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Resello adds Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud as cyber protection solution for partners

20-05-2020 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Resello, the ‘cloud-native’ distributor with its own cloud services automation platform, announces today it has added Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud as a cyber protection solution to its portfolio. By making Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, a solution that integrates backup, disaster recovery, next-gen anti-malware, cyber protection, and endpoint management tools, available to its partners, Resello expands the portfolio of data protection and cyber protection services for partners to offer to their customers.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic a much larger portion of the workforce is working remotely from their home office. With remote work comes extra security risks, including employees using their own devices to access files, unpatched and unwanted applications, insecure home networks with untrusted devices on the same network and sensitive data being stored in unprotected locations. All this has increased the already growing demand for ‘everything as-a-service’ solutions, including file sharing, data protection and security.

Harald Nuij, Managing Director at Resello: “The customers of our partners are increasingly asking for help with creating modern workplaces for their employees that not only allows them to work remotely from home, but also in safe and secure manner, that simultaneously protects sensitive information against threats. Data leaks, ransomware attacks, hacks, all these are increasingly a threat, especially now that large numbers of employees are working remotely. As a cloud services distributor, we need to offer solutions to our partners to help them protect their customers. That is why we are happy to add Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud as a cyber protection solution to our portfolio. It integrates backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, data protection, and endpoint management tools, enabling our partners to protect their customers’ systems, devices, applications, and data.”

Adding: “For most companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses resources are a constraint. Good IT-staff is hard to find. Keeping up with patching and upgrading is time-consuming. And IT budgets are usually limited, even as we see IT changing from a cost to an essential, even business-critical, service. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud helps with these issues, by offering a range of cyber protection services, all as a unified solution, with one agent per device, one user interface and one management console for all the protection services.”

Mathijs Theunissen, Strategic Partner Manager Cloud Benelux at Acronis explains how “Cyber Protect allows organisations to share highly sensitive data, and to protect conference call applications; a critical resource for most organisations worldwide these days.” He adds: “We are extremely excited to see a valued partner such as Resello expand their portfolio of Acronis’ solutions with the latest offer and unique tool currently on the market capable to provide a complete cyber protection to its users.”

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is now available as part of the Acronis Cyber Cloud suite of services. Resello’s partners can start with a free 30-day trial and as a special promotion, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s usage for new customers will not be billed until July 30th, while any existing Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud customer switching to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud will not have to pay any additional usage fees until July 30th.

Resello opens up Azure Marketplace offering for CSP partners

26-02-2020 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Resello, cloud services distributor and Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, announces it has begun to make the large portfolio of Azure Marketplace SaaS solutions available via its automation platform. By adding up to thousands of open source and enterprise SaaS solutions from third-party ISVs to the portfolio of Microsoft CSP solutions already available for its partners, Resello is making it easier for its partners to sell, deploy and bundle Azure usage with Azure-optimized ISV software.

Microsoft formally announced it would make its Azure Marketplace offering available for distribution through the CSP channel in March of last year. All the cloud solutions available via the Azure Marketplace have been certified and optimized to run on Azure. On offer is a wide range of solutions in categories such as security, AI and Machine Learning, compliance and IoT.

Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: “Making the Azure Marketplace offer available via the CSP program is a major opportunity for CSP partners. This will enable partners to provision, manage and invoice thousands of additional third-party cloud solutions the same way as they are used to with first-party cloud solutions from Microsoft, such as Microsoft 365 and Azure. With tens of thousands of actively transacting CSP partners this development is also a significant opportunity for ISVs. This creates an additional major new sales channel with the potential of reaching millions of end-customers worldwide.”

With the current market demand for security related cloud solutions booming, Resello has chosen to start with four providers of security solutions: Barracuda, Check Point, FortiGate and Kaspersky. By bundling these solutions with Azure usage, they create new opportunities for CSP partners.

Harald Nuij: “The challenge facing our partners is choosing the relevant solutions for their business and their customers from the wide variety of thousands of SaaS solutions and then finding a way to efficiently provision, sell and invoice them. Our automation platform takes care of the last part. It was specifically built to accelerate digital transformation. And as a distributor of cloud services our added value, besides automation, comes from advising our partners on developing their cloud business. Over the coming months we will be adding more ISVs and more SaaS solutions to our platform. That way our partners can choose from a steadily increasing number of SaaS solutions to grow their cloud business.”

Resello partners with Vade Secure for predictive email security

05-02-2020 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Resello, the cloud services distributor and Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, announces it has added Vade Secure to its growing portfolio of cloud services. Vade Secure is a predictive email defense solution for Office 365 that leverages artificial intelligence to detect threats in real-time. By adding Vade Secure’s services to the cybersecurity portfolio, partners of Resello can now offer their customers a value-add email security solution that's powerful yet simple to deploy, configure and manage.

Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Vade Secure to realize our shared vision of empowering organizations to find new and safe ways of generating value through digital transformation. Due to the rapidly evolving threat landscape the market demand for cloud-based security solutions is on the rise. This represents a huge opportunity for our partners to add value and offer Vade Security’s cloud-based email defense solutions on top of the Office 365 subscriptions they are already offering to customers.”

“This partnership with Resello, Cloud and Microsoft specialist in the Netherlands, fits perfectly into our international development strategy”, says Frédéric Braut, Senior Vice President EMEA at Vade Secure. “Partnering with the best European players such as Resello, to expand our business in Europe is key for Vade. Through Resello we're offering MSPs and resellers an email security solution for Office 365 that allows them to bring value to their customers and to profitably grow their business.”

Accelerating digital transformation: Resello to discontinue its Hosting-, Email- and OpenXchange-plans

28-01-2020 Zwolle, The Netherlands

The demand for and adoption of IaaS and SaaS solutions by our partners and the transformation from hosting on-premise to the cloud continues to grow rapidly. As a certified Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider and distributor of cloud solutions, Resello's strategic focus is on meeting that demand and continuing to offer plans and solutions that help our partners grow their business.

