Microsoft Teams
The hub for your customers' teamwork

Get your customers to collaborate as modern teams

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s answer to a changing workplace environment, digital transformation in- and outside the office and a response to a growing adoption of competing products such as Slack and Google Hangouts. It combines collaboration and communication with calling, chat and online meetings, while adding apps and integrations with meeting rooms and telephone and UC devices. In January 2021, Microsoft Teams already had 115 million daily active users!


Online meetings

Apps, integrations & workflows

Calling and UC devices

Chat, channels and teams

Collaboration and team work


Why your organization should offer Microsoft Teams

Offer a modern collaboration solution
Since its introduction Microsoft Teams has grown to an average of 115 million daily active users. Microsoft is releasing new features and expanding functionality. With Teams your organization can offer your customers the leading solution for modern day collaboration.

Create adoption of Microsoft 365
For many organizations Microsoft Teams is the app that drives their adoption of Microsoft 365.

Drive Microsoft 365 usage
Microsoft Teams is a key app to get end-users to engage with Microsoft 365, driving usage. With usage come higher renewal rates and more recurring revenue.

Expand your service offering
Microsoft Teams usage is growing rapidly, providing ample opportunity not just to sell extra Microsoft 365 subscriptions, but also to implement Teams, manage the service, train users, build bots, apps and integrations and more.

"For many companies, the amount of time employees spend engaged in collaborative work—in meetings, on phone calls, or answering emails—has increased roughly 50 percent and takes up 80 percent or more of their time. We are on twice as many teams as we were five years ago."

- Microsoft research, Harvard Business Review

Ways to integrate

Sell, provision and invoice through the Resello platform, API or integrations. Got a question? Contact us!


API integration

Product management only (RP API)

Product & customer management (BO API)



Manual provisioning (Reseller area)

Fully brandable online shop (Storefront)


Modules & Integrations


Benefit from our pay-as-you-go model

Our automation platform is offered free of charge, without up-front investments or set up fees requirements. As our partner, you only pay for what you sell to your customers and provision through our platform. The more successful you are, the more successful we are. It's that simple.


Free selfservice
webshop storefront


Multi-currency, -tax rule
and -payment options


Full insight into deposits,
usage, and spend


Only pay for what you sell to your customers


Easily set prices and define your margins


No up-front investments,
no set up fees

Ready to accelerate your business?

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