Azure Stack

Global Azure Stack Network

Worldwide hybrid cloud connectivity at your disposal

Harness hybrid innovation with Azure and Azure Stack

Until recently, getting the right cloud solution meant your customers had to choose between either a public or a private cloud solution – each with its own limitations and trade-offs.

Azure Stack, the world’s first truly consistent hybrid cloud platform, combines the agility of Azure public cloud with the security and control of a private cloud environment. Now you can offer your customers a hybrid IT mix that balances cost, performance, and control in a way that meets their business needs best.

Global network

Unleash the hybrid power of Azure Stack worldwide

Use our Global Azure Stack Network as a strategic asset and scale hybrid services across the world! By connecting partners worldwide and creating a network of ‘Stacks’, Resello partners can deliver hybrid services to virtually anyone, anywhere.

Find the right Azure Stack path for your reseller business

Use our global network

93 locations at your fingertips equals infinite business opportunities. Deliver hybrid services to anyone, anywhere.

Request a new Stack

Explore new horizons by requesting a Stack location in a region of choice. Get ready to tap into new markets!

Add your own Stack

Join our global network to increase your visibility and leverage our existing customer base.

Hybrid cloud business automation

Indispensable tools for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers

Our business automation platform is battle-tested to help Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) orchestrate their entire hybrid cloud business from one, central place. From managing your customers and their subscriptions to fully automating billing and provisioning: Resello empowers ambitious CSPs with the tools to boost every part of their business.

Not a CSP yet? No problem! Get in touch to find out how we can help.


Manage your customers and their subscriptions from one place.

Billing & support

Automate your business with our integrated order management tools.


Turn insights into action with Power BI, a powerful integrated analytics solution.

Hybrid use cases

The market for hybrid is set for explosive growth – are you?

Companies worldwide are looking to leverage the direct benefits of both a public and private cloud environment. Azure Stack enables you to capitalize on this window of opportunity by unlocking new use cases.

Address edge and disconnected scenarios

Companies that frequently deal with connectivity challenges or very limited bandwidth can use Azure Stack to power applications in any scenario, connected or disconnected. Example contexts are cruise ships, submarines, and oil rigs.

Meet regulatory or policy requirements

Many businesses are bound to strict data regulations, some dictated by their own security policy, others by the country they operate in. Azure Stack enables them to balance the right combination of cloud and on-premises deployments.

Cloud application model on-premises

Azure Stack helps businesses make legacy applications cloud-ready. App service in Azure Stack enables them to create an Azure-consistent REST front-end and consume modern APIs with modern clients.

Azure Stack experts at your service

Working knowledge holds the key to hybrid success

Making the hybrid cloud work for you (and your customers) requires high-level expertise many companies don’t have internally. No worries – we do.

As part of the exclusive Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative (EAI), we’ve been involved with the development of Azure Stack much earlier than other MSPs. Our experts used this two-year head start to master all there is to know about Microsoft’s leading hybrid technology. And we’d gladly share our unique expertise with you!

  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Official Microsoft CSP Distributor
  • Certified in-house Azure Stack experts
  • Early adopter of Azure Stack

Free eBook: Microsoft Azure Stack and Business Continuity

Add the most advanced business continuity
solution to your portfolio

In this eBook you’ll discover:

  • The elements of a successful business continuity solution.
  • Why should you add a business continuity solution to your portfolio.
  • The cutting-edge Microsoft Azure Stack cloud technology.
  • How Resello will enable you to be successful.
Azure Stack and Business Continuity

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