As of May 1, 2020, the hosting platform we have been using to provide some of the solutions and plans that our partners can sell will be End Of Support. After that date, we can no longer guarantee the continuity and security of the platform and the plans running on it. Because of the limited number of partners still using the hosting platform to sell Hosting-, Email-, and OpenXchange-plans, combined with the growing demand for IaaS and SaaS solutions we see from our partners, we have decided to discontinue our Hosting-, Email-, and OpenXchange-plans as of May 1st, 2020. And as of March 1st, we will deactivate the possibility of ordering new Hosting-, Email-, and/or OpenXchange-plans. From that date onwards you or your customers will no longer be able to place new orders for these specific plans.

For more details please read the email we have send out to all partners who still have a active Hosting-, Email- and/or OpenXchange-plans with us. If you have additional questions, or would like advice on migrating to suitable alternatives (for instance Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure) please contact one of our account managers.

Resello presents: Azure FastTrack sessions

19-12-2019 Zwolle, The Netherlands

With well over a hundred of different Azure services, an Azure marketplace filled to the brim with apps and cloud software, and the sheer amount of possibilities to build, deploy, and manage applications, it can be a challenge on where to begin and what to choose when starting with Azure. That is why we are introducing Resello Azure FastTrack sessions, a technical consultation session focused on commercializing your business case, based on the technical opportunities provided by the Azure cloud.

Resello invites (new) Microsoft CSP partners, such as ISVs, MSPs and VARs, to benefit from Azure FastTrack sessions. Each session takes about 2 hours and is tailored around your business case and goals with Azure cloud. Possible subjects include migrating from on-prem to Azure, how-to acquire the right skills, pass exams and receiving Silver- or Gold Microsoft Partner-status or the opportunities provided by the new Azure plans and Azure Lighthouse.

The first available Azure FastTrack session is planned for Thursday January 23, 2020, with two more sessions following early next year. These sessions will take place in The Netherlands, at central locations and at Microsoft’s Dutch headquarters at Schiphol. Sessions outside of the Netherlands are also being planned for early 2020.

Resello partners with an active Resello account can request a Azure FastTrack session for free. Non-Resello partners can also participate by benefiting from our special introduction offer: participants receive a € 300,- discount on the € 500,- price. Additionally, participants can get the remaining €200,- back as Azure usage funds, if they create a Resello account after the session. This special offer is valid for the first three Azure FastTrack sessions only and limited availability means we accept participants on a first come, first served basis. Interested? Contact us via for more information.

Windows 7 and Office 2010 End of Support coming soon

12-12-2019 Zwolle, The Netherlands

We are rapidly nearing the End Of Support (EOS) dates for Windows 7 and Office 2010 set by Microsoft:

  • Support for Windows 7 will stop on January 14, 2020
  • Support for Office 2010 will end on October 13, 2020.

After those dates Windows 7 and Office 2010 installations will no longer receive free security updates. Providing your customers with a solution before these EOS dates opens up new opportunities for your CSP business.

Did you know:

  • up to 79% of all organizations are still running at least one device with Windows 7 installed on it? (source: Spiceworks)
  • 67% of those organizations plan to migrate their devices off of Windows 7 before the EOS date? (source: Spiceworks).
  • the number of attacks on devices still running Windows 7 has increased by over 71% since 2018? (source: Webroot)

Recommended upgrades

Windows 7: the recommend option for customers still running Windows 7 is to upgrade to Windows 10 or Microsoft 365. Both can be provisioned via the CSP program (note: you will still need a Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise license key for this option).

Alternatively you can also upgrade customers' devices to Windows Virtual Desktop, the solutions that offers multi-session Windows 10 running on Azure. Windows Virtual Desktop also comes with 3 years’ worth of free extended security updates for Windows 7, making the transition even smoother.

As a last resort, if upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft 365 or Windows Virtual Desktop are not viable options, you can also purchase Windows 7 Extended Security Updates for your customers' Windows 7 devices. The paid ESU sku offers three additional years of security updates for Windows 7 devices, starting January 1, 2020.

Office 2010: the recommended option is to upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus. Alternatively you can also upgrade these customers to Microsoft 365, which combines the best of Windows 10 and Office 365 with advanced security. An especially attractive option if your customers are also still running Windows 7.

Learn more

If you need more information about this subject, please also read the Windows 7 and Office 2010 end of support FAQ provided by Microsoft.

Amendments to our general terms and conditions

03-12-2019 Zwolle, Netherlands

Our terms and conditions have remained the same for a long time, unlike our company and the industry and enviroment we operate in. To account for these changes we will make a few amendments to our terms and conditions. These will go into effect on January 6, 2020.

The amendments
These amendments will cover significant changes in our customer base, business model, product portfolio, geographical reach, administrative workload or legislation that Resello needs to comply with. Please download the amended terms and conditions for all changes that will go into effect on January 6, 2020.

The amended terms and conditions will take effect 30 days after today, on January 6, 2020. Should you not wish to accept these adapted and additional terms, you are invited to raise your objections to Resello within 30 days after this notification. Resello then may, at its discretion, withdraw the adaptation or addition. If Resello does not do so, you have the right to terminate the agreement with Resello within 30 days. Failure to terminate so constitutes acceptance of such terms.

And as always, please contact us if you have any additional questions. We'd be happy to help.

Resello adds new features to Datto Autotask PSA integration for Microsoft CSP partners

22-10-2019 Paris, France

Resello, cloud services distributor and Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, announced at DattoCon Paris it is launching new features for its Datto Autotask PSA integration. Azure usage is being added on top of the option to provision, manage and invoice subscriptions, such as Office 365 and Microsoft 365. The integration between Resello’s automation platform and Datto Autotask PSA can now also support both CSP Indirect Resellers (in Europe) and CSP Direct Bill Partners (worldwide). Resello will showcase these new features and more at DattoCon Paris, October 21 – 23.

