It’s World Bicycle Day! How bicycles help people move forward in life. 

Today marks World Bicycle Day. In the Netherlands, the bicycle is, without a doubt, the most popular and favorite mode of transportation. With the European headquarters in Zwolle, it would come as no surprise for you to see many of our colleagues based in the Netherlands commuting to work on two wheels.



The idea behind World Bicycle Day is to pay tribute to the bicycle and draw attention to the benefits of cycling. Whilst it is an essential topic and we, as a company, strongly support a healthy lifestyle among our employees, in this blog article, we will shed light on something more crucial – bicycles as a means of changing lives. But what does it have to do with Resello, a Pax8 company? Let’s take a closer look.

As Team Qhubeka’s Nicholas Dlamini conquered the Absa Cape Epic, the world’s most prestigious mountain bike stage race, and led the team at the Tour of Sicily this year, the Pax8 logo was proudly featured on Team Qhubeka cycling jerseys. But before getting into the ties that bind us together, let us take you through the story of Qhubeka and Team Qhubeka to make the big picture clear and to highlight the power of bicycles in changing our world.

Photo by: Hanlie Booyens
Photo by: Hanlie Booyens

Qhubeka: Moving People forward with Bicycles

Cycling is a very common way of commuting and getting around in most European cities. Well-paved cycle paths, signposted bike routes, dedicated cycling bridges and other facilities seem to be quite usual. But did you know that in many countries of the world cycling is not even accessible and affordable? As a matter of fact, more than one billion people in rural developing regions of the world have no access to reliable transportation and walk several miles to attend schools, access healthcare services, make a living or simply meet their basic survival needs.

To tackle this challenge and help people thrive in Africa, Qhubeka comes forward. This global not-for-profit organization takes its name from an Nguni word meaning ’to progress’, ’carry on’, ’to move forward’. And through its mission, bicycles enable people to do just that: helping rural communities in South Africa mobilize and move forward by donating bicycles. In exchange for community service, environmental improvement work or educational achievements, people in need get bicycles, thereby improving their livelihoods and gaining access to a wide range of opportunities.

Team Qhubeka: Racing for a Greater Purpose – #BicyclesChangeLives

Team Qhubeka is a purpose-led sports and social movement from Africa, aiming to build an inclusive global community, united by the common purpose of changing lives with bicycles. Founded in 2007, Team Qhubeka brings together professional riders in a multicultural, diverse team with bases in South Africa, the Netherlands and Italy. This high-performance outfit races for more than just victory – for raising funds for the Qhubeka Charity to mobilize people on bicycles in Africa. Through its work with Qhubeka, the team has contributed to the distribution of over 35,000 bicycles in South African communities.

Starting with humble beginnings as a continental squad, Team Qhubeka rose to the pinnacle of the sport and trailed a blaze in the history of professional cycling stage races by becoming the first African team to ride at the Tour de France, the world’s biggest annual sporting event, in 2015. Going places, the team made history as the first-ever African cycling team to gain a UCI WorldTour license in 2016. Having competed in seven Tour de France races and notched up seven stage wins so far, the team aims to pursue its mission of changing lives with bicycles and continue providing the riders from the African continent with the opportunity to race on the world stage.

Resello, a Pax8 Company and Team Qhubeka: Partnership for Good

Now that we have clear understanding of what Team Qhubeka is about, let’s explore the connection between Resello, a Pax8 company, and Team Qhubeka. This month marks one-year anniversary of our partnership, and we are proud to support Team Qhubeka in competing for a great purpose with confidence.

Pax8 logo on Team Qhubeka's jersey 2022_1200x627

Last year on June 17, Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, and Team Qhubeka announced the Official Cyber Protection Partnership, supported by Resello, a Pax8 company.  As part of the Acronis #CyberFit Sports partnership, we empower Team Qhubeka with the award-winning Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, providing the safety and security needed to move forward firmly and assertively.

How did our partnership come about? What were our reasons for joining forces? What have we accomplished, and what is yet to come? Stay tuned – more exciting content is to follow!

Would you like to support Qhubeka on this World Bicycle Day?

Contribute to Qhubeka’s #BicyclesChangeLives campaign, and help communities in Africa connect to schools, jobs, clinics, shops and each other. Click here to learn more about their organization or donate here to help people in South Africa move forward in life.