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Global expansion has its opportunities, but going at it alone can be a costly and risky endeavor. Partner up instead! As an international company, we have a lot of experience with exploring new territories worldwide. Put our broad perspective and international expertise to work for your business!

Striving to connect as many strategically located data centers worldwide as possible, we’re always interested in hearing about potential new locations to set up a Stack. Get in touch to request a new Stack location in a country of region of choice. We’ll then assess its characteristics and attributes to determine its suitability.

Why use our global network?

  • No large up-front investments
  • Deliver performance closer to the edge
  • No need to set up or manage your own Stack
  • Store data in the cloud, on-premises, or both
  • Meet data protection laws in different countries
  • More choice in Stack setups

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Discover how leveraging the Azure Stack Global Network can open up new business opportunities.

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93 locations at your fingertips equals infinite business opportunities. Deliver hybrid services to anyone, anywhere.

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Explore new horizons by requesting a Stack location in a region of choice. Get ready to tap into new markets!

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