Datto Autotask PSA is a complete IT business management platform that delivers all of the mission-critical tools needed to run an IT managed services business. It’s a reliable cloud-based platform that centralizes business operations, integrates with industry-leading remote monitoring and management systems, and enables quick, data-driven decisions.

“Resello is proud to be a partner driven company. A significant part of our Microsoft CSP partners use Datto Autotask PSA. Developing an integration between the Resello automation platform and Datto Autotask PSA was a logical choice and one our partners are happy with.” said Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello, adding “The management and administrative processes of the Microsoft CSP program can be complex at times, but our automation platform, intelligence and integration options simplify business operations for our partners. Because we have our own in-house development team we were able to quickly launch our integration with Datto Autotask PSA. And as a Microsoft Indirect Provider we are proud to say Resello’s integration can support both Microsoft CSP Indirect Resellers in Europe as well as Direct Bill Partners worldwide.”

Joe Rourke, Director of Product Management, Autotask PSA at Datto said: “Datto is excited to include Resello’s integration for Microsoft CSP partners in our growing catalogue of integrations. Our partners are looking for ways to monetize the cloud market opportunity and Microsoft’s portfolio of cloud services, such as Microsoft 365 and Azure, combined with Resello’s automation platform, delivers the recurring revenue and profitability MSPs are looking for. With Datto’s technical team working closely with Resello’s own development team we were able to get the integration included on the Datto integration website quickly and we are happy Resello is already announcing new features at DattoCon Paris.”

Partners can use the Resello automation platform to provision Microsoft CSP solutions. The integration supports creating, upgrading, downgrading and deletion of usage and subscriptions for both new customers created in Resello or existing customers imported from Autotask. Customer data is automatically synchronized between Resello and Autotask. Partners decide which data source is leading, Autotask or Resello. Billing data gets automatically pushed through the integration to Autotask ready for invoicing.

Learn more about Resello’s integration for Microsoft CSP partners at

A cooperation for the future - Resello and brainymotion partner on Microsoft certification courses

29-08-2019 Frankfurt, Germany

Resello, ‘cloud native’ distributor and Microsoft CSP indirect provider, announces it has started a cooperation with brainymotion, a leading service provider of practical and innovative training for IT technology in Germany. Together the two companies will offer an extensive set of Microsoft certification courses to partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the option to provide training courses to end-users. Resello and brainymotion will also work together on organizing workshops for new CSP partners, such as ISVs who want to migrate their applications to the Azure cloud.

User adoption as a critical success factor
Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: “As a Microsoft Indirect Provider, Resello supports partners all over Europe, including CSP partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We strongly believe in working with strategic partners to add value to our own proposition as an automation platform that accelerates digital transformation. That is why we are excited to start our cooperation with brainymotion. As a learning partner with 18 years of experience, they are perfectly positioned to empower Microsoft CSP partners in the DACH region with the knowledge their business needs to succeed. The Microsoft CSP market in these countries is already quite advanced, showing strong partner growth. To sustain that growth user adoption rates will increasingly become a critical success factor for Microsoft partners. Getting qualified employees who can drive user adoption will become a real competitive advantage, an advantage that brainymotion can help provide.”

Intelligent training options for both employees and customers
With this partnership, MSPs, ISVs, System Integrators and other partners can choose from an extensive training and certification portfolio for their own employees or their customers. The training courses on offer vary from the fundamental level, for instance about Azure or Office 365, to technical deep dives, including the new Microsoft Role-based certification courses. As a learning partner, brainymotion offers highly flexible training solutions. Training courses can be personalized, tailored to the partners’ or end-user’s specific needs, taken at one of brainymotion’s offices, at the partners location or remotely by using brainymotion’s trainings solutions.

Get certified, get benefits
Nils Gutsche, CEO at brainymotion: “At brainymotion we believe in offering flexible and smart training, getting people and teams the training that best fits their needs, at a time and place that is most convenient for them. Because Resello has a background in the hosting industry and a 100% focus on the cloud, they have a lot of ideas to reach new target markets and on-boarding new CSP partners. We can support these companies both in the qualification and certification of their employees and offer training courses for their customers. That helps in getting the certifications required for acquiring a Microsoft Silver or even Microsoft Gold partner-status, and all the benefits that come along with these qualifications. We also plan on organizing workshops together, to bring Resello partners and other interested parties ‘up to speed’.”

First workshops starting this year
The first set of Azure Fundamentals workshops for ISVs are set to take place later this year at brainymotion’s offices in Frankfurt and München. During these free workshop CTOs, CEOs, product managers, (lead) developers, infrastructure- and software-architects get insights and best practices to gain the basic skills to successfully use and implement Microsoft Azure. Interested entrepreneurs can get further information by contacting Resello or brainymotion.

Resello launches Kliken online advertising integration

14-08-2019 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Today we announce the launch of our Kliken integration into the Slimsite site builder. Kliken is a tool that enables small business owners to automatically create online advertising campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Users set their own advertising budget and Kliken automatically creates advertising campaigns using advanced algorithms to target the right websites and keywords. That way Kliken unleashes marketing and website owners get more visitors, more leads and more sales.

Kliken is available as a free add-on for all the Slimsite site builder and Ecwid webshop plans. That way our partners can offer their customers new features without any extra costs. Interested in adding Kliken and Slimsite to your portfolio? Contact your account manager to find out more.

