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The real truth about true hybrid cloud.


In the market where innovation and speed to market count for everything, cloud solutions bring almost limitless possibilities to your customers. What if you could offer your end users a hybrid cloud solution that not only allows them to become more efficient and agile, but also offers your business a chance to grow?

Hybrid… or true hybrid?
It is likely that you are already familiar with the public cloud: it offers great scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses to scale up and down their infrastructure to meet their requirements at any one time. You are probably also familiar with the hybrid cloud concept which offers your customers the possibility of using a cloud environment that is consistent with an on-premises datacentre setup. But not all hybrid cloud environments are the same, and none of them can claim to be ‘true hybrids’. Until now.

Microsoft has packaged up its market-leading Azure public cloud for consumption in a private or on-premises environment. Simply put, Microsoft Azure Stack is all about allowing your customers to remove stress and free up their IT team to do the things that contribute to business growth.

We’ve lost count of how often our partners have told us that their customers have requested an environment that provides them the flexibility to choose the right combination of private and public cloud deployment models. Well, now you can help your customers speed up their initiatives by leveraging the rich Azure ecosystem in the totally secure Azure Stack environment.

Consistency is king
Azure Stack is empowered by its one major advantage over other systems - consistency. It’s all about providing an environment experience that is consistent with public Azure cloud. These 3 main Azure Stack features are what make it a completely unique solution:

  1. Azure Stack portal environment is the exact same code as Azure. One of the real innovations of Azure Stack is the implementation of a cloud API that is consistent with Azure. This provides a set of experiences, tools, application patterns, automation capabilities, deployment and configuration options, and operations that work across both the Azure cloud and the on-premises setup, the ‘Stack’.
  2. High grade security. The consistency ensures a secure hybrid infrastructure that can help your customers comply with any data regulation. You can let your customers have their services and apps run on Azure Cloud, Azure Stack or a powerful combination of both. Hosting in a physical Azure Stack datacentre, for example that of Resello, means end users meet specific jurisdictional requirements while being able to push their service around the globe. For you, this means having the ability to expand your solutions offer to a wider audience, including highly regulated industries such as finance - which was previously difficult to cater for.
  3. Stress-free application development. Your customers will be able to speed up time to market with consistent DevOps processes for application development, testing, and publishing. It’s also perfect for businesses that have legacy applications that need to be injected with the power of the cloud. From simple lift and shifts to fully fledged application modernisation, the Azure Stack platform will allow your customers to do it all.

All the benefits, one simple setup, no upfront cost
Azure Stack offers a range of benefits for businesses, but equally it helps you to increase and diversify your revenue stream, expand your customer portfolio to previously untapped industries, and, simply, offer solutions driven by latest and trusted Microsoft technology. Should you choose to partner with Resello, you would be gaining access to a market-leading enterprise hybrid cloud, without the need for any exorbitant upfront capital expenditure, making it easier and more cost effective to sell the latest IT solution. We also don’t require you to tenant a whole Stack, which is perfect if you want to start small (just dip a toe in) and grow from there.

To make the experience even easier for our partners, Resello’s propriety Cloud Business Automation platform lets you seamlessly manage the provisioning and billing of cloud services, allowing you to orchestrate your entire hybrid cloud business from one, central place. From managing your customers and their subscriptions to fully automating billing and provisioning; Resello has fixed the business elements that our partners were finding challenging.

Additionally, Resello’s Global Azure Stack Network of datacentres (93 locations and counting) will allow you to keep your customers critical data and network-intensive applications within a private cloud environment that perfectly fits their regulatory requirements (perfect with GDPR only months away!).

To learn more about the solution that makes selling cloud solutions easy, feel free to contact us. One of our experts will be happy to walk you through everything.

Find out more and explore how easy it is to start offering Azure Stack to your customers

Microsoft chooses Resello as official Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Distributor for Western Europe


Rust, Germany, March 12, 2018 - Resello has launched a powerful set of tools to enable direct and indirect Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) to automate selling products from the Microsoft cloud services marketplace. The Resello cloud distribution platform is already trusted by thousands of resellers and direct CSPs worldwide. The company is now one of the few Tier 2 Microsoft Distributors for Western Europe and the only one with over 15 years of experience in the hosting industry. Cloud Service Providers can purchase Microsoft’s productivity solutions directly from Resello in a smart and convenient way.

