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Benefit from our extensive vendor portfolio

We carefully curate our line card by spending countless hours listening to our partners’ challenges and then identifying the top solutions that meet those needs. To ensure a seamless partner experience, our vendors undergo a vetting process with more than 150 steps before launch.

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Benefit from a range of new vendors and new product categories via the Pax8 Platform, including Identity Management, SaaS, IaaS & DaaS Management, and IT Migration & Documentation.

Our vendors

Vendors go through a 150-step process before launching to ensure our partners benefit from a seamless experience. Additional vendors and new product categories coming soon.

Available Solution Areas and Product Categories



Empower employees to work more efficiently, with the freedom to work anytime, anywhere.

Business Applications

Increase and measure employee productivity.

Email Services

Improve efficiency, boost collaboration, and enhance communication.

Business Intelligence

Make better decisions through data analysis.



Ensure business keeps going in the face of ransomware, hardware failure, human error, and natural disasters.


Protect data from deletion and cyber threats, and quickly recover files.

SaaS Backup

Make sure SaaS data (e.g. O365, G-Suite, Dropbox, and Salesforce) is protected.

Disaster Recovery

Reduce the cost of downtime from outages, hardware failures, and natural disasters.

File Sharing

Transfer large or confidential files effectively and securely from anywhere at any time.



Harness the power of unlimited capacity, flexibility, and agility and only pay for the resources you need, when you need them.


Scalable, hosted cloud computing with a pay-as-you-go model


Scalable, secure storage for retaining and accessing cloud apps and data



Combat today’s advanced cyber threats with a layered security approach.

Endpoint Security

Discover and remediate threats across laptops, desktops, and servers.

Email Security

Stop threats before they enter your network through a targeted phishing email.

Web Security

Block malicious websites and control access to legitimate website categories.

Benefit from our vendor portfolio

Partners from all over Europe already run their cloud businesses on the Pax8 Platform. Become one of them today!

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