New eBook: Seven new business opportunities provided by Microsoft Teams

11-07-2019 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history. How will your Microsoft CSP business benefit from it? Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s answer to a changing workplace environment, digital transformation and a response to a growing adoption of competing products such as Slack and Google Hangouts. Download the new free eBook ‘Seven new business opportunities provided by Microsoft Teams - the integrated hub for team work’ and learn about:

  • Teams features, including cloud and A.I.
  • Use cases at companies for Teams
  • The growing adoption rate of Teams
  • New business opportunities for Microsoft CSP partners

Download the free eBook today

Resello launches integration for Autotask

27-06-2019 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Resello, the automation platform that accelerates digital transformation, announced today it has launched its release version integration with Autotask. This new integration enables Resello partners who use Autotask as their IT business management platform and to utilize the Resello automation platform for provisioning and managing cloud solutions such as Office 365 or Azure.

Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: ‘The Resello automation platform has always been very open and easy to integrate with. Partners can use our API and extensive documentation to integrate our automation platform with their business. We also develop our own integrations for other platforms, based on our partners demands. For instance, last year we launched modules for the WHMCS platform extensively used by our partners since. Over the past months’ partners have been asking us for an integration with Autotask, so it’s our pleasure to announce this new integration today.’

Partners can use the Autotask integration to synchronize customer data between the Resello automation platform and Autotask. Partners who use Autotask as their IT business management platform can pull invoicing data from the Resello automation platform to Autotask, enabling them to use Autotask for customer invoicing on cloud solutions and services provisioned through Resello.

Harald Nuij: “Our in-house development team will continue to develop this Autotask integration based on direct feedback from our partners. We are also working on integrations with other platforms. We expect to make some more announcements in the coming months.”

IT companies and Microsoft CSP Indirect of Direct partners using Autotask can contact one of Resello’s account managers for more information on the Autotask integration and the benefits of the Resello automation platform.

Microsoft introduces new Microsoft Partner Agreement for CSP partners

27-06-2019 Redmond, USA

Microsoft announced on June 5 this year that it is introducing a new agreement framework for the Microsoft CSP program. The new contract will be called the ‘Microsoft Partner Agreement’ or MPA for short. This new agreement will replace the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement (MCRA) and Microsoft Cloud Distributor Agreement (MCDA) for all partners in the Microsoft CSP program. This includes CSP Direct Bill partners, Indirect Providers and CSP Indirect Resellers.

The new agreement will be available for preview starting July 31. All Microsoft CSP partners, including Indirect Resellers, are required to accept the new Microsoft Partner Agreement before January 31, 2020. For your convenience we have created a page with more information on the Microsoft Partner Agreement and what this means for our partners.

HostBill releases integration with Resello

05-06-2019 Rzeszow, Poland

HostBill, the all-in-one billing and automation platform for online businesses in the hosting industry, announced today it has released an integration with Resello, the automation platform for cloud distribution that accelerates digital transformation. Thanks to this integration HostBill partners can now start selling Resello’s entire portfolio of cloud solutions, including Microsoft CSP solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, and do seamless and hassle-free imports of product portfolio from Resello into HostBill.

HostBill, a powerful and flexible all-in-one billing and automation solution, enables web hosters, Cloud/IaaS/VPS Solution Providers and Domain and SSL resellers to handle all aspects of their business. Ranging from client acquisition to automated billing and client management, the platform supports these companies in running a successful online business.

Kris Pajak, CEO at HostBill: “HostBill has over 500 integrations, ranging from control panels and apps to order pages and client portals. The integration with a proven distributor of cloud solutions, especially the Microsoft CSP solutions, such as Office 365 and Azure fits perfectly into our portfolio. The demand for these solutions among end-users is growing rapidly, so thanks to our integration with Resello our partners can now tap into this growing market.”

Resello, a ‘cloud native’ distributor, has its own custom-built automation platform for distribution of cloud solutions such as Office 365, Teams, Microsoft 365 and Azure. As a Microsoft Indirect Provider Resello supports both Microsoft CSP Direct Bill partners and Indirect Resellers.

Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: “Resello has always had a large base of hosting companies among its partners, so we are familiar with HostBill. They are one of the leading platforms in the hosting industry, with over 1,000 enterprise customers worldwide, so we are very enthusiastic to work with them. Because of our efficient API and extensive documentation, the Resello automation platform has always been easy to integrate with. The speed at which HostBill build their integration with Resello proofs that and supports us in welcoming new partners.”

For more information about the HostBill integration with Resello please visit the feature-page at:

Resello en Didacticum organiseren ‘Boost your cloud business met Microsoft Azure en CSP’ seminar (Dutch only)

02-05-2019 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Resello, ‘cloud native’ distributeur en Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider en Didacticum, aanbieder van IT (maatwerk)opleidingen en Azure Cloud Integrator, gaan gezamenlijk het seminar ‘Boost your cloud business met Microsoft Azure en CSP’ organiseren. Het event, met Azure als centraal thema, vindt plaats bij golfbaan The Dutch in Spijk op 23 mei aanstaande.

Harald Nuij: “Microsoft Azure groeit razendsnel. Veel bedrijven zijn bezig met de migratie van on-premise naar de cloud, of gaan daar binnenkort mee bezig. Voor de partners die bedrijven ondersteunen bij de migratie naar de cloud liggen daar mooie kansen. Voor veel partners is Azure de bestemming naar keuze en met het Resello platform kunnen ze de adoptie van Azure versnellen. Daarover vertellen we graag meer tijdens het seminar.”

Tijdens het seminar vertelt Timon Bergsma, accountmanager bij Resello, over hoe het Resello platform bijdraagt aan het versnellen van de adoptie van Azure. Daarnaast zal Jeroen Faber, Partner Development Manager bij Microsoft een presentatie geven over het ontwikkelen van businessmodellen rondom Azure en de nieuwste ontwikkelingen van het cloud-platform. Taco Hettema, Directeur Opleidingen bij Didacticum, rondt het programma af met een presentatie over het stimuleren van de adoptie van Microsoft CSP-diensten, de veranderende rol van IT binnen bedrijven en de nieuwe Role-based certificering van Microsoft.

