Azure Stack security

A secure journey into the hybrid cloud

Secure by design

Azure Stack security enhancements and features

Security and compliance considerations are among the top reasons for companies to embrace a hybrid cloud strategy. With this objective in mind, it’s important to understand Microsoft’s security approach and the controls already in place when adopting Azure Stack.

Azure Stack’s security posture is built on two pillars: assume breach and hardened by default. The first principle acknowledges that the current threat landscape requires more than a prevention-only focus. Instead, assume breach processes focuses on detecting and limiting the impact of a breach in case of a successful attack. Since Azure Stack is delivered as an integrated system, Microsoft was able to harden its infrastructure by design with proven security features and industry’s best security practices.

Why use our global network?

  • No large up-front investments
  • Deliver performance closer to the edge
  • No need to set up or manage your own Stack
  • Store data in the cloud, on-premises, or both
  • Meet data protection laws in different countries
  • More choice in Stack setups

Under the hood

Key mechanisms that keep your Azure Stack cloud secure include:

Assume breach

  • Constrained administration
  • Application & network whitelisting
  • Sealed hosts
  • Security & audit logs of infrastructure components

Hardened by default

  • Encryption of data at rest & in transit
  • Military-level OS security baseline
  • Automated rotation of internal secrets
  • Disabled legacy protocols
  • Customized AV configurations

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