Hybrid use cases with Azure Stack

The market for hybrid is set for explosive growth – are you?

Edge and disconnected scenarios

Address latency and connectivity requirements with Azure Stack

Running applications in the cloud can help companies meet many business requirements, but not all. Edge scenarios are important in situations where a continuous connection to the cloud isn’t practical (ships at sea) or where low latency is essential for staying competitive (stock trading).

Instead of locking these applications into an on-premises environment, companies can use Azure Stack to create them at the edge while still taking advantage of the cloud as needed. Harness hybrid innovation to help customers in any scenario!

How your clients benefit from a true hybrid cloud experience

Companies worldwide are looking to leverage the direct benefits of combining the best of public and private cloud environments. Capitalize on this window of opportunity by unlocking new use cases, including:

Real time

Ensure real-time latency

For sectors like online gaming and the stock exchange market, gathering, analyzing, and acting on tremendous amounts of data in real time is crucial. Azure Stack helps companies like these meet business-critical latency requirements.


Address connectivity issues

Mobile or remote locations with intermittent network connectivity (ships, airplanes, oil rigs) can use Azure Stack as a mobile data center and sync with Azure when connected. Applications are powered in any scenario, connected or disconnected.


Benefit from local data processing

Azure Stack’s local data processing capabilities benefit companies that are faced with extreme amounts of data and moving all of it to the public cloud is too onerous, expensive, or time consuming. For example: the Internet of Things is expected to generate approximately 2 zettabytes per year by 2019.

Regulatory and policy requirements

Use Azure Stack to address risk and legal accountability

For many companies, the biggest barrier to adopting cloud computing is regulatory. Some data regulations are dictated by industry-specific requirements, others by the country an organization operates in. Azure Stack enables companies to meet legal requirements and data sovereignty issues while enjoying the flexibility and scalability of Azure public cloud.

A customer challenge might be that they need to host different instances of the same app in a public or private cloud environment. Our solution: simply develop and deploy apps in Azure and, without having to change any code, deploy on-premises with Azure Stack. Whatever the regulatory requirement is, combining Azure with Azure Stack enables companies to meet it using the same application.

How your clients benefit from a true hybrid cloud experience

Meeting data sovereignty, security, and compliance requirements isn’t optional for many companies – it’s essential. By extending public cloud functionality on-premises, Azure Stack provides a high level of control over data security and availability, which is particularly interesting for:


Financial institutes


Government agencies


Healthcare companies

Cloud application model on-premises

Benefit from consistent application development

Microsoft’s vision is that true hybrid cloud enablement goes beyond basic connectivity and should also offer consistency. As for Azure Stack, this means that developers have to build an application only once to deploy it to Azure public cloud, Azure Stack, or both. This ‘write once, deploy anywhere’ approach boosts developer productivity and helps businesses realize value faster.

How your clients benefit from a true hybrid cloud experience

Azure and Azure Stack use the same technologies which makes moving applications between the two straightforward. Being able to run the same modern applications on-premises and in the cloud has several advantages, including:


Improved flexibility

Companies can choose where to deploy applications based on business or technical needs. Instead of being ‘stuck’ with either a public cloud or an on-premises environment, where an application runs can be changed to meet new or updated requirements.


Up-to-date technology

Azure Stack enables developers to use up-to-date technologies for creating all of their applications, whether they run in the cloud or on-premises. As a result, being bound to older technologies for on-premises development projects is a thing of the past.


More efficient use of skills

Another benefit of utilizing the same technologies, is that companies no longer have to appoint separate employees with different skills for cloud and on-premises development. Instead, they can use the same people for both kinds of projects.

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