Taco Hettema: “Digitale transformatie en Azure bieden veel kansen, met nieuwe producten en nieuwe manieren van werken. De uitdaging voor Microsoft partners is om het kennisniveau binnen de organisatie op het juiste peil te houden. Mede om die reden heeft Microsoft onlangs nieuwe Role-based certificeringen gelanceerd, die op termijn de MCSA en MCSE certificeringen gaan vervangen. Tijdens het seminar vertellen we graag hoe Microsoft partners met de juiste trainingen het maximale rendement uit hun medewerkers en investeringen in de cloud halen.”

Het seminar vindt plaats op golfbaan The Dutch in Spijk op 23 mei van 14.00 tot 17.00. Deelname is gratis voor Microsoft CSP partners of bedrijven die bezig zijn om Microsoft CSP partner te worden. Onder de deelnemers verloten Resello en Didacticum bovendien een gratis ‘Azure Fundamentals’ of ‘Microsoft 365 Fundamentals’ training voor tot maar liefst 10 personen ter waarde van € 1.950,-. Geïnteresseerden kunnen zich aanmelden via

Resello lanceert Cloud Academy met Microsoft CSP-trainingen (Dutch only)

30-04-2019 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Resello, ‘cloud native’ distributeur en Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider lanceert de Resello Cloud Academy, met een aanbod aan trainingen voor de nieuwe Microsoft Role-based certificeringen en een serie verschillende webinars. Het bedrijf ondersteunt daarmee zijn partners met de kennis die zij nodig hebben om het beste uit het Microsoft CSP programma te halen.

Nieuwe manieren van werken, nieuwe producten: in de wereld van digitale transformatie is constante verandering nog de enige constante. Harald Nuij, CCO bij Resello: “De ontwikkelingen bij Microsoft gaan razendsnel. Azure wordt rap doorontwikkeld, het Microsoft CSP programma groeit snel. Als Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider vinden we het belangrijk om onze partners van de juiste kennis te voorzien. Met het lanceren van de Cloud Academy bieden we breed portfolio aan trainingsmogelijkheden aan.”

Ook Microsoft ziet de veranderende rol van IT binnen bedrijven en heeft daarom recentelijk nieuwe Role-based certificeringen geïntroduceerd. Deze nieuwe certificeringen gaan op termijn de bekende MSCA en MSCE certificeringen vervangen.

Harald Nuij: “We starten in de Benelux met trainingen die verzorgd worden door onze partner Didacticum. Zij hebben al ruim 20 jaar ervaring in het opleiden en certificeren van IT professionals en bieden maatwerktrainingen tegen standaardprijzen. Daardoor kunnen partners van Resello al trainingen volgen vanaf € 1.950,-.” Voor die prijs kunnen partners tot maar liefst 10 van hun medewerkers op training sturen, bij Didacticum in Capelle aan de IJssel, of op locatie bij de partner zelf. Voor verdere uitbreiding van de Resello Cloud Academy voor partners buiten de Benelux is het bedrijf al in gesprek over samenwerkingsverbanden met verschillende opleiders buiten Nederland.

WHMCS domains modules going out of support

11-04-2019 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Starting a month from today we will stop support and development on the WHMCS domains module and the WHMCS domains migration module. Users of either module can continue using these until the end of this year, which gives enough time to change to a different WHMCS module for domain names. Our sister-company, the domain name expert Realtime Register, offers a viable alternative for our WHMCS domains module with advanced functionality and more regular updates.

Slimsite site builder now available on Alibaba Cloud Marketplace

28-03-2019 CloudFest, Rust, Germany

Resello’s sister-company Slimsite announced today that its site builder solution is now also available through the Cloud Marketplace. Resellers can now order the Slimsite site builder with unlimited pages, file uploads and bandwidth, all running on the high-performance Alibaba Cloud. The site builder comes included with e-mail. A web shop solution for small business owners, using an easy to use e-commerce add-on, will also soon be added to the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace, which offers a variety of pre-installed and secure software on Elastic Compute Service (ECS).

Slimsite was already available as a hosted or on-premises version for resellers in the Resello Marketplace. The Alibaba Cloud Marketplace integration adds a third option for resellers and allows end-users to order Slimsite and built their website with easy to use hosting on the Alibaba Cloud.

Eric Mink, CTO at Slimsite: “A major trend we see is XaaS, or the everything-as-a-service model. Website builders fit this model perfectly: end-users want an easy to use solution to create professional, good looking websites, without having to write a single line of code. Resellers want a site builder solution with a nice margin that they can offer to their customers, which also lowers their support load. Working together with Alibaba Cloud allows us to offer Slimsite as a SaaS-solution through their Marketplace, a great opportunity for resellers working with Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, and the third largest public cloud provider worldwide, with 56 availability zones in 19 regions, is also the largest cloud provider in China. Over 1 million paying users in over 200 countries use the cloud computing platform and the Marketplace.

Yeming Wang, EMEA General Manager at Alibaba Cloud: “The demand for SaaS-solutions is growing rapidly and so is the number of solutions available through the Alibaba Marketplace. Slimsite’s site builder solution is a great tool for both resellers and end-users. We’re excited about Slimsite’s potential as a SaaS-solution and also see a great opportunity to offer Slimsite to our end-user customer base internationally.”

Acronis appoints Resello as its new and latest Acronis Cloud Reseller in Netherlands

27-03-2019 CloudFest, Rust, Germany

Acronis announced today at CloudFest in Rust, Germany that it has added Resello, the ´cloud native´ distributor from the Netherlands with its own automation platform, as its newest Acronis Cloud Reseller, thereby intensifying an already important partnership in the region.

