The benefits of continuous learning for Microsoft CSP partners

It is difficult for IT companies to find highly qualified IT staff. Individuals in certain job roles, such as developers and cybersecurity specialists, are in high-demand. For instance, research done on LinkedIn data by Microsoft projects that accelerated digital transformation has increased the need for 149 million new tech jobs by 2025. This includes:

  • 98 million new jobs in software development
  • 23 million new jobs in cloud and data roles
  • 20 million new jobs in data analysis, machine learning, and AI
  • 6 million new jobs in cyber security
  • 1 million new jobs in privacy and trust

Successful digital transformation needs knowledge and skills

IT keeps evolving and digital transformation keeps driving change. On-premises gets migrated to the cloud. Software is increasingly sold on a subscription bases. A great example of how technology keeps evolving that relates to Microsoft CSP partners is the introduction of Azure Virtual Desktop, and the launch of Windows 365 in 2021. Both are based on Windows 10, but both also require new skills to provision, manage and support these cloud-based solutions.

Having the right people with the right skills in place is crucial for modern IT companies. New technology requires new skills and knowledge. But organizations often don’t have the luxury of hiring a team of skilled IT professionals whenever new technologically comes along and new business opportunities present themselves. Training employees and leveraging existing talent already present within the organization thus becomes crucial for successful digital transformation.

Training for the job, on the job

The challenge for many organizations’ is how to provide the right training, at the right time, in a way that fits their employees’ busy schedules. To facilitate continuous learning, different training options are available to Microsoft CSP partners:

Free online learning paths: start training exercises and courses whenever time is available. This self-paced style of learning allows for maximal flexibility. A range of learning platform are available provided by Microsoft, CSP Indirect Providers and third-party learning partners.

Training events: dedicated events organized by Microsoft and their certified learning partners combining presentations with demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on workshops virtually and/or in person.

Instructor-led paid training courses: training courses provided by Microsoft Certified Learning Partners, either in the form of standardized role-based courses and exams or training courses fully tailored to a CSP partner’s specific needs and requirements.

Benefits for Microsoft CSP partners

By training employees, Microsoft CSP partners benefit from acquiring new knowledge and skills, and attaining Microsoft certifications:

Acquire new knowledge and skillsets: enables employees to better support customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and lowered support cost.

Save on recruitment: training staff already employed saves money spend on recruiting new employees with the required knowledge and skills.

Improve efficiency and productivity: learning to properly provision, implement and manage Microsoft cloud services heightens efficiency and productivity.

Provides proof: having Microsoft certified individuals on-board proofs your organizations’ commitment to properly provide solutions based on Microsoft’s cloud services.

Increase monthly recurring revenue: efficient implementation and improved customer support drives adoption and usage, resulting in increased revenue.

Increase rebates: having certified individuals within an organization is a requirement for attaining Microsoft competencies, which come with a set of benefits, including rebates on purchased cloud services.

Stay competitive: new Microsoft cloud services (Microsoft Teams, Windows 365 etc.) provide partner opportunities, but also require new skills to stay competitive.

To support IT organizations and IT professionals in continuous learning Microsoft and CSP Indirect Providers provide a range of learning platforms and training resources. The whitepaper “The complete guide to Microsoft certifications and learning resources” provides an overview of these resources. Download it today to encourage continuous learning within your organization, and to further accelerate digital transformation.