Azure and Azure Stack

The building blocks of hybrid success

Azure Stack: the perfect complement to Azure public cloud

You might already be familiar with Azure and you’ve heard of its natural extension Azure Stack. But how does this unique partnership work? And what does it mean that Microsoft Azure is built with hybrid technologies like Azure Stack in mind?

In short: Azure public cloud and Azure Stack working together gives businesses the freedom to balance on-premises and public cloud characteristics in a way that meets their security, compliance, and operational requirements best. On the one hand, Azure public cloud lets them scale resources in the cloud on an as-needed basis. And by extending Azure with Azure Stack, these companies can also keep critical data, applications, workloads, and services on-premises.

Why use our global network?

  • No large up-front investments
  • Deliver performance closer to the edge
  • No need to set up or manage your own Stack
  • Store data in the cloud, on-premises, or both
  • Meet data protection laws in different countries
  • More choice in Stack setups

Hybrid cloud consistency

How being the same plus being different equals hybrid success

One of Azure Stack’s key differentiators is its ability to provide a consistent environment for IT professionals and developers. Microsoft’s vision entails delivering consistency by combining two strategies. Wherever possible, Azure Stack delivers consistency by being the same as Azure and when it can’t be the same, it is compatible with Azure.

In other words, Azure Stack delivers consistency by being:

The same

Azure components that use exactly the same code in Azure Stack include the portal, the PowerShell, the Resource Manager, and DevOps tools. Also, a subset of Azure IaaS and PaaS functions are currently available in Azure Stack.

Compatible (different)

Instead of replicating the Azure infrastructure, Azure Stack uses a cloud-inspired infrastructure. As a result, Azure Stack has a minimal footprint of 4 servers as opposed to Azure’s minimal footprint of no less than 800 servers. In this case, Azure Stack differs from Azure, but is compatible.

Azure vs Azure Stack

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Azure Stack and Business Continuity

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Reporting & analysis

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