Mathijs Theunissen, Strategic Partner Manager for Benelux and Nordics at Acronis: “There is a growing demand from customers for an efficient protection of their critical data. Acronis’ solutions such as Acronis Backup Cloud answer to that need by offering both innovative possibilities including anti-ransomware technology and hybrid cloud architecture. Resello is an important partner for us, they have resellers in over 100 countries and a strong focus on growing their presence in Western-Europe. By adding Resello as our newest Cloud Reseller both they and their partners can benefit from a growing marketing opportunity as the demand for SaaS-solutions such as Acronis Backup Cloud is increasing rapidly.”

Resello offers its custom build automation platform to partners, such as MSPs, VARs, Telcos and webhosters which allows them to do provisioning, managing, billing and reporting on cloud solutions, such as Acronis Backup Cloud, and manage customers and usage, all in one place.

“Resello and Acronis have had a long relationship working together and we have been offering Acronis Backup Cloud for a couple of years now.” explains Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello. “Our partners are very happy using and reselling Acronis Backup Cloud and have been asking us for larger plans and more flexibility in creating plans themselves.” Martijn Kamphuis, Product manager at Resello adds: “We are very happy that Acronis has decided to appoint Resello as its Cloud Reseller and are excited to intensify our partnership with them. Working closer together allows us to provide our partners with the backup solutions they need for their customers, while enabling them to quickly reach incremental revenues with zero upfront costs and benefit from a pay-as-you-go business model.

Resello makes Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions available for partners

26-03-2019 CloudFest, Rust, Germany

Resello announced today at CloudFest in Rust, Germany that the company has added both Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions to its marketplace. This latest addition to a growing portfolio of cloud solutions enables Resello partners to acquire, provision, and manage both Windows and SQL Server subscriptions on behalf of their customers.

Microsoft announced late 2018 it would be adding Windows Server and SQL Server to its CSP program. By adding these subscriptions to the CSP program, Microsoft allows its partners to use the server software in a more flexible and cost-effective way, without requiring expensive license contracts. Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions can also be combined with Azure Reserved Instances to further increase cost savings.

“Microsoft keeps adding new solutions and expanding its CSP program and Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions are two valuable additions for our partners.” says Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello, adding “We will continue to expand our product portfolio in the near future, with Microsoft cloud solutions, but also with other solutions, for instance in the security category.”

Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions purchased through the CSP program are meant to run Windows Server or SQL Server in Azure. However, Microsoft allows the server software to be run on partners or customers own hardware as well, up to a period of 90 days. This helps partners in moving VMs of managed customers from on-prem datacenters to Azure and enables partners to switch from SPLA-licenses to CSP with minimal effort.

Martijn Kamphuis, product manager at Resello: “Windows Server and SQL Server make migrating to Azure easier. Because our platform makes provisioning fully automated our partners can now order Windows Server and SQL Server 24/7. And the cool thing is that we have managed to include the Window Server or SQL Server license key, which is normally only shown in the Microsoft Partner Admin Center, in our Reseller Area and Customer Area. That means our partners have access to the license key but they can also choose to give their customers access to their license key that way.”

Resello and Didacticum to cooperate on Microsoft CSP training portfolio for Benelux partners

25-03-2019 CloudFest, Rust, Germany

Resello, ‘cloud native’ distributor and Microsoft CSP indirect provider, announced today at CloudFest in Germany that it has started a strategic partnership with Didacticum, provider of IT training and certification courses and Azure Cloud Integrator. This cooperation allows Resello’s partners in the Benelux to benefit from over a 150 Microsoft training and certification courses as well as the opportunity for on-demand training courses, tailored to the partners specific needs. Resello and Didacticum will also cooperate in a number of seminars around the Microsoft CSP program, including Azure and Teams.

Harald Nuij, CCO at Resello: “We strongly believe in focusing on the things our company is good at, our strengths so to speak, and working with strategic partners for other activities related to our business. As such Resello specializes in being a cloud distributor with its own custom build automation platform. But we also see the added benefit training courses offer in supporting our partners in selling cloud solutions to their customers. Partnering with Didacticum makes perfect sense in that regard. They have over 20 years of experience in training and certification courses and sharing knowledge is simply part of their DNA.”

The partnership offers Resello’s partners in the Benelux the opportunity to take part in over a 150 official Microsoft training and certification courses. Partners can also request on-demand training courses, tailored to the partners’ specific needs. The training courses vary from the fundamental level, for instance about Azure or Office 365, to technical deep dives. This enables partners to quickly and efficiently gain the knowledge they need for successfully running their Microsoft CSP business. A must in the rapidly changing world of digital transformation.

Taco Hettema, Director Training at Didacticum: “Transferring knowledge is definitively one of Didacticum’s strong points. As an Azure Cloud Integrator we are well aware of the latest Azure developments. Microsoft is very rapidly expanding its service offering, which is great of course, but it also becomes a challenge for many businesses simply to keep up with these developments. That is why Resello and Didacticum will also organize a series of seminars together, to bring Resello partners and other interested parties ‘up to speed’.”

The first of these seminars is planned for May 23 at The Dutch golf course in Spijk, the Netherlands. During this exclusive event attendees receive knowledge about Azure, the cloud, the Microsoft CSP program and the opportunities this offers for MSPs, ISVs, VARs and other Microsoft CSP partners. On top of that Didacticum will explain the possibilities offered by the new Microsoft Role-Based certifications. If you are interested in attending this event please visit the event page:

Resello sterk op het Azure-segment (Dutch only)

19-03-2019 Zwolle, Zwolle

Resello, de ‘cloud native’ distributeur met een zelf ontwikkeld automation platform, is sinds september 2017 Microsoft indirect provider en ziet een sterke groei in partners en een toename in het gebruik van Azure. “Wij zijn er trots op dat Microsoft in Resello een groeipartner ziet”, zegt Harald Nuij, CCO bij Resello.

