The Pax8 Platform

Simplify the way you buy, sell
and manage cloud

Innovative new technology that simply makes you happy

Our platform helps you seamlessly deliver cloud services from a modern marketplace. Easily quote, order, bill, and provision cloud services in one place, with one monthly bill. Then take your cloud operations to the next level with streamlined management, multitenant insights, and tools designed to help you win deals:

  • Buy everything in one place
  • Instantly provision all vendors
  • One invoice for all your cloud services

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, the Pax8 Platform saves time, simplifies workflows, and helps grow your business.

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Benefit from innovative new platform technology

In July, 2021, Resello joined Pax8. All our partners can now benefit from our new and innovative platform, as we also smoothly transition our current partners to the new platform.

If you'd like to be among the first to receive a demo of our new platform, please use the demo form to request a demo today. We are absolutely sure you are going to love how it will simplify the way you buy, sell, and manage cloud.


A complete platform to run a successful cloud business on:

Buy everything in one place

Quickly order industry-leading cloud products from vendors through an intuitive ordering workflow.

One monthly invoice for all your products

Receive a single, easy-to-read bill each month with visual reports on your month-over-month revenue and margin.

Provision orders instantly

Automations via our vendor API integrations offer the industry’s fastest provisioning within seconds of ordering.

The best part? The standard plan is free of charge for all our partners.

Go Pro

Everything the Standard plan offers to run a successful cloud business, plus:

Additional insights across all your clients

Multitenant views help you detect security vulnerabilities across your tenant base and identify and manage inefficiencies in licenses purchased.

Workflow optimizations

Our simplified Microsoft onboarding workflow can save over half an hour per user add! Deep PSA integrations allow you to pull in service tickets and take action within the Pax8 Platform.

Added sales insights & business proposal tooling

Provide valuable insights to clients and prospects by scanning and assessing their Microsoft environment. Then, automatically generate a tailored proposal.



Free of charge


SaaS Management

€ 220 p/m

Platform features






Product Catalog

Discover, buy, and sell cloud services from many vendors.

NFR Licenses

Get instant access to free or discounted Not for Resale products for internal use.


Gain instant access to your clients’ trials.

Self-Service Portal

Allow your clients to access a white-labeled portal with the ability to customize your catalog.




Consolidated Invoicing

Consolidate monthly, annual, and usage-based billing into a single, easy-to-read monthly invoice.

PSA Billing Integration

Everything purchased through the Pax8 Platform can be synced to your PSA tool.

Flexible Billing Models

Both entitlement and usage-based products models are available.




Automated Provisioning

Deep vendor API integrations fully automate the ordering process and offer the industry’s fastest provisioning.




Single Sign-On (SSO)

Federated SSO with Azure AD for your internal tenant.

Microsoft License Assignment

Move from license procurement to assignment, all from within the Pax8 Platform. License reports, such as available vs. consumed, will be displayed.

User Management

View and export user list from the Pax8 Platform. Sync licensed users to ConnectWise invoices.

Company Management

Manage all company subscriptions across SaaS and IaaS vendors.

PSA Ticket Integration

Create users from PSA service tickets, perform actions on ticket data from within the Pax8 Platform, and automatically update tickets when onboarding tasks are completed.

Create & Sync PSA Contacts

Create or sync contacts in your PSA with the Pax8 Platform. Associate users to a site or location and automatically change users to inactive upon removal from the Pax8 Platform.

Create & Delete Microsoft Users

Create and delete users in Azure Active Directory from within the Pax8 Platform. Visibility into on-prem syncing is available for hybrid environments.

Templated and Custom Checklists

Utilize recommended checklists for user onboarding and offboarding. Create custom checklists for custom tasks, which can be automated or pushed to a PSA tool.




Executive Reports

Highly customizable widgets help track sales, trending vendors, partner program performance, and more.

Multitenant Security Reports

Capture critical security information in a multitenant view across all clients. This will display which tenants or users need additional hardening policies applied.

Licensing Reports

Track unassigned licensing and other wasteful spending.

User Details Page

View Microsoft information associated to a user such as Teams membership, group membership, SSO applications, and security information like MFA registration.




Quoting Tool

Prepare product quotes and easily convert them into orders.

Product Resources

Access hundreds of white-labeled sales materials, including one-pagers, full sales presentations, and more.

Cloud Assessments

Gain deeper insight into a client’s or prospect’s Microsoft environment by generating an easy-to-read report that shows licensing sprawl and user security risks.

Automated Proposals

After generating a cloud assessment, automatically create a tailored business proposal to send to prospects.

Benefit from platform technology

Partners from all over Europe already run their cloud businesses on the Pax8 Platform. Become one of them today!

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