as an additional sales channel. Speaking of CSP partners, with the introduction of the new Azure Plan, Microsoft also emphasized the need for partners to transition away for the existing CSP Azure offers.

Azure and cloud migration-related news included:

  • Microsoft announcing the next generation Azure Stack HCI,  hybrid cloud capabilities that deliver a native and fully integrated Azure service and to integrate data centers with the cloud.
  • New and updated features for hoster and outsourcers, such as new capabilities for Azure Migrate, Microsoft’s hub of tools for datacenter assessment and migration, free and subsidized Azure technical training, partner funding, and support via the Azure Migration Program (AMP) and a new generation of Azure VMware Solution, to seamlessly extend or completely migrate existing on-premises VMware applications to Azure. 
  • The general availability of Shared Disks, for easier migrations of existing on-premises Windows and Linux-based clustered environments to Azure.

Resello is seeking Cloud Sales Representatives for various regions

July 15, 2020

Resello is hiring! To meet the needs of its strong international growth, Resello is seeking 7 Cloud Sales Representatives for various regions: Germany-Austria-Switzerland (DACH), UK-Ireland and Scandinavia. In this exciting sales position, you are the specialist who advises and supports new and existing business partners with the selection of a range of cloud and digital services in the Resello Cloud Marketplace. With the help of our marketing team, you will identify new IT partners in your region and help them explore the world of digital services such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and other specific solutions including Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery. It is a varied job with a lot of responsibility and freedom. There’s plenty of room for personal growth and your own initiatives. You report to the sales manager and you work in a young team of energetic and motivated colleagues.Enthusiastic? Please click here or more details or make an appointment with our recruiter for a digital meeting via Microsoft Teams by sending an email to Our colleagues will be happy to tell you more about the work and our great company.

Resello launches new Acronis proposition for WHMCS users

July 9, 2020

Martijn Couprie

Resello, an Acronis Distributor supporting over 2.500 active resellers in over 100 countries worldwide, has launched a new go-to-market proposition aimed at WHMCS users. WHMCS is the automation platform used by over 40,000 web hosting companies worldwide. The new proposition aimed specifically at WHMCS users offers them a lower than usual, highly competitive minimum monthly usage fee, an updated WHMCS module that adds the newly released Acronis Cyber Protect, all combined with personal account management to quickly scale the partners’ backup and cyber protection business up from scratch to a profitable recurring revenue base.

Martijn Kamphuis, Product Manager at Resello: “Organizations using WHMCS are used to selling subscription model services in a recurring revenue model. Managing services and supporting their SMB customers is in their DNA. These companies are also seeing a rise in demand for services beyond just web hosting. But while the market demand for data protection and other cyber protection solutions is definitely growing, that part of the market was previously harder for WHMCS user to service. By launching this new proposition specifically for WHMCS users Resello and Acronis are able to offer them a full suite of data protection and cyber protection services they can sell, all automated via the Acronis Cyber Cloud module for WHMCS.

Mathijs Theunissen, Strategic Partner Manager for Benelux and Nordics at Acronis: “Acronis recently launched Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, an AI-powered integration of data protection and cyber protection. As one of our valued distribution partners, Resello has already made Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud available to all its partners, and by launching this new proposition, we are happy to say WHMCS users can also start benefiting from new opportunities for recurring revenue by offering cyber protection to their customers.

With Acronis Cyber Protect, MSPs can proactively avoid cyberattacks, minimize downtime, ensure fast and easy recoveries, and automate the configuration of client protection to counter the latest cyberthreats. This not only results in improved margins and profitability, but also adds easier SLA compliance and greater performance. The WHMCS module for selling Acronis has also been updated and now support the full Acronis Cyber Cloud suite, including the new Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. 

Martijn Kamphuis: “By lowering the minimum monthly usage fee requirements Acronis provides WHMCS users an easy way to start offering new data protection and cyber protection solutions, including Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud, to their portfolio. The release of an updated version of the WHMCS module for Acronis adds Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to that offering. And as distributor we work closely with both our partners and Acronis to help our partners grow their cyber protection business.

Interested? Please contact us for more details.

Upgrading your Hosted Exchange hardware? Don’t!

July 8, 2020

Martijn Couprie

The challenge: how to upgrade hardware without consuming large amounts of time and manpower?

Your company is still running Exchange Server hosted on-premise, on legacy server and storage hardware. You might also be running an older version of Exchange Server that needs to be updated. But upgrading hardware and updating software are time-consuming projects. So how can you speed things up?

Migrate to Exchange Online

Whether you do a staged, cutover, or hybrid migration, we advise our partners to migrate their customers' inboxes from Exchange Server to Exchange Online. Why? Well ...

Your benefits

  • Avoid expensive, time-consuming hardware migrations;
  • Retire aging servers and storage hardware;
  • Never buy expensive hardware again;
  • Skip future hardware maintenance;
  • Leave the updates & upgrades to Microsoft;
  • Do hybrid deployments to the cloud and on-prem;
  • Migrate over time using hybrid migration;
  • Use a single, web-based admin interface;
  • Gain high availability in the Azure cloud;
  • Get new features not available on Exchange Server;
  • Increase your margin per customer.
  • Getting Exchange Online licenses

Exchange Online licenses are available via the Microsoft CSP program. As a CSP Indirect Provider Resello can provide your company with the licenses you need for your customers. Like to learn more? Fill out the form and we'll contact you about how we can support your business.

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