The next logical step for Cloud Solution Providers is adding more than 70 Microsoft productivity tools, such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and Skype for Business, to their portfolio. The market penetration of Microsoft Cloud Solutions is increasing rapidly and is one of the main drivers of Microsoft boosting profitability. With its CSP program, Microsoft introduced cloud-based distribution of their business-standard productivity tools. Companies can either become a direct partner in Microsoft’s CSP program or become an indirect partner through one of the CSP Distributors. Resello is now an official CSP Distributor.

Many direct partners in the CSP program find it challenging to manage and automate reselling subscriptions to their customers. As a solution, Microsoft is encouraging new reseller partners to become an indirect CSP reseller with one of the distributors that offer ready-made business automation in one way or another.

“Resello is the preferred cloud distribution platform of many Web Services and Cloud Solution Providers, Telcos, and Managed Service Providers”, says Joeri Borstlap, CEO at Resello. “The Resello platform is the ultimate solution for these target groups. Partners using the platform benefit from a short time to market and can easily create profitable cross-sell opportunities with domain names, Acronis Backup Cloud, email migration tools, or many other products available in the Resello Cloud Marketplace. As part of its Microsoft Cloud Solutions offering, Resello also offers Public Azure metered billing and ‘Azure Stack as a Service’ through its worldwide ‘Global Azure Stack Network’”.

The Resello platform was already used in the early stages of launching the CSP program by one of the main market makers for Office 365 in Europe and has been refined during the last three years. The Resello team is highly specialized in marketing Microsoft products, activating Microsoft partners, and providing support to reduce time to market.

Download the press release (.pdf)

Microsoft Ignite update


It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the first couple of Microsoft Ignite event days: so much exciting things are happening at this year’s conference! The event was kicked off with a Vision Keynote by Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) in which he shared his vision on Microsoft’s role in the ongoing digital transformation. Below, you’ll find an overview of other exciting updates Microsoft unveiled during Ignite so far.

First Microsoft Azure Stack systems are headed to your datacenters
A big milestone was the announcement that Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Lenovo are now shipping systems, allowing partners to help their customers deploy and install Azure Stack, ready to run their applications. Furthermore, Cisco’s Azure Stack integrated systems are ready to order and Wortmann plans to introduce terra integrated systems for Azure Stack by the end of this year.

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Announcing Azure Migrate
Good news for businesses that want to take the first steps towards digital transformation for their organization, but struggle to get started: Azure Migrate in on its way! According to Microsoft, this new service will provide the guidance, insights, and mechanisms needed to assist companies in migrating to Azure.

Sign up for the Azure Migrate limited public preview:

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Azure DDoS Protection Service preview
Many customers who are in the process of moving their applications to the cloud are concerned about DDoS attacks. And with good reason, according to Microsoft: (…) “the number of documented DDoS attacks grew 380% in Q1 2017 over Q1 2016 according to data from Nexusguard.” Microsoft believes security and availability in the cloud to be a shared responsibility and, in accordance with this statement, is committed to providing customers with solutions that protect both aspects on Azure. During the first day of Ignite, Microsoft announced the preview of Azure DDoS Protection Standard. This service is integrated with Virtual Networks and provides protection for Azure applications from the impacts of DDoS attacks.

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Azure Data Box
The last update about advancements in Azure infrastructure was the announcement of the preview program for the Azure Data Box. This appliance (Microsoft uses the words ‘ruggedized’, ‘tamper-resistant’, and ‘human-manageable’ to describe it) enables businesses to easily transfer large data sets to the Azure cloud. This case study (video) about Oceaneering International gives a sneak preview of Azure Data Box in action.

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New Experience Center in Amsterdam open for business


After the resounding success of the Azure Stack Experience Center at Resello’s headquarters in Zwolle, a second Experience Center opened its doors at data center partner Interxion in Amsterdam last week. The popularity of Azure Stack and the Experience Center(s) come as no surprise to Berend van Dalfzen, Managing Director at Resello. “Azure Stack provides a solution for a widespread problem: control over the location of data. With Azure Stack, you know exactly where your data is stored and which laws apply. Many resellers and system integrators want to provide this certainty for their customers, combined with the power and possibilities of Azure. This is where Azure Stack comes in.”

Want to see for yourself what Azure Stack is all about? Click here to make an appointment to visit one of our Experience Centers and let our experts show you.

