How national diversity helps our team move forward

Have you ever wondered how a world without diversity would look like? Would you be the same person as you are right now without having experience with other cultures? Looking at our new partnership with cycling Team Qhubeka NextHash made us realize just how important working with people with different national backgrounds can be.

Achieving victories as a team

Ubuntu”, a word that pops out on the Team Qhubeka NextHashes’ jersey. It means “moving forward” in Nguni. It stands for the real core of Team Qhubeka’s motivation: improving social mobility in the African continent, to have a better life quality there.

National diversity is an essential part of Team Qhubeka Nexthash’s DNA, it is part of what makes them successful and helps them achieve victories as a team. Registered in South Africa, with their main office in The Netherlands and riding all over Europe, Team Qhubeka is currently racing in the Tour de France this July, with 8 riders, all with different nationalities, including Nicholas Dlamini, the first black South African rider ever to compete at the event.

Giacomo Nizzolo, an Italian rider for the Qhubeka team, and the current European champion, highlights the importance of the team’s support when it comes to professional racing: “there is no result in cycling without your teammates” he said. But this is not only the case of professional cycling. Nowadays, cultural diversity is a reality and we can all profit from its advantages.

Building our our Pan-European team

Like Team Qhubeka Nexthash, Resello also believes in hiring people with diverse backgrounds, not just for diversity’s sake, but because we genuinely believe it helps our team move forward. For instance, in the picture at the top of this article, you can see five of our colleagues from 5 different countries, all working in the same team. That diversity has enabled us to become the Pan-European distributor we are today, with over 35 employees that offer localized support to partners from all over Europe in 15+ languages.

Take our colleague Ariunbold Davaasuren for instance, originally from Mongolia and raised in the Czech Republic, he is a Cloud Sales Representative at Resello. From his perspective, cultural diversity is reshaping the way companies and teams work, as it has become a new reality in the corporate world.

Nowadays, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is even more common to interact digitally with people all over the world. “We are exploring new cultures, learning to speak to a different type of people, and breaking stereotypes. All these make you grow personally and professionally,” he said.

Elena Wu, born and raised in Italy with Chinese roots and currently living in the Netherlands, now supports our Italian-speaking partners. For her, cultural diversity is not only of advantage for a team, it’s necessary: “to work in a diverse group and be able to better empathize with others makes the job more enjoyable. You exchange ideas that result in broadening your mentality.

Moving forward

Our priority as a company is to understand the needs of our partners and the different national markets where they operate; For that reason, Resello is actively adding people to the team from different nationalities, to speak to our partners in their own language, and adapt to every work culture. Our partners can also profit from an international team themselves. Even when their clients only operate in their home country, more and more are planning to also operate internationally, or employ people with different national backgrounds themselves. So, having a diverse team can create a greater bond with clients based on loyalty, engagement, and empathy.

To answer the question above, Resello and Team Qhubeka Nexthash would not be the same without culturally diverse teams: diversity is an important part of what helps our teams move forward and achieve success. Therefore, Resello has partnered with Acronis as the Cloud Distributor to support the Team Qhubeka Nexthash. We are excited to keep growing as a team with a lot of nationalities and wish Qhubeka NextHash’s team the best results at upcoming races.