Windows Virtual Desktop
The best virtual desktop experience, delivered on Azure

Multi-session Windows 10 running on Azure

Windows Virtual Desktop enables you to run Windows 10 Enterprise on virtual machines in Azure, as a complete service for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). It is the only multi-session Windows 10 desktop virtualized in the cloud that is highly scalable and can run applications in both RemoteApp and desktop sessions, with multiple simultaneous users.

Windows Virtual Desktop is both optimized for use with Office 365 Proplus and it is fully integrated with Microsoft 365. Advanced caching and profile container functionality for Outlook and OneDrive enable faster and more performant experience in non-persistent environments. Windows 7 support with 3 years’ worth of free extended security updates enables you to move legacy apps to the cloud, while giving users the full rich Windows 10 experience on any device, including devices running on Android, iOS, macOS or Linux.


Deploy in minutes

Scale up & down and pay-per-use

Optimize for cost or performance

Multi-sessions, multi-users

Windows 7 extended security updates

Combine with Azure Reserved Instances

Opportunities for your business

Substantial cost-savings
Windows Virtual Desktop can create substantial cost-savings. By running multi-session virtualized desktops in the cloud, you no longer need one VM per user. Simply run multiple-users on the same VM, reduce CapEx and maximizing flexibility. Because Microsoft manages the virtualization infrastructure you significantly reduce the overhead for IT admins. Cost can be reduced even further by optimizing for cost by setting load balancing to depth mode, maximizing the number of users per VM, and by right-sizing the host pools, creating different VMs for different users. Additional cost savings can be delivered by combining Windows Virtual Desktop with Azure Reserved Instances.

Offer added value
Using Windows Virtual Desktop requires either Microsoft 365 (Microsoft 365 F1, E3, E5, A3, A5, Business) or Windows 10 (E3, E5, A3, A5) licenses. Besides that, users only pay for the Azure usage. This offers Microsoft partners the opportunity to sell Windows 10 as fully managed virtual desktop (DaaS) solution through the CSP program. The Windows 7 support and free extended security updates support partners in moving end-users and migrating legacy apps to the cloud. Microsoft partners can further add value with additional functionalities on top of Windows Virtual Desktop by developing their own services and applications, such as deployment automation and VM provisioning and scaling. These can then be offered through the Azure Marketplace.

Deploy and scale in minutes
Because Windows Virtual Desktop runs in the cloud, it speeds up deployment and significantly reduces the time needed to deploy compared to running on-premises, enabling organizations to deploy in minutes instead of days or even weeks. IT Admins can simply choose Windows Virtual Desktop from the Azure Marketplace and set up an Azure resource manager template of the required VMs and usage. Workload types based on user persona’s makes this process even easier. And because it runs on Azure, scaling up and down the number of users and VMs on demand can be automated as well.

Azure Reservations

Azure Reservations saves cost by buying a reservation on virtual machines, Azure Cosmos DB, or SQL databases and other Azure resources. Pre-paying for one-year or three-years gets you a discount of up to 72% on pay-as-you go prices for the resources you use. Ideal for Azure resources you plan to use anyway continuously for a year or more.


Ways to integrate

Sell, provision and invoice through the Resello platform, API or integrations. Got a question? Contact us!


API integration

Product management only (RP API)

Product & customer management (BO API)



Manual provisioning (Reseller area)

Fully brandable online shop (Storefront)


Modules & Integrations


Transitioning CSP tenants and seats made easy

Transitioning, transferring and migrating Microsoft CSP tenants and seats can be a complex process that requires many manual, repetitive and time-consuming actions for a successful transition. But our CSP Transition Tool makes sure it doesn’t have to be.

Benefit from our pay-as-you-go model

Our automation platform is offered free of charge, without up-front investments or set up fees requirements. As our partner, you only pay for what you sell to your customers and provision through our platform. The more successful you are, the more successful we are. It's that simple.


Free selfservice
webshop storefront


Multi-currency, -tax rule
and -payment options


Full insight into deposits,
usage, and spend


Only pay for what you sell to your customers


Easily set prices and define your margins


No up-front investments,
no set up fees

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