Resello selects Interxion as data centre partner for Microsoft Azure Stack


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 17 July 2017INTERXION HOLDING NV (NYSE: INXN), a leading European provider of carrier and cloud-neutral colocation data centre services, today announced that Resello has selected Interxion as its data centre partner for its pan-European Microsoft Azure Stack deployment. Running on Azure Stack, the Resello Cloud Marketplace now gives resellers the opportunity to deliver value added cloud services with all the scalability and flexibility of Microsoft Azure, without the need for investments in Azure Stack technology or know how, and with the best possible colocation and connectivity services.

Why Azure Stack?
Azure Stack brings all the benefits of Microsoft’s public cloud platform to a customer private data centre environment. The technology is seamlessly integrated with Azure and offers the same user experience and interface, making deployments on Azure Stack just as easy as it is to deploy on Azure.

Customers now have a choice of where to run their data and applications in Azure, either on a dedicated Azure Stack in their private data centre or on Microsoft’s Public Azure or on both.

Resello and Interxion are uniquely positioned to help resellers leverage the benefits of Azure Stack:

  • Know-how: Resello is intimately involved in the development of Azure Stack. The company is part of a selected group of global Microsoft Partners that worked closely with Microsoft towards the launch of Azure Stack and is the first Cloud Marketplace that has a fully operational set-up available.
  • Seamless integration of public and private: Microsoft’s Azure offering and Azure Stack, will enable businesses to implement the best of public and private cloud into their hybrid strategy. On top of that, Interxion enables Microsoft ExpressRoute via it’s Cloud Connect platform. This dedicated connection to Azure guarantees customers high performance, security and reliability of their hybrid deployment.
  • Freedom of choice on where to store data: Data can be stored in any of Interxion’s 45 state-of-the-art Interxion data centres across 11 European countries. Resellers with customers in many countries now have the control they need over the location of their data to comply with different complex and ever more strict laws for privacy and data.

Pan-European expansion
“Working together with partners like Resello is at the core of Interxion’s strategy,” said Jelle-Frank van der Zwet, Director Business Development at Interxion. “The ability to provide enterprises and IT service providers with proven solutions, based on leading technology, is key to accelerating digital transformation. We’re thrilled that Resello, has chosen to work with Interxion to offer these services and become a frontrunner in the market.”

“Interxion enables us to deliver local Azure Stack deployments from data centres across Europe, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations in different countries, supported by the seamless private connection to Azure using ExpressRoute”, said Resello Founder and CEO Valentijn Borstlap. “But most of all, Interxion has proven itself as a true partner. They have been a great help in enabling Azure Stack availability on our platform across Europe.”

Microsoft Inspire update


So far, Microsoft Inspire 2017 is definitely living up to its name. With more than 17,000 Microsoft partners and executives present and an impressive lineup of visionary expert speakers, this partner event is truly inspiring. Below you’ll find a few event highlights. Tip: also explore our photo gallery to get a glimpse of the spectacular event venues!

Launch Azure Stack
One memorable session was the keynote of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in which he announced that Azure Stack is now available for partners. So far, only Resello and six other partners have been closely involved with the development of Azure Stack, giving us a valuable seat at the table. Now, other companies can start preparing for the worldwide deployment of Azure Stack, which is expected to be this fall. Want to see for yourself what Azure Stack is all about? Make an appointment to visit one of our Experience Centers and let our experts show you!

$4.5 trillion transformation opportunity
Another topic that has Inspire visitors buzzing, is the digital transformation – and the major opportunity it brings - Microsoft predicts. In the blog ‘Microsoft puts partners at the center of $4.5 trillion transformation opportunity’ , Judson Althoff (Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft ) explains what this opportunity is and how the overall strategy of Microsoft fits into the picture. “Digital transformation is a wave of business innovation fueled by cloud technologies like the Internet of Things, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and data. Driving our customers’ businesses forward through digital transformation has opened an estimated $4.5 trillion market opportunity.” Click here to read the entire blog. It was great to see Resello was also mentioned in this article!

Resello on stage
On Tuesday, July 11, our Managing Director Berend van Dalfzen got on stage with Adam Bogobowicz (Microsoft), Steve Hunter (Avanade), and Stuart Nielsen-Marsh (Pulsant) to talk about ins and outs of seizing the hybrid Azure opportunity. The main goal of the breakout session was to open up the conversation and to hear different perspectives regarding how to build a commercial business with Azure Stack. Click here to watch the entire breakout session.

Stay tuned for more Microsoft Inspire news!