Resello: the cloud-native distributor

Making ‘as-a-service’ easy to understand, sell and manage

Despite all the rapid change in the computing industry, we're still at the beginning of the digital revolution.” -Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft


Who we are

Resello was founded in 2013 by the same group of people who had been founding companies, developing new technology and working with partners in the hosting and cloud industry since early 2000. Moving from dedicated servers to virtual machines, from on-prem to the cloud and from one-time licenses to ‘everything as-a-service’ business models, change has always been the one constant that accelerates digital transformation and drives our industry forward. 

Digital transformation

With this rapid pace of change and the increasing complexity of selling and provisioning cloud services, our mission is to make ‘as-a-service’ easy to understand, sell and manage. We do this by providing a robust platform that offers bespoke solutions, allowing our partners to orchestrate their entire cloud business from one single source. 

Trusted by 1,000+ partners in over 100 countries

We are cloud native

That is why Resello was built from the ground up by a small but dedicated team of developers and cloud enthusiasts as a ‘cloud native’ platform for the distribution of cloud services. We continue to develop new, creative and practical solutions to help companies to become more efficient, by streamlining our partners’ workflows and reducing their costs. And by supporting over 1.000 partners worldwide, including MSPs, VARs, ISVs and IT-resellers, we enable organizations of all kind to capture the opportunities provided by the digital revolution.

Meet the Resello team


As a close-knit team of 35 cloud enthusiasts, fanatic support engineers and generally all-round geeks, we inhabit our offices in the Netherlands and Germany.

We are a curious and creative bunch; we love to learn about and tinker with new tech, such as the Azure Marketplace or Azure Sphere.

We are outgoing and partner-oriented; you’ll find us at conferences such as CloudFest, Microsoft Inspire and DattoCon. We have a strong focus on supporting our partners all over the world and work hard to make ‘as-a-service’ easy to understand, sell and manage via our digital platform.

We are an internationally focusedpeople-oriented company: a highly motivated team made up of colleagues with different backgrounds, from different countries, working closely together towards the same goal: supporting our partners in growing their SaaS and IaaS business.

“As an account manager I work closely with our partners and my colleagues to make sure we provide our partners with the solutions, tools and knowledge they need to run their cloud business. I learn something new almost every day, and love to share new opportunities with our partners.” 

- Jolle, Account Manager

Our colleagues

Géraldine Fricke

Cloud Business Development Manager (DACH)

Harald Nuij

Managing Director

Stella de Bie

HR Advisor

Kitti Molnar

Cloud Sales Representative (Hungary)

Martijn Kamphuis

Product Manager

Joris Horsman


Elena Wu

Cloud Sales Representative (Italy)

Patric Hartog

Support Agent

Garry Viergever

System Engineer

Jonathan Okamba

Cloud Sales & Support Agent

Yasemin Usanmaz

Cloud Sales Representative (Benelux)

Eric Mink


Marcel Kous

Team Lead Operations & Support

Valentijn Borstlap

CEO & Founder

Timon Bergsma

Account Manager (Benelux)

Ariunbold Davaasuren

Cloud Sales Representative
(Czech Republic & Slovakia)

Jeroen Heerema

Product Owner (A.I.)

Ole Andersen

Cloud Business Development Manager (Nordics)

Jasper Klein Horsman

System Engineer

Jeffrey Kog


Martijn Couprie


Sanne Leistra

Office Manager & Financial Assistant

Boy Lagerwaard

Support Agent

Hardie Boeve


Dirk Jan Venemann


Jolle Klos

Account Manager

Marc Hoppen


Mark Drost

Finance Manager

Birgit Sviontek

Cloud Sales & Support Agent (DACH)

Altrin Ejume

Cloud Sales & Support Intern (DACH)

Ana Kerrinckx

Cloud Sales Intern (DACH)

Join the team

We value enthusiasm, curiosity and an optimistic ‘can-do’ approach in our colleagues. We offer you a place in a friendly team of people with diverse job functions and backgrounds, working closely together towards shared goals. 

All our job openings

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