Meet the team: Peter, Marc and Mike

Today we’d like to introduce you to another three new colleagues, who will be supporting partners grow their business, which will also help grow Pax8 in the European market. But what is a “meet the team” article without the random questions? Let’s get into it!

Peter van der Sluis

Hi Ana, my name is Peter van der Sluis. I’m 24 years old and I live near Zwolle in a small city called Genemuiden. Before I started at Resello I worked at SKIKK. It is a company specialized in configuring laptops to your own needs. While working there I completed my studies in IT. I started a follow-up study this month, in which I found out about Resello/Pax8 and decided to apply for a job position.

What would you rather throw away: love or money?

Depends, on how much… 😉

What was your favorite toy growing up?

Here in Genemuiden we had a ‘skelter’. It works the same as an Bicycle, but with four wheels, steering wheel and a chair. So a bit like a car, but then a very simple version of it driven by pedals & and a chain, like an bicycle.

If you were to name your own song, how would you name it?

Very impulsive, so I would say : Butterfly’s aren’t trees without mayo.

Marc van Gelder

Hi! My name is Marc van Gelder, I am 24 years old and recently started working at Resello/Pax8. It’s my second IT job so I’m quite new to the IT world. My hobby’s are playing football (soccer), driving my motorcycle, gaming, hanging out with friends and being able to go to parties or festivals again wouldn´t be bad either!

Would you rather look like a potato, or feel like a potato?

Look like one, I’d rather feel good than look like one because looks aren’t everything (out of personal experience).

How would you want to be remembered?

To be honest, I’m a person that doesn’t really care about what people think of me. My mindset is that one lives how they want to live and of course there are things that one has to keep in mind. But I’m quite a straight shooter so if I have something on my mind, I´ll say it if it´s necessary. Also, if you think too much about how other people see you, you will change and adapt yourself to a person you are not. Just be yourself.

Mike Nanariain

My name is Mike Nanariain, I am 29 years old and live in the center of the beautiful city called Arnhem with my girlfriend Demi and our 2 bunnies Rabito and Yoda. I like to travel, I love food (both cooking and going out to eat), hanging out with friends and family and (when possible) go to a party or festival and just enjoy the moment. In order to keep eating all this food I also spend quite some time in the gym and do fitness.

If you were to name your own song, how would you name it?

‘You can wake me up for Pizza anytime’

Would you rather look like a potato, or feel like a potato?

Look like a potato, because: French Fries.

What do you like the most about working at Resello/Pax8?

Two things actually;

1.) How welcoming every single colleague has been that I have spoken to already;

2.) The potential that the company has to dominate the market is incredible.

Interested in joining them?

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