It’s time to get .ONLINE!

Having an online presence is almost a necessity in our digital world. Businesses, individuals, startups, students - everyone is looking to get online. And what better way to help them successfully enter the World Wide Web than adding .ONLINE to your domain portfolio!

Did you know…
… that over 1,000,000 websites already include the word ‘online’ in their URL, proving that people worldwide consider ‘online’ to be a great keyword? No wonder, considering ‘online’ is one of the few universal words out there that means the same thing in 24+ languages. And whereas many TLDs are market-specific, .ONLINE is relevant for practically any website. So, choosing .ONLINE means choosing a truly generic domain extension that is understood in many languages!

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Crack the safe and WIN at 2017

We believe a trade show should be about combining business with a bit of fun. So, stop by our booth during the (March 27-30, Rust, Germany) for a chance to win some cool prizes! All you have to do, is collect your personal PIN code at booth #Z32 and enter your lucky digits into the locked safe. If the door swings open, you’ve won! May the odds be ever in your favour…

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Become a Reflex Champion at 2017!

Speed and reliability are essential in order to stand out from the ever-growing competition in the domain market. That's why Resello is powered by Realtime Register, the registrar known for having the best response time in the world! How's yours?

The CardioWall Pro-X is used by Formula 1 drivers to train for faster reaction times. Now is your chance to beat them – and your competition - to the punch! Come by booth #Z32 during (March 27-30, Rust, Germany), demonstrate your lightning-speed skills and become a Reflex Champion!

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Join Resello at!

Mark your calendar as busy on March 27 – 30 and join Resello at, the world’s largest hosting and cloud event! brings together over 120 must-see presentations, insightful keynotes by leading voices in technology, and thousands of potential customers, peers and technology leaders. In other words: you won’t want to miss a thing! Let us know if you’d like to get together during

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Get the most out of .BLOG

The key to being successful in the domain business is staying ahead of trends. For instance, let’s take a look at the wondrous world of blogging. Both consumers and businesses have increasingly turned to blogging over the past few years – and with good reason. Business blogging has proven to be an effective marketing tool and for consumers, blogging has become a popular form of personal expression.

The brand-new .BLOG domain is a perfect fit for the trendy blogging market! So, what are you waiting for? Get the money rolling by offering .BLOG to your customers!

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Introducing the Resello status page

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand-new status page, which keeps our customers in the loop during downtime due to incidents or planned maintenances. The status page shows real-time status information of our applications, email, hosting, and other components (API, Reseller Platform). Furthermore, customers can use this page to get an overview of past incidents.

Check out the new status page.


Press release: Realtime Register first Dutch registrar with accreditation for .RU and .PФ domains

  • Zwolle, September 2015 Realtime Register, an ICANN accredited domain names registrar and hosting services supplier, is the first Dutch registrar with accreditation by TCI, the Russian registry. This means Realtime Register can register .RU and .PФ domain names directly at TCI. With the accreditation, Realtime Register helps local Russian companies, and organizations with ambitions in Russia, to grow online. Because of Realtime Register’s direct relation with the .RU registry, domain names can be registered quickly, without any additional validation requirements.

    Only 31 registrars worldwide received accreditation for.RU and .PФ domains. This while Russia, with 146 million inhabitants, offers enormous entrepreneurial possibilities. Berend van Dalfzen, Managing Director at Realtime Register: “Companies looking to be accredited need to go through an intensive process. It took us a while to meet all the demands. Besides offering Russian language support by phone, we were required to set up a local office, so people would have a physical place to come to for help.”

    Moscow office
    Realtime Register opened a branch office in Moscow, with Russian staff. “Our Russian employees assisted us a great deal in the accreditation process. All documents were written in Russian, so it was very convenient to have native Russian people in our own organization, who could translate the information for their Dutch colleagues”, says Van Dalfzen.

    Russian resellers for .RU and .PФ domains
    With the accreditation, Realtime Register offers local and international organizations a chance to do business on the Russian market with .RU or .PФ domains. Through sister company Resello, Russian resellers can market domain name registrations, hosting services, and related products, at very attractive rates.

    Van Dalfzen: “Our ambitions are big, and so are the opportunities. Russia is one of the biggest economies worldwide. If you want to succeed there and in the adjacent countries, it’s essential to have a local platform. On the other hand, we also like to help (starting) Russian companies entering international online markets. By giving local resellers attractive offers through Resello, we create a vantage point for growth in Russia, and we can leverage our accreditation.”

    Interested in reselling .RU and .PФ domains? Please contact our sales department.


.CO domains for $5.99

  • Our most notable TLD for this month is .CO. To celebrate their five year anniversary, .CO lowered their prices to $5.55 throughout July. But it doesn't end there. Per 1 August, Resello will exclusively offer .CO for only $5.99 through our Domain Growth Program!

Our .RU/Pф accreditation, your benefit

  • Many international businesses are looking to set foot and get a share in one of the world's largest economies, with over 146 million Russian people. Our registrar department, Realtime Register, is now one of the happy few with accreditation from the Russian .RU registry! This means we can offer you the most competitive pricing, best and fastest support, and real-time .RU registrations.

    Most competitive pricing
    As there are no other parties between the .RU registry and us, we can get significantly sharper prices for you, with savings up to 90%! Being one of the largest registrars in the world, we offer great prices for other cc-TLDs and gTLDs as well. Check out our domain page, and our unique Domain Growth Program.

    No currency risk
    Our prices are listed in the registries currency, and will be converted into the currency of your deposit whenever there is a transaction. So .RU domains are listed in rubles, without the risk of fluctuating exchange rates. If you have your own ruble account, there is no exchange risk at all.

    Real-time registration and no paperwork
    Due to our direct line into the registry, we can now offer superfast registration. All registrations are processed in real-time. Registrants are often required to send in ID documents, prior to registration of the .RU domain. Not with us. In 99% of the cases, no extra validation will be requested. Updating name servers has never been faster and easier.

    Easy upsells
    With features as our convenient Slimsite website builder, our hosted OX app suite, and our wide range of SSL certificates, Resello is your best choice for entering the Russian market.

    Russian support
    As goes for all our customers, we want to offer our Russian customers top quality support, too. We have therefore opened an office in Moscow, and installed a fully trained, native Russian-speaking support team.

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