“Microsoft bouwt snel het CSP-programma uit en voegt in rap tempo nieuwe diensten aan de Azure public cloud toe. Wij hebben van huis uit veel hostingbedrijven als klant die Microsoft CSP toevoegen aan hun portfolio en zien, mede dankzij de investeringen van Microsoft, een sterke toename aan partners als MSPs, VARs en Telcos en het gebruik van Azure.”

Lees het hele bericht op Dutch IT-channel:

Resello releases Azure Insights dashboard and reporting tool

12-02-2019 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Resello is happy to announce the launch of Azure Insights, a extensive set of Power BI dashboards that gives partners and their customers actionable data and insights into their Azure usage.

The Azure Insights dashboards are available both for our partners, through the reseller area, and for end-users, through the customer area. This allows partners to gain insights into what has been spent on Azure subscriptions, tenants and resource groups. Our partners can also provide their customers with a personal dashboard, available through the customer area, where customers can view their own usage and Azure spend.

Azure Insights for our partners comes with seven predefined dashboards. These allow partners to get a quick overview and allow for deeper insights into revenue, usage, subscriptions and regions. Even more details data can be gained by filtering on a date range and on a specific tenant, subscription or subscription reference, resource group or data center region.

Together with our automation platform and CSP transition tool, this is yet another way Resello makes selling IT solutions such as Azure as easy as possible.

Resello launches Microsoft CSP transition tool

23-01-2019 Zwolle, The Netherlands

Resello, a ‘born in the cloud’ IT solutions distributor and Microsoft indirect provider announces today it has launched a Microsoft CSP transition tool. Using this highly automated tool helps Microsoft CSP partners to quickly transition CSP tenants and seats, saving them the hassle of doing many manual, repetitive and time-consuming actions during the transfer process.

The launch of the CSP transition tool by Resello follows the introduction of new, stricter requirements for CSP direct partners by Microsoft last summer. New requirements include having a paid support contract with Microsoft and the ability to operate an infrastructure that automates provisioning, management and billing. Starting next March, direct partners past their onboarding anniversary date who don’t meet these new requirements won’t be allowed to create new customers or subscriptions under their CSP direct contract. This means more CSP direct partners will choose to become CSP indirect reseller, move to a CSP indirect provider, like Resello, and transition their CSP tenants and seats.

Eric Mink, CTO at Resello: “Our mission is to make selling IT solutions easy. So, when we heard about the new CSP direct requirements, we quickly decided to build a transition tool that makes the process of transitioning tenants and seats easy by automating every possible part of the transition process. That way direct partners don’t have to worry about not being able to create new customers or subscriptions, and will ease their transition into becoming an indirect CSP reseller”.

The CSP transition tool can be used by both CSP indirect and CSP direct partners. Using the CSP transition tool is made easy with a three-step transition wizard. It starts by choosing your CSP partner status, entering your Partner Admin Center (PAC) data (for direct partners) and finally confirming the tenants and seats to be transitioned.

Eric Mink: “The cool thing is the CSP transition tool even determines the optimal transition date per seat by looking at the current end date of the seat. By choosing the best date to transition the seat our partners completely avoid the seat overlap period, and thus minimizing double cost for the same seat.

Digital transformation, intelligent cloud, smart everything: the future of Azure?

07-01-2019, Zwolle

The world around us is transforming rapidly, with cloud, AI and IoT changing businesses and the world around us. As one of the big hyperscalers, with Azure, Microsoft hopes to benefit from this digital transformation by making Azure the public cloud of choice. Or as Satya Nadella puts it: “We are investing aggressively to build Azure as the world’s computer.”. This aggressive strategy seems to be working, as Azure is the fastest growing public cloud platform, outpacing both Google Cloud and the market leader AWS.

To build that ‘world’s computer’ and make Azure the go-to location for digital transformation and businesses working with AI, machine learning, IoT and Edge, Azure’s development is at times going a lightspeed. To give you some insight into the future of cloud computing, and Azure, Resello has created an eBook called ‘The Future of Azure’. You can download it for free here.

Resello phases out Domain Growth Program

21-12-2018, Zwolle

After four years of offering our Domain Growth Program we’ve decided to phase out this program at the end of 2018. If you were a participant in the domain growth program, requiring both a large domain portfolio and substantial growth rates, you will no longer receive rebates on your .BIZ, .ORG and .INFO domain creates. Since only a very limited number of our partners were using the program the impact is minimal. Of course we will continue offering all our resellers competitive prices on all TLDs.

Introducing our new Microsoft CSP WHMCS module

18-10-2018, Zwolle

Resello is proud to announce the launch of our WHMCS module for Microsoft cloud solutions. This module allows WHMCS users to sell up to a 1,000 cloud solutions such as Office 365, OneDrive and Windows 10 Enterprise. As an official Microsoft CSP Distributor Resello can support both CSP direct and indirect partners who use WHMCS.

With the introduction of this Microsoft CSP module, webhosters worldwide can now use the WHMCS web hosting billing and automation platform for Microsoft cloud solutions as well. Key benefits for WHMCS users include:

  • Sell up to a 1,000+ Microsoft cloud solutions.
  • No purchase commitment, pay-as-you-grow.
  • Suited for Microsoft CSP direct and indirect partners.
  • No fees or up-front cost, only pay for the products you sell.
  • Set a fixed margin, percentage margin or a combination.
  • Subscription based, recurring revenue (just like hosting & domains);
  • Complete automation: install, configure & start selling!

Is your company not yet a Microsoft CSP indirect partner? Sign up as a Microsoft indirect partner (don't worry, if you want we’ll help you with this!). The WHMCS is available for free. Just install our CSP WHMCS module, configure it using your Resello account details and start selling Microsoft cloud solutions.

