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Get to know the basic brand elements of Resello

Design guidelines

This manual is designed to help partners understand our core brand values and describes the best ways of getting the most out of it. To ensure that the Resello brand is always represented in a consistent manner, regardless of who uses it, we have formulated several guidelines. These guidelines describe our main visual and verbal brand elements, including: our logo, typography and colour usage. Together these elements represent the Resello corporate identity. Everyone who chooses to use our brand is responsible for protecting the company’s interests. Help us prevent unauthorized or incorrect use of the Resello name and marks.

Clear space and computation

Clear space

One important guideline that preserves the strong impact of our logo, is the amount of clear space (or white space) that should always be applied. This is the area surrounding the logo that must be kept free of other graphic or text elements. The distance between the hexagons and the text is fixed and should never be altered in any way.


The minimum required white space surrounding the logo is equal to ½ of its height (clear space = height logo / 2).






Logo usage on different backgrounds

Minimum logo size

Make sure the logo is always easy to read. On print, the logo has to be 1 inch or bigger. The required minimum screen dimensions are 110 pixels.

Do’s and don’ts

The Resello logo should be used in the correct way at all times. Below you’ll find several examples that illustrate how our logo should and should not be applied.

Resello logo on white

White Resello logo on
Resello purple

White Resello logo on
Resello purple gradient

White Resello logo on
Resello graytones

White Resello logo on
Resello purple

Do not use other colours

No other background colours

No mirroring

No proportional distorions or horizontal disruption


The corporate typography

Typography plays an important role in the design of our brand. Careful use of typography reinforces our brand personality and ensures clarity and harmony in all Resello marketing and communication efforts.

We selected Source Sans Pro as our corporate typeface. We believe that this font contributes to a clean and modern look and feel.


Download font Package (.zip)  

Corporate typeface

Source Sans Pro

This typeface is inspired by the forms of the American Type Founders’ gothics by Morris Fuller Benton, such as News Gothic, Lightline Gothic and Franklin Gothic, modified with both a larger x-height and character width and more humanist-influenced italic forms.

The typeface has wide language support for Latin script, including Western and Eastern European languages, Vietnamese, pinyin Romanization of Chinese, and Navajo.

Colour system

Distinctive purple

Colour plays an important role in our brand design. A palette of primary colours has been developed, which comprise the Resello colour scheme.

Consistent use of these colours will contribute to a cohesive and harmonious look of the Resello brand identity when used across different media channels.


Download CMYK colour palette (.ase)  

Download RGB colour palette (.ase)  


Primary colours

Primary colour system

The Resello brand has three official shades of purple. These colours have become a recognizable identifier for the company.

Use the primary colour system as the dominant colour palette for all internal and external visual representations of the company.

Resello purple is used in most of our visuals of Resello. However, the shades ‘Resello light purple’ and ‘Resello blue purple’ can be used as a gradient in different types of visual presentations such as a gradient overlay on an image.

Note: do not use the shades ‘Resello light purple’ and ‘Resello blue purple’ as stand-alone colours in visual communications.

Resello Purple

Web: #5B3E8F
RGB: R 91 G 62 B 143

CMYK: C 79 M 85 Y 15 K 3
Pantone: 7679 C


Resello light purple

Web: #794994
RGB: R 121 G 73 B 148

CMYK: C 70 M 80 Y 9 K 1
Pantone: 2082 C


Resello blue purple

Web: #3b328a
RGB: R 59 G 50 B 138

CMYK: C 57 M 64 Y 0 K 46
Pantone: 2104 C

Secondary colours

Secondary colour system


Explanation: The secondary colours are complementary to our official colours, but are not recognizable identifiers for the Resello brand.


Support white

RGB: R 255 G 255 B 255

CMYK: C 000 M 000 Y 000 K 000

Support light gray

Web: #f0f0f0
RGB: R 240 G 240 B 240

CMYK: C 11 M 12 Y 8 K 0
Pantone: 663 C

Support medium gray

Web: #666666
RGB: R 102 G 102 B 102

CMYK: C 62 M 50 Y 47 K 40
Pantone: 425 C

Support medium gray

Web: #666666 RGB: R 102 G 102 B 102

CMYK: C 62 M 50 Y 47 K 40
Pantone: 425 C

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