Resello becomes certified and adds Microsoft CSP education licenses

After becoming an official Microsoft CSP Distributor (indirect provider) earlier this year, one of only a dozen in Europa, Resello has now also become certified to add education licenses to the Resello cloud marketplace. Resello partners who work with and sell to educational organizations, such as schools and universities, can now add Microsoft CSP education licenses to their portfolio.

These special licenses are priced significantly lower than normal CSP licenses, and in some special cases they can be provided for free. Companies that want to benefit from these education licenses need to meet the requirements set by Microsoft as part of its Microsoft® Authorized Education Partner (AEP) program.

Because Resello has become certified, we can now support our partners through the whole process of provisioning, management and invoicing of Microsoft CSP education licenses through the Resello automation platform. If you want to learn more, please contact us through or call us at 00+31 88 002 8200.