Resello gaat zelfstandig van TWS en Yourhosting verder (Dutch only)

16-10-2018, Zwolle

Resello, distributeur van clouddiensten en tot voor kort onderdeel van TWS, gaat zelfstandig verder. De afsplitsing van TWS, waar ook het webhostingbedrijf Yourhosting onderdeel van uitmaakt, biedt Resello de mogelijkheid haar eigen koers uit te zetten en samenwerking met andere partijen te zoeken.

Resello kan zich hierdoor volledig focussen op het internationale kanaal, zijnde de groeiende markt van resellers wereldwijd van clouddiensten. Het bedrijf is daarvoor officiële Microsoft CSP Distributor geworden en biedt een compleet automatiseringsplatform voor de verkoop, levering, beheer en facturering van clouddiensten.

Valentijn Borstlap (oprichter van Yourhosting en Resello): “Het is altijd onze bedoeling geweest om met Resello een eigen groeipad te ontwikkelen, geheel onafhankelijk van Yourhosting. Dat is ook de zienswijze van TWS, waar Yourhosting onderdeel van is. Door deze afsplitsing van TWS garanderen we die zelfstandigheid. Natuurlijk is er door een gedeeld verleden een warme band tussen beide bedrijven. Maar als klant van Resello krijgt Yourhosting gewoon dezelfde service, prijzen en voorwaarden die al onze andere klanten krijgen. Daar zijn we eerlijk en transparant over.”

Resello: Van webhoster naar cloudplatform en distributeur (Dutch only)

07-09-2018, Zwolle

"De steeds verdergaande specialisatie van de cloudmarkt roept om meer gespecialiseerde distributeurs. Tel daarbij op dat webhosters naar nieuwe verdienmodellen zoeken, en je hebt al snel nieuwe dienstverlening. Resello, een platform voor clouddistributie is een voorbeeld daarvan, en komt uit de stal van Yourhosting, het bedrijf van oprichter Valentijn Borstlap. Joeri Borstlap vertelt als CEO van Resello over de totstandkoming van het bedrijf en hoe het zich profileert als Microsoft-partner." Lees het volledige bericht op ChannelConnect.

Resello becomes official Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform certified partner

21-08-2018, Zwolle

Resello has officially become a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform certified partner. This further extends our list of certifications as an official Microsoft CSP Distributor, which was also recently complemented with the Microsoft Certified Education Distributor.

The Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform certification shows a company’s competence in working with cloud hosting and cloud computing, related specifically to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. To become a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner, companies must meet certain requirements. These include performance based requirements, to show you we have enough experience in working with Azure. There are also expertise based measurements, passing exams to prove you can exceed the required expertise level in working with the Azure cloud platform and advising customers on Azure usage.

Becoming a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform certified partner is important for Resello, because it shows our continued involvement with, activities on and expertise of Azure and Azure Stack. Resello was one of the first seven organizations worldwide to take part in the Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative. We have since added Azure Stack as-a-Service to our cloud marketplace and launched new billing and automation options for Azure and Azure Stack. And recently we’ve added partners such as Cassiux and the Azure Stack Alliance of Tec Networks and Bordonaro to our Global Azure Stack Network. This latest certification shows our continued focus on growing our Azure business together with our valued customers.

Introducing our new SSL WHMCS module

16-08-2018, Zwolle

Various products in our cloud marketplace already have their own modules for WHMCS; the web hosting billing and automation platform used by webhosters worldwide. Today we’re happy to announce the launch of our latest WHMCS module. The SSL WHMCS module allows you to add all our SSL certificates to your portfolio!

This latest WHMCS module includes over 20 SSL certificates, from four certificate authorities. We’ve added a lot of extra functionality in the first release of our SSL WHMCS module, including:

  • Offer free Encryption Everywhere certificates (optional).
  • An up-sell engine: automatically offer three paid SSL certificates as up-sell options to your customers when you turn on Encryption Everywhere.
  • Upgrade template for SSL certificate selection in the up-sell engine.
  • Automatic product information download and product configuration during installation (product configuration can be changed at any time).
  • SSL wizard for easy SSL selection by your customers.
  • cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk integration and automation (orders, CSR generation, validation and installation).

All this is available for free, just download and install our SSL WHMCS module. Configure the module using your Resello account and start selling SSL!

Resello becomes ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified

06-08-2018, Zwolle

Earlier this month Resello has successfully renewed its certifications for processes regarding data protection. Resello has always been working according to these norms, but was certified at the holding company level. The new certification means processes have been tested more rigorously, especially on aspects of its software development.

As a cloud distributor Resello offers a wide portfolio of cloud solutions, including cloud hosting and computing solutions such as Azure and Azure Stack. Data protection, information flow and security for these are essential. IT companies that work according to the ISO norms in relation to their customers, need cloud distributors who work according to the same standards and certifications.

Data protection is important for Resello, for that reason it has its own GDPR committee, security team and Compliancy & Policy Officer. That is why Resello is proud to have become ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. ISO 27001 deals with a broader range of data processing and protection, such as financials records, personal data and other confidential organizational information, whereas NEN 7510 deals specifically with health data, such as patient records and personal health history. Because Resello is now certified for both ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 partners can deliver cloud solutions to business end-users, but also to scientific organizations such as schools and universities and to governmental organizations.

“We see an increasing demand from IT companies and their customers to store data locally, in a region or country of their choice. With the new GDPR policies as an important factor enabling this demand. At the same companies also still want the benefits the public cloud offers, such as scalability and pay-per-use.” Says Joeri Borstlap, CEO at Resello. “That’s why Resello offers cloud solutions such as Azure and Azure Stack. They offer the benefits of the public cloud, combined with ability to store data locally. And with the ISO and NEN certifications we ensure data protection is being taken very seriously.”

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